Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dear Sports mag

Vince wants out. Out of Toronto that is. Read it here. What happened to players staying with one team for their entire career and helping to build up that team? What happened to being a leader?

Mind you this comes after the Raptors bended over backwards to accommodate the ungrateful S.O.B. If the Toronto team is not competitive as he complains its mainly because of him. They handled him with kid's gloves, coddled him and give him everything he desired. What did he do in return? Not much in the last couple of years that's for sure.

We signed players, overpaid players actually in order to appease him and keep him happy. Now this is how he repays us.

And to make things worse he is saying he wants to play for another team in the East so he can be close to his family. All I can say is he is lucky I am not the General Manager because I would trade him so far he would be playing in China. Or I wouldn't trade him, make him play out the last four years of his 10 plus million dollars a year in Toronto. Let him sit and pout if he wish but it wouldn't help his career any.

At least if we trade him I hope we don't trade him just for the sake of it. At least make sure that we get a couple of decent players in return for him and are not fleeced in the market while making his dreams come through.

Its unbelievable how pro athletes are now holding franchises for ransom. I understand them wanting to see the franchise give them a chance to win and in no way do I sympathize with the rich owners but the players need to show some respect to the fans who support them and buy their memorabilia and make them into heros and icons.

I hope we trade Vince Carter to the worst team in the league and the rest of his career is filled with losing and injury.

Yours sincerely
disgruntled Fan

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Abeni said...

Always contentious when players want to leave their franchise eh.When Rockets traded Robert Horry I was so not impressed and to add insult to injury he went to Lakers. Ease up on Vince he doh deserve to go to the worst franchise:)