Monday, September 13, 2004

Dreaming on

Another night another dream.

This one didn't seem to have me in it though. It started with a man and a woman swimming in a lake far away from land but still close enough that you can see naturally wooded shores. They are headed east, not sure why but then they stop, unsure as to where there are actually going and searching to see if there is anything else in the water besides themselves. I think they may have seen canoes but I'm not sure.

After this stop they continue and they swim along still going east and then head inland towards shore. I'd like to give you a good description of these folk but there isn't much to tell. They are barefooted, in dirty brown, khaki-ish rags with wide eyed looks and there skin is slightly tanned or they just need some soap to rid themselves of a tremendous accumulation of dirt.

On shore they run through the woods. Its a deciduous forest with lots of pine and fir like tress meaning they must be somewhere in North America. Looks like there is a dirty village or shanty town located in the midst of this forest and they are running on its outskirts trying to avoid some mysterious presence or soldiers or something of the sort. I catch a glance of who they are avoiding but I forgot what they look like.

So through the bush and undergrowth they go trying to be as silent as possible avoiding the main paths of this village. Then they are in the open and they are now on a cart or sled of some kind except it doesn't seem to be propelled by animal power so I have no idea how it works. Its traveling down this well worn sandy path and there is another guy controlling it. He's a bit more covered in mud that the two previous people. How he is controlling the vehicle I don't know but they are trying to reach somewhere in the woods before another vehicle which almost looks like a motorcycle without wheels, sort of like those things from the forest scene with the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, catches them. No ewoks here thankfully.

Anyway they reach the location the were aiming for and the guy on the motorcycle contraption who was following our main characters disappears. The driver of the vehicle they were in is pointing them to a big muddy hole in the ground. I think there was a brief appearance by a black man in rags who tells them a story about going through the hole. The two main characters say what's the big deal and the guy who was driving them says that only two people should go through this hole at once. All-right-e-then!

So through the hole Alice and her companions go into Wonderland. So much for only two going at once because all three go through. They end up in a path between short trees, sort of like vineyards with grapes but only the path is winding. Suddenly the female and the driver of the vehicle disappear and only the other guy is left. I'm not sure what he does next but he somehow ends up back at the shanty town which now has at least one concrete building some sort of pub or meeting place. Its architecture reminds me of those old buildings you see in movies about the old west and Mexico featuring John Wayne and Clint Eastwood remembering the Alamo or whatever else.

He goes into the building, blends with the natives and starts going up the stairs. Then he wipes his hands on the concrete banister. It becomes apparent to myself and the other folk in the room that he doesn't belong. Something about his genetic material being different. Don't ask me how we all know. Anyway they chase him up to the roof and he hops off and runs away.

Then strange search parties are formed by some shadowy figure with animals or half men half dog like creatures to go chase after him. They surround him and I wake up.


Abeni said...

I beginning to feel that you really kill a priest:)

Jdid said...

only one priest? sometimes i think its more like a full monastary