Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hol on let me answer me cellular


Figured I'd write about something trivial to take my mind off Ivan. I got a new cellphone yesterday. Whoopee! Now I need to put this all into context.

First off I used to be sort of a techie but I wouldn't say I'm a big technophile at the moment. I'm still the dude who is writing addresses in the little black book while everyone pulls out the Palm Pilots and iPods. I'm not sure where it all changed for me but I think it occurred somewhere around the time I was working for someone who was very anti-technology and convinced me that technology is great but one should really be all about the fundamentals. I'm not totally in agreement with that philosophy but I think it somehow rubbed off on me and I now stand somewhere between technophobe and prehistoric man. Well not really but I'm not keen to spend money on random new bits of technology just for the sake of it.

My wife bought a cellphone a few years ago for work only to have her workplace give her a cellphone a few months later and since she was locked into years of those terrible contract terms I said I'd take it off her hands and use it. So for 3 plus years I've had her cellphone and I barely used it until lately. It was just something to have just in case of emergency. I didn't even change her message on the voice mail.

Now 3 years in cellphone life is like 50 years in regular life. I pull out my 3 year old phone and folks look at me like I have one of those old brick like phones that Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas had on Miami Vice in the 80s.

Anyway my wife finally said my old phone was not "befitting of someone of my standing". I'm not sure what that really means but that was the final straw and so the old phone had to go. Sigh! I think she's going to make a move on getting me to wear something other than jeans to work pretty soon too but I'm not budging.

So now I have a new phone. Its lightweight, it vibrates, its got a colored screen, I can download ring tones and I can actually hear it when it rings.

Now if I can only figure out how to change my phone not answered message.

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