Tuesday, September 21, 2004

So long to the summer of pink

Summer officially ends today or tomorrow or sometime this week. Pardon my ignorance for not knowing the exact hour so lets go with soon. Ok summer will end soon, (There happy now?) although some will argue that we really didn't have a summer but that's debatable. It was a rather cool period here in Toronto. After some early heat teased us in May, before summer officially started, I was hoodwinked into thinking we could actually have a warm sunny summer but alas as June came and the rains descended and July came and they continued I was forced to realize that it would be one of those summers.

Now don't get me wrong it wasn't all bad. We had some very nice days including the beginning of July when I got the chance to play some cricket (played badly but played nonetheless) and occasionally we had sunshine and warmth as the summer wore down but in general this summer gets a C to C- on my grading system with comments of "tried but much room for improvement."

So summer didn't really live up to my expectations. What made it worse also was that the fashionistas declared 2004 the summer of pink. Pink! Come on now! Everywhere you go pink is the dominant color amongst female fashion. I am so not happy about that. Why didn't they just choose orange pinstripes instead. My wife asked me what pink ever did to me. She is obviously a fan of this pale red wannabe but I will not be swayed by this pathetic color.

Pink has overwhelmed my city. Pink tops, pink skirts, pink bags, pink accessories its enough to drive a guy crazy. I never knew there were so many shades of pink until this year. Father forgive me my sins and send us a liferaft as we drown in a sea of pink. Its just outrageous, outlandish, out of umm descriptive words that start with out so lets just say its way too much.

And there seems to be no letting up. Looks like its going to be a pink fall season as well. I was watching TV the other day and saw them showing pink raincoats and pink leather jackets. If I don't end up running amok through this blanket of pink by winter it will be a miracle.

So who are these fashionistas that randomly decide what's hot and what's not in a certain year I wonder.......and why did they reject my magnificent proposal to go with purple polkadots. I'm trying to bring it back to the old school like Kwame. Don't hate! Personally, I think there is a secret cabal of fashion representatives whose clandestine motive it is to make us all wear silly colors and styles to suit their dastardly devious, downright, dirty, devilish plans. Sort of like those dudes in Zoolander

I must now come up with a plan to combat the rampant epidemic-like spread of this pink menace before it drives me insane or worse yet I too catch the pink bug.......I think its like pink eye but it hurts more.


Abeni said...

Lol Pink eh dat bad man if it not the shocking type.You can try pink boxers:)

Jdid said...

Pink Boxers!!! perish the thought.

4panist said...

don't hate on the pink, ladies were it well and it doesn't look bad on some guys. course since pink is so mainstream i've decided to make orange the new pink. Lets "make is so".