Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Two Americas?

I will try to avoid comments on who won, who lost and my political stance on US elections and what I currently think of Americans (it ranges between you bunch of dumbasses to actually I cant blame them too much) but has anyone looked at the map showing how the states voted yesterday? If not you can check here (at least for the next couple of days probably). Kerry appears to have carried the major population centers on the East and West coasts but he got killed in the central and southern states.

Without going into the myriad reasons why this occurred I just think that its rather interesting when you look at the map to see the spatial distribution of the states where each party won in black and white or rather red and blue.

The Democrats haven't been able to win an election where they had a Northern based candidate for a few decades now. Those candidates just don't seem to be able to make inroads in Southern and Midwest states. Maybe in hindsight Edwards from North Carolina would have been the better Presidential candidate for the Democrats. Its like two America's exist when it comes to voting and I'm not talking about America for blacks and America for whites, or America for the poor and America for the rich, those are another subject. Wait a minute I'm losing count does that mean there are 6 Americas?

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