Sunday, November 21, 2004

On the Roof

Long day. Went out last night didn't get home till 5. Woke up at 9. Yep still not the longest sleeper. Repotted two more plants, watched The Chronicles of Riddick on DVD. Its actually not that bad a movie. I kind of like it.

Then went up on the roof to clean the gutters. Took about two hours. Now I'm afraid of heights so this was quite the adventure but my motto is if its got to be done , its got to be done. While on the roof meet the other neighbors. Seem nice enough I guess.

Cooked. First time using the new kitchen to cook a full meal for me so it was kind of weird. More laundry, watched star trek enterprise, my 3 -4 hours of sleep catching up with me so I'm snoozing as I write. Damn wife trying to kill me with the blasted cleaning products. She is starting to piss me off.

Oh before I go let me tell you about last night. Excellent night of dominos and karaoke and charades. Actually not that excellent but I was able to drop two six loves and not get any and although I refuse to play charades its kind of funny watching West Indian people play. Imagine someone chose to give us a charade where the answer was actually 'Stamina Daddy' . How the hell does one sign for something like that. LOL

ok Tomorrow back to the serious topics.


Anonymous said...

I have some pretty kinky ideas being conjured up for acting out 'Stamina Daddy.' Dr. D.

Jdid said...

you dont know the half dr, lol