Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Attica Attica!

Not exactly but a prison riot nevertheless.

Glendairy Prison, the only prison in Barbados had a major fire yesterday. Three buildings were burnt down as a rebellion started amongst the prisoners. The cause of the rebellion. Apparently a homosexual prisoner attempted to assault another prisoner and this led to a big fracas as friends of the victim attacked the assaulter. (Insert stereotypical joke about bajan men here).

Giving the update on the situation at the 150-year-old prison during a nationally televised press conference at Government Headquarters last night, Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney General Mia Mottley said while seven prisoners and six prison warders had been injured, with one of those inmates shot in the arm during yesterdays incident, there was no loss of life.

She revealed too, that the reason for the upheaval may have started from yesterday with an incident where one male inmate tried to sexually assault other male inmates.

According to Mottley, the affected inmates complained, they were not happy with the response to their complaint, and the situation reached the point where yesterday's incident occurred.

And another article relating the prisoners position said

“Dis was ’bout dealing with de [homosexuals] in hey
because de people in charge ain’t doing nothing ’bout

Another prisoner who joined the conversation said:
“People feel dem got a lot of [homosexuals] in here
but dat ain’t true. A few people in hey walking ’bout
feeling dem could [have sex] wid anybody dem want.

“A man try to defend heself from somebody dat want to
[have sex] wid he and get stab and den the prison
warder come and rough up de li’l man. Dah can’ be
right. We does move wid de li’l man so we went fuh he.
We lick he wid sticks and rocks, man every . . . we
could get we hand ’pon. We din’ troubling no officers,
but [name of officer] fire a shot from in de room dat
does have in de guns and everybody run.”

Maybe they'll find a way to blame this on dancehall music.

There are also reports that while being detained in the farm area of the prison after the fire broke out inmates had themselves a little feast killing chickens, picking coconuts and roasting breadfruit while waiting to be carried to alternate detention facilities. Imagine that!

Anyway sounds like everything is under control now. 14 persons taken to hospital, no fatalities and apparently no escapees.


Melody said...

What a field day--killin' chickens an' pickin' coconuts--therapy an' rehabilitation come in all forms, eh Jdid. But de men tryin' to protect one another from sexual assault--that's some kinda unexpected virtuous behaviour.

Urban Sista said...

Don't you love the islands? When prisoners, after bunin' down part o' de prison, can eat duh bellies full of coconuts and roast chicken.

I miss BIM.

Jdid said...

@melody - well a fella dat aint dat sorta way seeing he friend gettin attack might decide ta stan up an fight now cause he turn cud be next

@urban sista - you playin you aint know dat revolution, rebellion and going on a rampage is hard wuk. at sum point de fellas gotta cool out an hol a lime ta replenish them strength. an dem eating a balanced diet; protein and carbs. :-)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is if dat did happen here...there would have been deaths! Dr. D.

Campfyah said...

There has been deaths...2 so far as riots continued again today and other parts of the institution being burned. Her majesty's hotel has seen it's time. It's long overdue for rennovations and modernaziations. Ah wonda if Winston did dey what would have happened.

Abeni said...

They asked for help from Regional govts in maintaing order.Some police officers are supposed to leave here soon

4panist said...

now I know this blog was about the fire, but two main things hit me. First, the prison is 150 years old, maybe burning it down was an insurance sceem to get a new one. I mean the place probably needed some updating. Second, roasting breadfruit? wow. I had to laugh, but its a good idea, it could eat some right now!