Friday, March 11, 2005

Eediat ting dat

Eediat, eediat, eediat, diat, eediat ting dat!
Eediat, diat, eediat, eediat, we nuh inna dat eediat ting dat!

Eediat, diat, diat, diat, Eediat ting dat

Assassin - eediat ting

Yes the correct word is idiot but that's the way it's pronounced in the song to which you can find the video here. lol

Anyway, when I first came to Toronto I had this theory that when spring was coming around all the crazy people sort of came out of the woodwork. Black people too, crazy and sane, cause we be hibernating something fierce in winter. It drops below 5 degrees Celsius and black people disappear. Sometimes, as I'm walking to work and not seeing many black faces, I wonder if blacks haven't secretly invented an instantaneous transporter device like on Star Trek (and if you watch Enterprise you'll realize that they made the inventor of the Transporter a black man) and are using it to get to work in the winter . Only time you see a lot of black folks in winter up in Toronto is at black history month events. Word is born.

But I digress. I had this theory that basically said the freaks, the lunies (as opposed to the loonies which is the slang for the Canadian dollar), the weirdos, those who are mad, sick, head nuh good or the folk that we in Barbados would refer to as simply being 'mad as ass!'would all somehow show up at the break of spring. Forget Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie and all those other rat like creatures that are used to determine winter's course, I say a sure fire way of knowing that spring is here is the ritual sighting of the crazy folk.

Well I never really developed that theory but maybe I should have because now in the year of '05, although this week has been colder than the bottom of an icebox, I see clear signs by some of the strange eediat ting dat that I've seen occur over the past week that spring is on its way.

Case in point. Man throws his 5 year old child off a bridge 50 feet to the ground. Sigh! The man was going through a bitter divorce with the child's mother so he takes the child throws her over a bridge and then himself jumps all because he wants to punish the mother. A wha kinda eediat ting dat! All I have to say is he definitely fits my definition for 'mad as ass!' eediat diat diat diat eediat ting dat! Spring must definitely be on its way soon.

I guess the man just snapped because reports were saying that psychiatrists had previously determined he would in no harm to the child. So much for their analysis the mother was probably thinking while this guy was calling her to rub it in as he raced on his way to kill himself and the child. Anyway luckily the story ends rather well. The child survived being killed by the fall or any vehicles on the street she landed on whilst the father was killed by the jump. Eediat!

Second case in point. I'm getting ready for work on Tuesday morning so I turn on City TV to see if its -7 or -27 and yes it does really matter sometimes. I hear the announcer say something about disturbing video and I look up to see a dude with a knife in his hand at Yonge and Wellesley surrounded by about 10 policemen all with guns drawn and a bunch of police cars. Read short exert here. The police drove one car at him and he jumps on the hood and then gets off after a short time and continues his standoff. He's not pointing the knives at anyone mind you but clearly this guy has issues.

Then they drive the car at him again and pin him with a loud crunching sound, which elicited an unexpected ooooh from me, between the car and one of those circular metal things one chains one bicycle to (if you can give me a name for these things it'd be much appreciated). I'm feeling this guys pain after being squeezed because for a few moments he's pinned between the car and the circular metal thing. I expect dude to be all squashed because seriously it sounded quite disturbing when he got squeezed but he just springs back up, all happy like, like not a thing wrong in the world.

Then finally and quite unexpectedly he just drops the knives at which point the policemen pounce on him. They claim he has mental issues but I'm going to channel my mother here and leave you with one word.....DRUGS! and again to quote Mr assassin: Eediat, diat, diat, diat, Eediat ting dat!

Now what is funny about this one though is the response by black folks. Every black person I spoke to about this incident had the same two responses. "Whew I'm glad he wasn't black." and "Boy ya kno if he was black he wudda dun get shoot". Cant say I disagree with the logic. Remember when I posted this one titled Please Lord don't let him be black. Probably before anybody was reading my blog but it brings back memories about the collective consciousness which is too deep a topic to go into here.

My final sign that the inmates are loose and spring is on the way came on Wednesday afternoon when out of the blue this guy lit himself on fire. There was a farmer's protest going on (to which this man was no way affiliated) outside the Provincial legislature building, he drove through a police barricade in the vicinity, held police at bay for over an hour making nonsensical statements and then finally he doused himself in kerosense and lit himself on fire. Queue the music: Eediat, eediat, eediat diat, Eediat thing that!

Anyway apparently they were able to extinguish the fire before he killed himself but he's in hospital in serious condition. Now when this incident occurred it caused a big bundle of confusion with the traffic and everything in that area as streets were closed off etc. I was leaving work early to go to an appointment so my first thoughts were "cheese on bread this igrant man now gone an offset my travel plans." Unfortunately I said it out loud and someone called me heartless because I wasn't showing any feelings for the Eediat man. Oh well heartless I can live with its better than being called shifty. And for those of you keeping score that now makes me an unstable, shifty, heartless, flight risk. I'm moving up in the world baby! Hmm got to work that into my resume somehow.

My response to the heartless comment was well I didn't sell him the kerosense, I didn't give him the matches and I sure as hell didn't goad or egg him on to light himself on fire. Ya neva see me telling him "boss man ya kno I feel dat you should burn yourself to a crisp jus fa fun ya kno!" If he is hearing voices in his head it wasn't me, could have been Lloyd Banks singing 'On fire' or something similar in which case he should just take off the iPod but it definitely wasn't me so yes he is messing with my plans with his eediat move and I reserve the right to not feel any pity for him.

In conclusion, if my general hypothesis that the appearance of crazy folks is a sure sign of Spring's arrival then Spring is coming with a vengeance this year so all my T dot massive hold tight, it soon warm up.

Good day to all and have a good weekend and lets hope blogger allows some comments today.


obifromsouthlondon said...

Eeadiat ting is a heavy tune. when it first dropped the pirate stations couldn't get enuff of it.

Funny the story of the flamer. I remember some famer(s) doing the same during the world trade thing. extreme protest fe real. hurry up spring ur kids are killing themselves.

Jdid said...

Finally can get into my own blog.
Yea Obi wicked tune dat! dont know why anyone would burn themselves up like that. I saw the actually film on tv today, really disturbing

Lene said...

ok... so now that you bun up yourself... how are the ontario fruit and vegetables going to be harvested? thanks alot farmer brown!!

Anonymous said...

Boy I thought I was the only body dat was working on that theory. Looking like Whodini gonna have to change the lyrics to "the freaks come out at Spring" instead of at night.

Bajan Sis

Anonymous said...

what a reality check...thanks for the music link too... and if you're insane and heartless, then you are honest! I always figured that if doctors and 'health care professionals'who claim those mental wards and mental institutions are indeed doing the trick for stressed out individuals who are classified as a danger to themselves , we (me and several others) would have been lining up around the block to check in a long time ago..forget expensive resorts and spas (although institutions could cater similar services since they seem to have an effect on the 'happy' people in this tundra)...if the government is willing to put our tax money where their mouths ramble, there is a place to start...oh yes, addictions are a different story b/c no amount of rest and relaxation can stop that.
Keep writing you're keeping me sane.

Melody said...

De father who tried to kill that likkle girl an' then killed himself shoulda been checked long ago--he musta shown some sign ov insanity before now--him just get up one day an' mad soh!? Ugh.

o said...

Starfoxx, darlin', Missa Chin (yes, it was a Chinee man) had nuttin fi do wid di protest.

Mi trying fi figure out how Missa Chin SANE ENOUGH fe rent out one van and one tank full a gas. A wha di ass going on?

I had a good laugh (mi know, mi nuh suppose fe) when yuh did seh di man a listen tuh 'im Ipod and hear Lloyd Banks seh "On Fire".

OH LAWD mi did drop out a mi chair!

Jesus HEP MEH!!

Big N said...

You may be on to something homey... but it's still cold as a motherfucker.

Didi said...

Boy you crazy yuh know...yuh duz mek muh laff out real loud...yuh gine soon mek muh get fyahed....Lawd havist mercy who mek yuh doah?

Jdid said...

@starfoxx - yep the dude wasnt affiliated with the protest, just a random mad man who went into the area
@bajan sis - great minds think alike
@anon - thanks for visiting. agree with you on the mental institutions. and if I'm keeping you sane we may have a problem lol
@melody - they said they checked him and he was stable. maybe he just snapped
@solitaire - ha ha ha, glad you liked it
@big N - I live in hope that its going to warm up...some day, maybe some day soon , lol
@Didi - well if ya get fired it aint my fault cause I aint tell ya read it at work :)

Big N said...

After watching this video, your post got 3 times funnier.

Anonymous said...

well then i'm sure glad the crazies are coming out (but that poor child-i hear she's breathing on her own now) - cause i need's the summer sun! and it's +1 today! whoo hoo!

btw - came through via humanity critic.

Jdid said...

hi purfiktgurl, thanks for dropping by. yep it looks like it may fially be warming up here thank god