Friday, March 18, 2005

Respect the Architect

I'm a bit late with this one but figured it was worthwhile to post on. (Title refers to Guru and Bahamadiah off the Jazzmatazz Vol 2 album)

Singer Lyn Collins passed away last weekend. Collins who first played with James Brown was the voice sampled by Rob Base and EZ Rock for their 80s hit hip hop song "It takes Two" which everyone and their mama has probably heard. "

"It takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it outta sight."

That sample came from Collins' 1972 hit single Think (about it) which was also sampled by many other hip hop artists over the years. Think was also remade in 1993 by the "Queen of the Pack" Patra herself featuring Lyn on guest vocals.

Other Collins songs were also sampled in hip hop including 'Put it on the line' which was sampled by LL for the hit "I shot ya" (which if I'm not incorrect introduced us to the Ill Nana herself, not that that's actually anything to shout about).

Coming from an era where singers actually had to be able to sing, Collins was nicknamed "the Funky Preacher" for her powerful voice. She was never one of the big name superstars of her era but she was a talented singer who left a legacy to hip hop. So respect the architect.

Collins died at the age of 56. R.I.P


Anonymous said...

56 young yes....same age as my Mother when she passed.

I know that song well...."It takes two to make a thing go right........."

As you say, hope she rests in peace. Have a good weekend yute. Dr. D.

Tracey said...

That song leaves such fond memories for me from college days. At our hangout spot on campus that song was in the jukebox and whenever someone played it no matter what were doing studying, reading etc. EVERYONE got up and started dancing, even the older ladies that cooked the food....I miss those days.

Melody said...

She made her contribution an' left a good legacy, Jdid. That's great. De India Arie song that says "Too afraid to let it show, afraid of the judgement that might follow" describes how fear ov failure or rejection keeps people from really doin' their fing an' makin' their mark. Some pass on, leavin' no sign ov ever havin' been here, but she didn't do that; she (like other 'slept-on greats such as Don Cheadle an' Allen Payne) decided to excel even if she didn't get as much recognition as some less talented people. Nuff respect.

Abeni said...

Know the song but never heard of the singer.

Lene said...

I love that song!!

"Don't smoke buddha.. can't stand sess.. yes!"

I would have been five years old, but I still go back and listen to ole school jams.

RIP indeed... anyone great enough to jam with James Brown is talented.

Jdid said...

@Dr D - yep 56 is quite young
@Tracey - yep that song was one of the first hip hop songes to really 'cross over' to mainstream appeal. Sure you had some earlier stuff like Walk this way but I think this one hit sort of differently
@Melody - amen
@Abeni - actually I saw the Patra remake last night on tv. Lyn Collins had some pipes
@starfoxx - 5 years old..dammmmn, lol