Sunday, March 20, 2005

Solid as a rock

Poor Sizzla. He'll have to let them know that "they cant keep a good man down, Always keep a smile when they want me to frown,keep the vibes and they stood my grounds, They will never ever take my crown "

Cause I'm so solid as a rock
They just can't stop me now
Even when they set their traps
They just can't stop me now
People will say this and that
They just can't stop me now
Even when they set up road blocks
They just can't stop me now

Or maybe they can stop him. Read here

Objection! - Sunday 20, March-2005

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin.

The promoters of a show featuring Jamaican dancehall star Sizzla, scheduled for the National Stadium this weekend, have raised strong objections to any attempts which might be made by police to bar the artiste from performing in Barbados.

Expressing dismay at statements made by Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin after Sizzla was held and questioned by Jamaica police last week about the discovery of a large cache of illegal firearms, Thompson and Associates, attorneys acting for the promoters, said the approach of the commissioner “was without precedent and, if they represent a new policy for the force, set a dangerous trend”.

Dottin said on Friday the force would object to Sizzla performing at the National Stadium after Jamaica police questioned him about the discovery of six AK47 rifles, three sniper rifles, one M16 assault rifle, two shotguns and one Tech Nine submachine gun, two bullet proof vests and an assortment of ammunition.

However, last night the attorneys said the promoters of the show were law-abiding citizens who would co-operate with the police, but stressed the “statements of Commissioner Dottin must be condemned in any right thinking society”.

The attorneys said their clients objected to the statements of the commissioner on a number of grounds, the first of which “is that it is highly unusual and even prejudicial for a public official to indicate publicly what his advice would be in relation to an application which might come before him”.

They said this went against the Administrative Justice Act which requires impartiality and fairness by public officials.

The attorneys said the commissioner, who is also an attorney-at-law, must realize that a man is innocent until proven guilty.

“To say that someone is a threat to national security and inimical to good order when, up to the time of the report, he was only being questioned, sets a dangerous precedent and is clearly not a correct, or even reasonable interpretation of the law,” the statement said.

Thompson and Associates also questioned Dottin’s statement that the police were not bound to participate in the event.

“The commissioner is sworn to uphold the law and use his force to do so. To say that the police ‘don’t have to participate,’ particularly where that is a condition of the use of a facility, is simply unjust,” the attorneys said.

Sizzla, whose real name is Miguel Collins, remained in police custody up to yesterday but had not been charged, while three other men were facing charges in connection with the seizure of the weapons.

On another note has everyone seen this Jewish rapper/dancehall artist yet? Sorry I'm not really that big a fan. Must be the faux Jamaican accent and ..... hmm let me stop here.


Der Ozzman said...

Hey this Matisyahu guy has some talent Jdid. Yeah the accent must be fake, but so was Snow's. Remember him? Don't tell me you weren't rocking out to Snow in the 90's, Jdid. LOL.

Jdid said...

Actually I had alot of problems with Snow back in the day too.

Melody said...

Jdid, de link wouldn't open, but that might be de same Jewish deejay who was on Steve Harvey's Big Time (on de WB network), but then de guy who was on Steve Harvey didn't have a J'can accent at all--he could sang! (Maybe there's another semi-famous Jewish deejay.)Anyway, it's disappointin' to hear ov Sizzla bein' implicated in gun-runnin', but somehow not as surprisin' as it prob'ly should be.

Abeni said...

Am not surprised about Sizzla because a Jcan friend had told me he does not practice what he preaches.

Lene said...

that was lame. why do you need the accent to do a song like that. please stop... god doesn't like that shit.

Campfyah said...

Wow.. I can finally comment on a blog. Actually I thought the Jewish rapper was pretty cool. He did say he grew up in NY listening to reggae.

Too bad for sizzler...but dem JA reggae artist ein got too legit background, so anything is possible.
Did anyone catch the rise of reggae music this weekend on BBC TV..pretty good report

Anonymous said...

Plenty of the DJ dem not innocent....dem deal inna firearms too. If they contributing to the erosion of our country, they must go as or not. Dr. D.

Scratchie said...

I agree with Dr. D. Celeb or not, if yuh in illegal stuff yuh must get dealt with same way. Lots of them artistes in underhanded dealings. Unfortunately in the Caribbean laws tend not to apply to those with status: politicians, artistes and certain classes of society.

nahmix said...

He has problems everywhere he goes. They picketed him when he came to chicago late last year!

JustMe said...

Hmmm. Fake Jamaican accent and Reggae music...sounds like Morgan Heritage to me...