Saturday, March 12, 2005


We the willing
Led by the annoying
now doing the impossible
for the ungrateful
we have done so much,
for so long,
for so little,
that we are now qualified to do anything we we (nuttin)
say what? (nuttin)
I cant hear you (nuttin, nuttin)

Doug E Fresh - Nuttin

Well nuttin (nothing) was pretty much all I was hearing yesterday in Blogger land. Nobody can post, no body can comment and I thought I brought my A game too so it was a likkle disappointing. Oh well, c'est la vie. Don't feel shy to comment on the old posts if you liked them though.

But yep, Blogger was having serious issues on Thursday and Friday. Friday when no one could post I almost thought Blogger had got shut down like Jetsgo. But I wasn't that surprised at Jetsgo's failure because Urban Sister warned us after her little Christmas flying fiasco that Jetsgo wasn't going to last too long. A tell ya the girl is psychic like Miss Cleo den. All she needs is an accent and a catch phrase like "Call me now!" maybe something in rank bajan,said really fast, like "looka wunnah betta pick up de phone right now....den!" Do that and she'll be raking in the dough. Shout out to Zhigge if ya remember dat tune dey! lol

Anyway its Saturday so keeping it sort of light sort of miscellaneous. But before I do, I want you guys to check out Soli's alter ego's post from a few days back. Wicked, wicked post dat. One of the best me ever read on this blogging thing. Really poignant. Respect due!

Scratchie posted a nice one yesterday too about the language in Jamaica and how the slang changes. I know what he means because I find that the slang in Barbados does the same thing too. Sometimes when I go home and hear the kids talking I have to say 'but wait wha um is dem talkin bout cross deyso bosie cause I really cann understand wah dem saying'. :) Will have to post on that someday.

And Obi did a nice one about men crying as well. Respect! We've got this joke in my household that I have so much held in that one of these days I'm going to just crack and the emotion will all come flowing out in a torrent of tears that wont stop. Similar to that Friend's episode with Bruce Willis. lol. Hasnt happened yet though.

All in all some good reading from my fellow bloggers though so big up to everyone.

Dr D posted about the Michael Jackson trial a few days ago. Well now I'm hearing that Michael may be close to bankrupt. Apparently, he's just like that Kanye lyric goes "black female addicted to retail". Oh ok that doesn't really apply ..since he's no longer black, ha ha ha. Sorry I just had to get in a little punchline against Michael.

Anyway I think he needs to be hitting up eBay and seeing how much he can get for Bubbles the chimp. But really as Bajan Sis point out today ya really cant feel too sad for Michael, first of all cause he should know better than to mess with the people children even if he is innocent and two cause bankrupt for him aint like bankrupt for us little folk when our pockets empty and we cant even afford a bus fare or a hamcutter so Michael boy don't expect nuh pity from me. I done tell ya yesterday I heartless. lol.

Oh on the Michael issue. Two things. How Michael can go into the court wearing pajama pants? Don't courts in the US have strict dress codes? I know as a man that work down by the Courts in Bim at one point in time, that you couldn't go court in Barbados in certain clothing. Ya had ta dress proper. So how come Michael can get away with wearing his big loody(Camp I bet ya aint hear dat bajan word in a long time) pajama pants. Oh yea loody means ill-fitting and loose. :-) Oh well!

Second thing was yesterday morning I realize that there is some tv station doing reenactments of the courtroom proceedings. They have some bleach out fella in a wig looking real serious at the witnesses pretending he is Michael, its rather funny actually.

But then it got me to thinking about the crime reenactments that they put on here in Toronto. Anytime they are looking for an offender for some crime; rape, assault, theft, murder, indecent public exposure and they cant find him they will show some reenactment of the crime using actors and actresses in an effort to see if they can get leads on the criminal. Neat idea I say ...BUT really and truly it has me thinking "but wait, who are these actors that take part in the reenactments?". OK yes its a reenactment, so you are not the criminal but when they show a fellow robbing a convenience store and its your face being seen on tv with a gun in your hand and then they show a sketch of the actual suspect which image you think myself and the rest of the general public will remember?

So whenever I see reenactments I wonder if those actors ever get into trouble because someone saw them in the crime reenactment and thought they were the real criminal. Is an actor ever sitting on the subway when some little old lady who watched City Pulse suddenly realizes that he is the person she saw on tv but mistakenly thinks he is the real criminal and next thing ya know she reports him to police who swoop down and has him catspraddled all over the ground. Hey it could happen.

Anyway it late, I tired, I going in my bed, hopefully blogger will cooperate with us in the morning so you guys can post comments. Will chat with you all on Sunday, God willing. Have a great weekend.


Abeni said...

Well when you name is Michael Jackson I suppose you can get away with wearing anything.Oh,the perks of being rich!As to Blogger,well yesterday it won't even let me log into my dashboard.

Mad Bull said...

Re Blogger, help may be on the way. We shall see... more anon

Sunshine said...

Hi JDid-I too couldn't get onto blogger for the past two days also. Teh Micheal Jackson fiasco, Michael should have cooled things the first time he was publicly accused. But he wouldn't stop inviting children to his home. Now he's paying for his bad judgement.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Michael need Psychiatric evaluation big time. They claim he was coming straight from hospital cause he had slipped and hurt his back. How come when he was waving to fans before he entered the courthouse he could turn and wave to them so easy if him back a hot him!? I doh buy it, the pyjama suppem is jus fe get more media coverage. Man need fe get wid the programme, tek back him God given blackness, fix him face back to that of a normal looking black man and get all the crap outta him head and deal with his issues. BTW, respec for the mention. Dr. D.

Melody said...

Jdid, MJ's best defense's prob'ly insanity, but de insane ever really know them insane?! De point about de actors playin' criminals--that's really a risky role if ever there was one, when yu consider de odds ov bein' randomly typecast:).

Scratchie said...

Michael gone way past just poor judgement. He has too many brushes with the law over the same thing. I would have thought he would learn by now if the other times were misunderstandings.
Thanks for the redirect JDid. Glad you liked the post.

o said...

Tanks fi di shoutout, iyah.
Mi still 'ave di "eediat ting" inna mi head. Ha ha!

Anyway mi was wonderin' bout Michael a show up in jammies. IN COURT.

If you've seen Chris Rock's "Never Scared" you would have busted a gut when he was saying Mike a show up a court inna CAPTAIN CRUNCH SUIT. Yuh know Cap'N Crunch...di cereal man.

Mi laugh till mi could laff nuh more!!

Urban Sista said...

It feels good to post again!

As for Michael, I've been saying for years, dis man have a problem. Normal people don't go pon TV and tell de masses how he does have little thrildren in he bed. Dat alone shoulda get he backside tar.

But, de parents of dat chile bear some of responsibility. Like one of de Comic View comediennes said back in de day: "De boy said he was bad and dangerous!"

Someboddy shoulda listen to he.

FYI, my psychic line would be "Call me... do!"

Shana said...

The Michael Jackson Trial reenactment on E! is as corny as it gets. . . lol. . .it keeps me in stitches. . . thanks for the other cool links. . .I plan to visit them all!

obifromsouthlondon said...

yes mr. jdid big up ya'self rudie. thx for the props.

mikey's got issues man. cracking up. or very good. been following the news on tv and watching the odd documentary on jackson. sad and I wish the dude luck.

Jdid said...

@abeni - yep well I think Michael's luck is running out
@mad bull - oh yea? what happening, microsoft taking it over. oh wait that wouldnt be a good thing, lol
@sunshine - yep michael definetly should have just coled off with the children after the first accusations
@Dr D - Agree with you completely
@Melody - I think its too late for MJ with the insanity thing but yea I think he mad
@Scratchie - No prob, glad you liked it
@Soli - no prob, captain crunch suit i like it
@Urban Sis - 'Call!' I love it ha ha ha
@Shana - hey long time no see, is it E! that has the reenactment,thats hilarious
@Obi - thanks, yep michael just off the deep end.

Nikki said...

Oh rangate I gine play lotto cause i can actually post. As far as Mike the night clothes was a strategy to off-set the jury

Nikki said...

Oh rangate I gine play lotto cause i can actually post. As far as Mike the night clothes was a strategy to off-set the jury