Friday, March 04, 2005

The massacre

Thats a reference to the 50cents album released this week which in my opinion is rather poor and also the slaying of four RCMP officers in a raid on a marijuana grow operation in Alberta yesterday.

I've only scanned the articles about the police slaying but the basics are 4 officers stepped to a weed grower at some deserted farmhouse, dude had a high powered rifle and killed the policemen and then killed himself. What a way to go out! I'm usually not a big police fan but still that's kind of a rough way to go out. Cant wait to see what details come out in the coming weeks like how he took out all 4 so easily. damn. And yes for Canada that is considered a major event. Yea we have our shootings (in Toronto at some points it seems like every weekend) but 4 cops killed at once yep that's major here.

On the 50 cents album, I must be getting old because both that and the Game album did nothing for me. I actually found the Game's album average while I've heard alot of folk through around the word classic. On first listen nothing really stands out on the 50cent album aside from maybe 'Piggy Bank'. Best thing about the album was probably the video for Disco Actually I'm not hating on G unit if you're wondering because I found the Young Buck and Lloyd Banks lps were far better. I just think 50 put in a half assed effort on this lp. Getting rich, buying Tyson's estate, dating Vivica and all that seems to have taken off the edge. I still stand by my belief that Ja Rule will have the longer career. Now note I didn't say better, just said longer.

Anyway that's about all from me today. I went to see the "Kink in my hair" last night. Its this play set in a hairdressing salon dealing with some stories from the lives of black women so ya know they had to get their fair share of liks in at black men. sigh! It was ok still. I'm not going to be critical of it because although I had a few issues (I'm usually a harsh judge and I don't like to see people dissing the bredren) I don't know if I could write something that good and its good to see a black play getting a run at a big theatre and a black play written with West Indian dialects (lots of Jamaican and a bit of bajan thrown in hmmm sort of like this blog lol) so respect due. If you're in Toronto and you haven't seen it I'd say its worth it.


Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Why the drug dealres nevva just kill himself alone. why tek another life.
Agree with you that it's great ot see West Indian plays written in West Indian dialect being produced in foreign.

o said...

Yeah iyah... de eediots collectively known as the Toronto news media (Global and CTV) finally ran a piece on Da Kink... because a few mothers that lost their sons to violence were at the same performance you were at.

I must be the only Black person in Toronto that hasn't seen this yet. I so bex. Nuh VEX, but BEX, so yuh know seh mi MAD! De Man nevah gie me mi money yet, chuh man! I'm banking on going to the April 15th Raptors game and wan' fe see Kink, since Alicia Keys tickets are GONE, and I'm mad!!!

Yes the RCMP officers... that was a time in the newsroom. Everything was breaking and yours truly was running around cutting this, cutting that, monitoring

This job is something else. On the job we show no emotion. But when I come home is a different story, yes.

Abeni said...

That play sounds like something I would want to see.Went to see a Jcan one last week.He kill 4

Big N said...

Yeah, 50 got lazy still. His flow's still on point, so that's why I didn't burn him for that. The Massacre is just a longer, watered down version of GRODT.

Mo said...

Sad incident i know a little about so i'll have to research. As for games album, i didnt care for it to much. Decent hooks, good beats but whoever is talking classics needs to be questioned. Every other line is a reference to someone else.
As for 50 i listened to it today on mtv before deciding to make a purchase. I won't was alright...he can do better...watered down might be the right words. I still love his body though!

Anonymous said...

50's no longer in G-unit, so maybe he'll rock harder now.

Big N said...

^^ You must mean the Game?? 50, Banks, and Yayo founded G Unit, so those 3 aren't leaving.

Jdid said...

@sunshine - yea I dont know why the guy would kill police then himself, just kill himself and call dat a day
@soli - ok I recognized justin shepard/jamaal magloires'mom at da kink actually. i notice she is the spokeswoman for black mothers who've lost sons. so ya going see raptors before kink? shammmmmmmmmeeeee :-)
@abeni- yea i'm sure you would enjoy it
@Big N - way watered down, I think the beats on GRODT and the G unit album masked alot of his deficencies
@Mo - yea seriously I've heard some big respectable names that I know actually know hip hop call Games albuma classic so that got me thinking I am slipping.
@anon - yep think you mean Game here not 50.

o said...

ya can you believe it...I only have money for one. Mebbe my mom will spring for de nappy head play (that's what my aunt called it, ha ha)

obifromsouthlondon said...

Never felt 50 from time. He's always operated on hype. not skills. On the real I rate The Game better. I jumped on the wagon for Game but right off i am. let real hip hop reign