Thursday, March 03, 2005


Talking about the track by Ghostface last year which I've decided this morning was probably the best song of the '04. I'm working on my top ten but haven't sorted it out yet. All I know is that Run, Never Let me down by Kanye and Jay Z, Why by Jadakiss, Tek Buddy by Vybz Kartel (yes is a slack tune but I like dat thundaclap rhythm), Lean Back by Terror Squad oh and before I forget Celebrate by Destra (can play dat on the pan ya kno) have to be in the top ten but its all irrelevant anyways.

Anyway I got a semi serious unfinished blog for next week in my head but its almost weekend and I wont link any heavy thoughts today. Remember my article about the teacher who pulled the gun in class in Barbados? Well just as a follow up on that I've since heard that the teacher is still teaching. Apparently it was a misunderstanding, teacher was demonstrating something using a toy gun, one student went home told her parents, story got out of control.... or that's the story I now hear. One never knows. Anyway apparently the students were fully behind the teacher and were willing to strike if he was dismissed so I guess that shows it wasn't as bad as the news reported.

Watched the last 20 minutes of America's Next top model last night. Nope I'm definitely not watching that crap again although Tyra did looking fairly decent but I was channel surfing and saw women in bikinis walking around and as it clearly states in paragraph 12 section 6 subsection 10 of the man rulebook if one sees bikinis or any hint of skin on tv a man must stop and watch so who was I to go against the rules.

Now wunnah know I like to diss these shows but I really don't know that much about this one still I will say my piece. First off why do the beauty experts on these shows always have to be these incredibly gay looking dudes. Are there no non-extremely flamboyant people aside from the models in this business. I aint grudging them their airtime but still isn't their one straight dude or a woman straight or gay, who could replace those guy?

Secondly there was one girl who was a bit on the heavy side. Clearly unless she going for plus size model here she wasn't making it in this show. Don't get me wrong she was quite beautiful and in real world terms she wasn't that big or anything so but modeling all about how close to being a skeleton you can be so clearly she wasn't getting picked. So I don't see why she was bawling her eyes out at the end of the show for. She should have looked around, realized that she is the only body in the group that know what a good meal look like and just realized that she was not going to meet their criteria. Evabody cant look like a clothes hanger wid breasts and dat don't mean you aint beautiful so just move on and stop crying on people tv. Chupse!

Enough on that though. I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

Bwoy, the only one of de song inna you top ten that me know is Tek Buddy!

Good seh you never break the 'rules' re looking at skin.... helps keep a man young you know!;-)

Why some people bother to enter certain contests and then bawl when dem eliminated, I doh know. Not everybody can be a model, not everyone can be a Miss World, some men will never be bodybuilders. People need to look at themselves before dem turn demslef inna eediat! Dr. D.

Scratchie said...

JDid, I only know one of those songs. The reality TV and it's spinoffs are not in my viewing lineup. They aren't realistic at all.

summer m. said...

Are there no non-extremely flamboyant people aside from the models in this business. I aint grudging them their airtime but still isn't their one straight dude or a woman straight or gay, who could replace those guy?


Urban Sista said...

Jdid, you have to watch ANTM -- it's the SI Swimsuit Competition, but 100 times better!

Just imagine the blogging manna that will unfold -- people cussin' out one another, bulimia, catfights not only the girls, but between the men, too.

Give it a next shot, do. Watch next week's makeovers, then make up yuh mind.

Abeni said...

Lol,yeah those fellas just too gay looking.By that I mean the stereotyped effeminate thing.

Melody said...

Jadakiss an' his "Why" song are chill, Jdid, an' de Supermodel show's cool 2--2 many catfights tho.

obifromsouthlondon said...

yes mr. jdid "run" was one of the top tunes of '04. that hectic sound lets the MCs ride the track good. RZA is hot on that one.

Yeah Vybz rocking it. also love the tune "Dangerous" with cormega. dancehall rule.

Tyra banks look decent these day fe real. still got it.

Jdid said...

@Dr D - yep I guess she was just going for her 5 minutes of fame
@scratchie - not realistic in the least
@summer - you mean everyone in the business besides the models are flamboyantly gay men? havent they ever heard of affirmative action for straight people :-)
@urban sis - i dont know if i want to start wid the model thing cause I feel i diss too many of them gals aready on the SI thing. but yea maybe i'll watch one more episode
@abeni - lol, agreed
@melody - hey does this mean the break is over? :)
@obi - yep tyra has aged well but the debate still reins real or fake, lol