Saturday, February 05, 2005

Get yourself a gun

I got mine, I hope you (got yo'self a gun)
You from the hood I hope you (got yo'self a gun)

You want beef? I hope ya (got yo'self a gun)

And when I see you I'ma take what I want

So, you tried to front, hope ya (got yo'self a gun)

You ain't real, hope ya (got yo'self a gun)

Nas - Got yo'self a gun

wasn't planning on blogging today. Woke up late and got lots to do but I just had to share this story from my homeland. Even the teachers getting dread these days. Anyway everyone have a great day.

Gun shock - Saturday 05, February-2005
by Julia Rawlins

A teacher at Combermere School, who allegedly pulled a gun on over 20 third form students on Thursday, has been suspended.

Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Wendy Griffith-Watson, said yesterday that investigations were being carried out.

A student from the class told the SATURDAY SUN the weapon was a cap gun, but angry parents said it had not been confirmed if the gun was real.

The student said while the teacher was writing on the board the class was being noisy.

“He turned and said: ‘You know, a teacher could really come in here and shoot all a wunnah,’” the student said.

It was then, he continued, that the teacher bent down and removed what appeared to be a cap gun from his sock and pointed it at the class.

The student said the teacher put the weapon back in the sock, and threatened that one day they would make him angry enough to “bring the real thing”.

“Then he walked about looking at the students’ work, and when he get to certain people he said: ‘I gine shoot you,’ but to others, he said: ‘I will not shoot you, you are nice,’” the student said.

An angry mother told the SATURDAY SUN yesterday: “My son is traumatized.”

Parents of students in the class have written a letter of complaint to principal Vere Parris and copied it to the Ministry of Education, the Barbados Union of Teachers and the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union.

In that letter, parents also complained that the teacher cursed the children.

“During that ill-fated class he referred to them as ‘a.....’, purporting that people were filling their minds with ‘s...’, making them believe that when they reached Combermere that was ‘it’,” the letter stated.

The teacher was summoned to a meeting at the Waterford, St Michael school with the principal, deputy principal, year head, senior teacher, and parents.

“He said he was sorry a million times. He apologised and said he was out of line, and it was an isolated case, but that he was not usually like that,” one parent said.

Another meeting is expected to take place on Monday involving students.

Griffith-Watson said the teacher was seeking medical attention and would not be conducting classes until investigations were completed. Efforts to reach the school’s principal yesterday were unsuccessful.

Police are also investigating.


Campfyah said...

whalooossss...things getting real crucial in Barbados and of all places ah traditional school like Cawmere...
But the teachers been getting a bad rap lately and the pressure getting to them. Children fighting teachers and all kinda thing so...But that doan justify de teacher threatening the children in that way. At the same time it should be a wake up call fuh both students and parents, cause thing gettin real outta hand in the schools there.

Abeni said...

Sometimes I feel like shooting some of mine too:)But that teacher playing with real trouble there.You don't pull those kind of stunts at all unless you willing to lose your job.

Melody said...

Normally, it's de other way around though--de students usually jack de teachers, but ah guess that teacher wasn't havin' any today!! (lol) If it were a real gun then THAT woulda been really shockin'--but wif de current climate ov violence, not much is too shockin' these days.

Jdid said...

yea camp gine gine to change the name from combere to school of hard knocks if things go on like this.

abeni, i doan wanta hear you attacking no students now cause I aint wanta get blame fa giving you no ideas

melody, girl these days strange but that is unacceptable by a teacher

Mad Bull said...

I remember that Captain Horace Burrell took the Reggae BoyZ to a Latin country once, I think it was El Salvador, and the Boys and the coach were being ragged bigtime by the hometown fans, so much so that some of them actually started to push around Rene Simoes and one of the players... Well, Burrell just lash out and beat up the leaders of the group of fans who were roughing up the guys and the whole group dispersed. Later when questioned by the media, he told them something about how he knew that any mob (of people) is basically cowardly, and so once you took out the leaders, you could regain control of the situation, and thats just what he did. Well, thats all that the teacher was doing!

No, I'm just joking (* hee hee *)

Anonymous said...

Its not funny at all. In fact, I would be prepared to mek that teacher lose him job if I had the ability to fire him. Certain things I don't think should be done at all. Fake gun or not. He may just pull a real one next time.

I am happy that he realizes that he erred, but I take that seriously. If it was my child in the class I not sure I'd want him to continue teaching him/her.. (me nuh have none yet!) Dr. D.

titilayo said...

That story was a shocker. And they talking about how he won't be teaching again till he gets medical attention and investigations are completed? He shouldn't be teaching again, full-stop. People talk about how students aren't like they used to be one time, but the teachers aren't like they used to be one time either. You got a lotta young people, not too long out of the secondary school system themselves, who never wanted to be teachers, but they couldn't find any other job. Things bound to go downhill with that sort of system.

Anonymous said...

Teacher not too righted I take it. It could not be a joke. When you hear this sort of thing lots of stuff go through your mind. Kami I know what you mean, I hear wifey saying she can't deal with di pickney dem an dem crap for much longer but she goes every day.

Scratchie said...

Teacher not too righted I take it. It could not be a joke. When you hear this sort of thing lots of stuff go through your mind. Kami I know what you mean, I hear wifey saying she can't deal with di pickney dem an dem crap for much longer but she goes every day.

obifromsouthlondon said...

hmmm someone's been watching the movie "187".