Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I tek Mad Bull advice

Well I mention a few weeks back that I was playing squash with this older lady who works near my workplace. Anyway I said we were just knocking around the ball and she mekkin me run all around the place and she seems to think that she's a better player than me.

Well yesterday she decide now she feeling confident and ready to move up to playing real games. I aint ask to play no games ya know. I satisfied getting a good work out knocking around the ball, working on my technique and seeing how quick I can get back to the ball and that sort of thing but noooo she want to play games. Well who tell she start that? Well The Mad Bull tell me I need to have her show me the proper respect. Well bredren I dust her out today in the games; 9-3,9-3,9-2,9-1,9-0. I din mekkin no sport, well actually I was cause I still aint play full speed but I think she get the point now, ha ha ha.

Cuhdear I feel sorta bad though, and I know I gine get flack from certain foks like "cuhdear how ya beat up pun the wuman so, you aint got nuttin betta ta do doah? you real evil fa true, you is a real bully". Well maybe I should have tried to not beat her so bad but naaa a brothers gotta do what a brothers gotta do. Is a new year and I have to be leaner and meaner. :-) Supose now I did playing fancy and want to make the games closer and the woman beat me? Then alllya would still laugh at me.

Anyway. Anyone watch the superbowl? Very disappointed with the outcome as I was backing Philli. What get me though is the pre game and halftime performances. (Did Black Eyed Peas suck?) First off is it just me or has anyone wondered where they keep the fans who surround the stage on the field during the halftime show. I mean the stands are still full so do they keep these guys in the tunnels and do they get a little scotch in the laps of the fans in the seats so they can actually see the game live? Or is it like ok go stand outside the stadium, here's a little transistor radio for all of you to listen to the game and we'll come back for you at halftime?

I also always wonder where do they get those persons from? They are always like the hypest people in the world. They play country n western music, they getting on bad, they play rap they getting on bad, they bring out Paul Mccartney they still getting on bad. I guess they are paid to be hype but still considering that some of them looked like they could be under 14 you have to wonder if they've had ever heard a Paul McCartney song before.

Oh and is it just me or does anyone else hear Hey Jude and immediately think of BDP's Criminal Minded?

We'll take a sad song and make it better,
remember to let us into your skin
cause then we'll begin to master rhyming, rhyming rhyming rhyming
criminal minded you've been blinded
looking for a style like mine you cant find it...........

I still cant believe that song is from 1987. wow.


Anonymous said...

At first when I read about you saying the woman wanted to 'play games' I started to wonda my yute! ;-) (Hey, is man me name!) Cho, relax youself, you did what you had to as you say. Who vex, vex. You cyaan please everybody all de time.

As for Superbowl.....kiss teet! Dr. D.

Melody said...

Jdid, ah didn't even watch no Superbowl, don't matter that ah live in New England, ah was a delinquent New Englander that time 'cause The Patriots never intrude 'pon my Bob Marley Day. Ah had more important stuff to catch up on.
Yeah, KRS-ONE did his fing, Jdid, others have imitated but none have duplicated de original Kris.

Melody said...

BTW, yu know yu do more for de lady by playin' harder, 'cause her game will get a chance to improve. If yu play soft all de time, that woulda be kinda chauvinistic, an' she woulda stay at de same level. Mek she get some minor aches an' pains, an' she'll grow.

Scratchie said...

Good scoreline JDid but yuh coulda mek har win one :-).
Besides yuh give har love in one. I don't think that's the kinda love women like at all.
I know where you are coming from though. I had to teach a young badminton upstart a lesson the other day. My girl is a newcomer but has natural ability. She there telling everybody what to do and how to hit the shuttle. Has never seen me play but insists on instructing from the other side. Played one game with her, used the shuttle to remove one earring and gave her a good beating. Not a word from Miss Know-it-all for the rest of the evening. I felt bad though but she needed a good lesson. I am not anywhere near the better players. I'm in C division so there are the B and A players yet to conquer but I know not to run up my mouth at them either. They are just plain better than me.

o said...

LOL @ dust her out... ha ha ha! J-did, you always have me krakkin' up.

Anyway about the Black Eyed Peas, they're just a group assembled by The Suits (re: Stupid White Men, as described so eloquently by Michael Moore, read it if you haven't already)... just a corporate mish mash out there to annoy the hell out of people.

Do you know ONE person who says they are a BEP fan?

I don't know one.

Angry Dog said...

JDid, I gotta tell you, great going! I would've done the same thing re: dusting out the lady. Reminds me of back in the day when I was a young little martial artist fighting on a team for the first time, I draw a girl to fight to rass, and I had one of two choices...beat her and feel bad for beating a girl after the fact, or let her beat me and still feel bad...well, either I way a still would feel bad, so I chose the former. Yes, BEP sux...wouldn't even download their stuff for free (if I was into that sort of thing, mind you!) and you can guweh, cause MY Patriots won :D....though it was a really tight second half still!

obifromsouthlondon said...

serve em' and serve em' well. Funny I was listening to a stream of Criminal minded this morning. great minds huh?

summer m. said...


oh shit!!! i made the interesting blog list!!! i have arrived.

Anonymous said...
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Jdid said...

Dr , lol no man I aint playing them sorta games at all

Melody true dat, when I was learning the guys were really hard on me, actually still are but I see my game improving because of it

Scratchie yep, sometimes you just gotta prove a point

Solitaire BEP were alot better prior to the addition of the rnb singer. They didnt get any press but they were infinetly better before they started catering to the mainstream

Angry Dog, yep I prefer feeling bad this way than thinking man I cant believe I let her beat me

Obi, criminal minded is the jam

Summer ya dun made it like george n weezie. lol. you got a nice blog plus I got tired of having to always go through nahmix to link to you, lol. not that I dont like nahmix doan get it twisted cause I love the sista I'm juss sayin this is more efficient, lol

Yamfoot said...

i've never played squash. i like tennis though so i guess i would like it.

i was backing the Patriots, so I happy. Half time show wasnt saying nuttne though. Paul McCartney? you've got to be kidding me.

We want Janet and Justin....again!