Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Day

I personally don't celebrate the day but I will say Happy valentines to those of you who do. However I hope none of you folks are the type who wait until this one day to show your love and appreciation for those close to you.

On another note, and to avoid going into a tirade against valentines day and its corporate implications, February 14th marks 6 months since the one they call Jdid joined the blogging community. yea yeah! It all started with this one well actually this one but the other one was the reason I actually started. 6 months of Jdid, now that's something worth celebrating lol.

Oh Oh, I feel a grammy acceptance speech coming on.

I'd like to thank my blogging crew for holding me down, I aint calling no names in case I forget anyone but nuff respect to all Caribbean massive worldwide, also my t dot crew but I think all y'all got Caribbean connections, London represent! My Chicago peoples, my Montreal peoples, my Atlanta peoples, my chi-town peoples, my Michigan people and everyone anywhere at anytime who has every commented on my blog. Without you there would be no blog. Big chupse! yea you tell yourself that! :-) I'm just playing. Thank you all for coming back even though I duz write so much stupidness not worth reading. LOL. It has been a great and humbling experience being affiliated with all of you talented folk.

Also want to thank all those who visit but don't comment. Hope you find this stuff enjoyable and keep coming back but show a brother some love and drop a line every now and then.

Oh and a big shout out to my fam for supporting me, even though them duz find a reason to harass me everytime I sit down at de computer to blog. Still without them I wouldn't be here (exactly where here is I aint sure but still), I wouldn't be insane and I wouldn't have anyone to embarrass online besides myself.

And to all those who came ahead of me in the blogging game, nuff respect. It was due to some of your influence that I actually started this thing. To all those who came after me, I hope you guys make it to six months and beyond.

And last but by no means least thanks to the father up above for allowing me to wake up every day and for helping me to blog.

Now I know some of my fellow bloggers been having some issues about why we blog, what to blog, does blogging matter and whether to continue. Well I have those issues continuously so who knows if I'll last another six months but I'll try. I do hope all of you continue to blog though. I think your words spark dialogues and discussion and get us to think and to laugh and it just adds something to enrich our lives. You don't have to speak on anything that you don't feel comfortable sharing or that you think may come back to haunt you, just remember that.

Anyway one love to everyone. We're having a big bashment for the afterparty. Calypso, dancehall and hip hop cann dun! Dress to sweat.

Hey, where's my award? Don't make me act all Kayne West up in here. Oh wait I already went Kayne West up in here by switching up valentines day to make it all about me. My bad. :-)

One Love.


Melody said...

Interestin' that you're writin' about a blogger postin' only what makes him/her comfortable, Jdid. Mi husband dared mi to post some-fing. Thought a bit about it, but since ah took de dare, I'm cool about it. Now, here you are talkin' bout doin' only what makes us comfortable. Timely!

Campfyah said...

Happy V Day Jidid, ah hope yuh givve de wifey de bunch ah roses, de big 2 doz box ah chocolate shape in a heart and de big wufless hard teddybear. God now dat we got dat settled.

Cong carts tuh mekking it 6mts on blogging, I ein sure if ah gine mek it suh far, but ah gine try....Blogging is cool and is you who intorduce me tuh it so it's all good.

Now doan ley we start pun de Grammys, cause last night is de first time in a long time ah watch de entire thing plus E live from de green carpet and I gotta a lotta comments....

obifromsouthlondon said...

yes jdid. big up ya self rude boy. 6 months be no joke. from London to t dot we stay digitally connected. first it was chat now it's blog.

5 mics

Scratchie said...

Hail up JDid. The time does fly especially when you enjoy doing it, the blogging thing, that is. I step out of the comfort zone every now and again with issues but I am always aware that it may mash corns. The most that can happen is a bad comment.
Keep it up.

summer m. said...

um...dude, about half way through that speech, they cued the orchestra music.

Abeni said...

Happy Blog anniversary.Dekkah only recently realised you blogging.Strange ent

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-A Happy Valentines to you even although you don't celebrate, I'm sure you do like all of us, during the entire year. Like Scratchie said-once in while me will leggo with some issues I feel strongly about, hopefully not offending anyone at the same time.
Luv the acceptance speech. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, is six months of this mad man from Bim aready? Jes cool you self. I haven't been reading for all your blogging career, but been enjoying your posts, and jokes. Like you say, we write serious stuff, joke, slackness and crap sometime...but its all good. I think we enrich each oddas lives with our little bits of whatever.

Anyhow, like you me nuh inna de red and white day ting. But since you is six months old today maybe we can tip back two beer. Wah you seh? ;-) Dr. D.

o said...

everybody a do valentine's day, hunh?

LOL. Happy 6 month anniversary, guy!

Jdid said...

@melody - well ya comfortable wid de picture if ya wasnt ya wun post it

@camp - roses, chocolates and wha? chupse ya mekkin bare sport.

@obi - thanks son

@scratchie - well nothing wrong with a little ontroversy every now and then

@summer - damn how the orchestra going play a brother like that

@abeni, sunshine - thanks

@Dr D - forget the beers break out the vx star

@soli - thanks

Angry Dog said...

Man, look like we gonna have to draw for the "Wrap It Up Box" as advertised on Chappelle's show! Happy Valentines Day and happy anniversary still rude bwoy! Keep posting!

Der Ozzman said...

ah jus wah say dread that ah does pop in every now and then to see wuz the scene on your side so. And I see everything cool. So wah jus wah say hold it down. keep on blogging.

Jdid said...

@ Angry Dog - Thanks man
@ der ozzman - welcome and thanks for stopping by guy. respect!