Thursday, February 10, 2005

Alicia won

Well after my disappointment yesterday that Freddie and kkkKendra won the Amazing race on Tuesday I was positively shocked that Alicia beat out Shannon on the SI swimsuit show. For my previous blogs about this show go here and here and oh cant forget this one.

Last night was basically a recap and some background leading up to the actual announcement of the winner. We got to see how each girl had grown over the course of the show and we got to see their difference lifestyles. I guess it was a study in contrasts; Shannon on the golf course in Texas with her fiance who is in med school, Alicia going back to the bad neighborhood in Vegas she grew up in. Shannon at a big family dinner in a nice home, Alicia going to the trailer park to visit her step dad and sister, Shannon at a nice gym working out with machines, Alicia on the floor at home with one of those cheap ab machines you see on the infomercials. I guess this was all done just in case we hadn't figured out that the girls were from different backgrounds.

Actually the big joke for me was watching Shannon at the gym talking about how she works out six times a week and does 600 sit ups a day. First off I think she's overtraining and secondly from the form she showed in the gym she needs to get a personal trainer because she really wasn't doing alot of stuff right. Rushing through reps using the wrong form doesn't really help much and can just injure you. And I don't know what 600 sit ups a day she does cause her stomach doesn't look that buff.

Best of all last night was that although Alicia gave a bit of a sob story about her upbringing she didn't focus on it as much as last week.

Oh and Shannon made some comment about she wants to win this contest so she can be a role model for abstinence. Role model fa wha? You know somewhere there were a group of guys out there saying 'Abstinence! chupse. Boy if she had say so last week ya kno she din getting my vote at all, at all'.

Anyway both girls seemed a bit nervous about the decision and flew from home over to LA to do a photo shoot before the announcement. When they got to LA, Shannon had real attitude. She was all on some America will chose me because I'm more the girl next door and I'm wholesome and I've got bigger boobs and I'm from Texas rah rah rah. Big chupse! Then at the photo shoot she was totally exuding this I'm better than Alicia attitude because the photogs said she looked better in a certain suit because her breasts bigger. Now far be it for me to criticize breasts but to me it looked like maybe Shannon was a bit too big for the outfit. When ya modeling in certain instances I don't think that all ya breasts supposed to be popping out from the bottom of the bikini top. Nevertheless she did seem confident and did extremely well on the shoot.

The photo people seemed to have a pre-conceived judgment that Shannon was the one for them though until Alicia did her photo shoot. Alicia's shoot wasn't that bad but I still think Shannon was better on that day. I can give her props now because I know she lost lol.

So now the moment of truth had arrived. In front of a studio audience the announcement was to be made. Both finalists bought their respective families and friends; Shannon was like 30 people deep just in case there was an outlaw on the loose and the sheriff needed volunteers for a posse to go after him. Yee hay! Alicia wasn't much better bringing in 20 of her family and friends.

The other ten contestants were also there. After a bit more of the this is your life type presentation and some questions to the judges the other contestants were asked who they wanted to see win. 7 of the 10 said Shannon. I'm guessing Alicia's diva attitude and her aloofness seemed to rub them the wrong way. My girl Betti with her hair still all over the place and looking like she searching for a proper hairdresser said she would have liked to see herself win and only two girls voted for Alicia. Of these two one was the contestant kicked off last week who had been screwed over by Shannon two weeks ago in the surf contest and realized just how evil he was (oh pardon me was I supposed to be impartial).

So now they made the announcement. Alicia got the most votes and won!. Man am I in shock! America actually voted like I would have. Wow! But wait? Cuhdear , Alicia breaking down on stage. Tears flowing as I said last week like at a black funeral. Seriously, anyone out there who needs a hired mourner I think Alicia is the girl for the job. If this modeling thing don't work out she got a fallback career right there. Her knees buckling, she crying, she face in shock, she breathing heavy, one of the judges fanning her, she fainting, they sending for water, the girl ketching heart palpitations. I thought the wuman was gine dead den. Wuhloss!

Anyway she survived after all that drama, did a little speech about how much this means to her so she can help her family and the show ended. Now what am I going to blog about on Thursdays?


Angry Dog said...

Bwoy JDid, you really into your reality TV huh! Anyhow, I can't too talk still...cause I had been going on and on about the Swan for a while! But still, all them girls looking good man! I going miss that show terribly as well!

Melody said...

Jdid, if it's just 'cause ov sympathy alone, then that girl shouldn't did win, an' de extra faintin' an eye-water that yu describe just make it worse. Then again, yu said de other one was uppity, which is worse than de sympathy vote, so maybe de better girl one. Poor Betti, yu say she still lookin' for hairdresser. (lol) Now, on Thursdays, yu coulda Blog about random shows since SI done.

Urban Sista said...

Betti's hair! It did look bad in troot. I's one who appreciates natural hair, but, Lawd, mek um look like someting!

Abeni said...

Blog about Law and order:)

Jazz said...

I have never seen that show. Too busy watching Project Runway. It's the latest rage....well, not really. But I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Don't watch 'reality' TV miself. There's a local one here that gets on mi nerves.

600 situp a day? Sound like she a tell lie fe reality! Dr. D.

obifromsouthlondon said...

600 situps a day? yeah right. Well good on her for whatever (bigger modelling bucks, 15 mins of love). After reading your blog on this last time around. I hit the fashion channel. mmmm swimsuits. need to be bootiful though. thats my lick.

Scratchie said...

JDid I need to introduce you to "Speedvision" or "Speed TV" as it is now called. Too much reality tv not good for you. :-)

Jdid said...

Angry dog wouldnt say I'm that into the reality tv. its just amazing race and the Si swimsuit that I watch. Dnt deal with no backelor, apprentice, fear factor, wife swap, nanny nun a dat foolishness

melody I think Alicia deserved to win. Looking over the other girls on the final show Alicia was definetly one of the most beautiful.

urban sis , betti hair need real nuff help

abeni I aint bloggin bout LAw and Order thats what television without pity is for

jazz never heard of that show before, interesting

Dr D yea I didnt see any proof of 600 situps a day

Obi, think you would like alicia

Scratchie I dun wid de reality tv thing till amzing race start back and I aint watchin nun a dem odda shows eitha

Yamfoot said...

same thing I thought when I saw Shannon in the gym "you doing it wrong girl" when she was doing the crunches on the ball.

My sister and I liked Alicia. I had only watched the show the week before for the first time. Shannon thought that because she had more boobs, she shoulda won probably. What is a christian doing trying out for a swim suit issue I dont know. That just seem a little...well, not appropriate.