Friday, February 04, 2005

The boy juck out he own eye

Someone emailed me yesterday telling me that the singer Houston (no not Whitney or as my friend calls her Crackney Houston) gouged out his own eye. Ouch, just thinking about that makes me squirm.

Now I'm sure most of you are not familiar with this guy. Hell, I really cant name one of his songs and I could walk past him on the street and not have a clue who he was although the bodyguards and entourage might clue me in. All I know is he was one of those teen or just out of teen idol dudes who shows up on 106 and Park to makes silly young girls scream (I'm just hating cause aint no blog groupies). He also had a big song out with Chingy, which of course doesn't really lend itself to me really wanting to jump up and buy his cd. Infact it may make me unfairly put him in the Nelly, Chingy, Ashanti, and Lloyd category of no talent having persons who irritate the hell out of me.

Anyway that aside, clearly something is wrong when you resort to self-mutilation. Homeboy has mental issues or like my mother assumes for any deviant behavior "it was de drugs. nowadays all dem young people duz be pun drugs".

Now reading his story its a bit disturbing. Let me quote:
"Houston is going through spiritual warfare right now," Houston's bodyguard Marco Powell said. "It's like good versus evil. He grew up in a Christian family, and since he's signed his record deal he's been subjected to, in his own words, 'sins and devils in the business' like drugs, alcohol and all this stuff that he's not used to. He didn't want to be around that. He just wasn't happy with management — he just wasn't happy. He didn't know which way to turn."

Ok why are they trying to make it seem like homeboy is clothed in his right mind. I'll try (hard) not to make light of this situation, because in a strange way this is so messed up that I could just go off on it, but if the average guy has problems with management he's not gouging out his eye unless he was raised by wolves or something like that. Self Mutilation is just not an acceptable negotiating tactic.

And its a battle of good vs evil? So which side is which? Is his hand which jucked out his eye good and the eye evil. Sure sign of mental problems is when you are fighting battles and different parts of your body are on opposite sides.

More quotes:
"He showed no pain and he had no remorse," Powell added. "He said he had to do it. He said that that had freed him from everything. He was happy after that. He said he was changed and was ready to go. That symbolic statement basically freed him from all the pain he was in. He feels like he is closer to God now."

Symbolic statement? Dude he jucked out his own eye!

Ok some persons may say yea but the bible says if your hand offends you chop it off so you can reach heaven and the story does appear to paint a spiritual picture of this guy but seriously don't you think this guy has issues?

I mean from one standpoint its actually nice to see that he's a god fearing young man who isn't into all the rowdy showbiz drugs, alcohol, and nuff gal business but on the other hand young man unless you were auditioning for "America's Next top terrorist" or something like that jucking out your own eye not the way to go.

And his family is in denial too as this quote from his sister shows.

"We haven't mentioned anything to Houston, but we're going to talk to him about what exactly happened," Summers said. "Houston would never inflict any harm on himself. He was under a lot of spiritual stress, and a lot of that pressure, I believe, came from the music industry.

If its an accident why all this talk about spiritual stress? You're just making it seem that the incident was stress related meaning he was driven by stress to do it meaning that homeboy went off the deep edge anyway you slice it.

Anyways I'm still trying to get over the thoughts of a young man jucking out his own eye. This is a sad story. This young man needs help, spiritual and mental in my opinion.


Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Regardless of all the explanations from his camp-de buoy mentally unstable. When one is indoctrinated the way he has been-meaning being raised using religion as a form of control through fear, I guess it affected him more than others. Hence his self mutilating behavior.

Anonymous said...

He SICK. I don't know where God and spiritual belief come inna dis! What happen when him start jook out other people eye for spiritual upliftment? Damn bwoy need fe have him one eye head examined and receive some serious counselling. The issues that some people walking round wid in dem head. (Next ting you hear about him abusive childhood etc etc etc.) Dr. D.

Melody said...

Jdid, schizophrenia is such a misunderstood disease, we'll prob'ly never know all de implications ov Houston bein' diagnosed wif that. Ah guess it manifests itself in different kinds ov paranoia (maybe even religious ones too), but it sounds as if his self-mutilation is wakin' up everyone to his VERY poor mental health (de ills ov da bizniz--drugs, etc., could only make it worse), an' he might now be placed on a more rigid regiment ov counselin'--if not more medication, which has its own side effects. Ah prayin' for him an' his family. Mental illness is a challenge, as stigmatized as it is, an' de embarrassin' behaviour ov such a relative's illness is just one ov many hurdles.

Abeni said...

All I know is mental illness is hell.Personally,I think it is one of the worst conditions anyone can have.As far as am concerned he is not well to do something like that.As Melody says maybe now he can get treated.

Scratchie said...

No explaining will do. He needs help like yesterday. He is mentally unstable.
Have a great one Jdid.

Campfyah said...

I gotta come from ah different angle, could dis be a publicity stunt? These young fellas nowadays does do any and evathing tuh mek and sell records, especially when things ein gine too good fuh dem. But like de others sey, he gotta have some mental issues to go and dig out he eye.

Urban Sista said...

I just read the story about what supposedly happened to Houston. His family is in denial -- that boy needs help. Juck out your eye and not start screaming bloody murder for help? That's not normal. I barely chip a nail and I start carrying on from the pain.

I feel sorry for some of these young performers 'cause everyone's out to make money and no one is really looking out for their best interests. That's why Houston could get ill to the point he could juck out his own eye. It's a damn shame.

o said...
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o said...

^ lawd, forgot a line.
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I agree with Dr. D.

Man, when I did see di pitcha I did skream out... then I was like, a wha wrong with him. Mental illness is a hell, as Abeni (or who else) did say it, eeh??? Sad.

Look ya massa, if he's so "Christian" why'd he enter a secular world of sex, booze, drugs, sin sin sin SIN SIN SIN (y'all get the picture).
So it come to dis. The quote about no pain and no remorse... A WHA KIND A JACKASS STATEMENT DAT? When him 'ave glass eyeball inna 'im sockit and di people dem a laugh afta him... no telling what homeboy will do. He'll probably get a gat and finish himself off, you know the deal! >:(

I pray fe him. Seek Jesus before it too late, iyah!

summer m. said...


obifromsouthlondon said...

I think he's a manic depressive. My boy developed deep depression in '97. He believed Jahovah was punishing him for sins (unknown) he had committed and he proceeded to starve himself. for weeks I tried to get him to eat but he wasn't having it. He started to waste away in front of me. Frightening stuff.

The depressive seeks a reason for his condition and will do anything that makes it easier to live. I've seen it and it aint good.

I don't really check for Houston but wish son the best.