Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Ok quick post with some odds and ends. Realized not many folk checked yesterday's blog. I blaming Melody for leaving nuff fellows with blurry eyes. I hear Dr D, Bull and Dog saying if I squint at a certain angle I think I can see the picture clearly. lol

Oh found a nice website last night. Lots of Caribbean music videos mainly dancehall but recent dancehall so I'm loving it. Had two of my favorite new songs I-Wayne's Cant satisfy her and Richie Spice earth a run red. Check it out.

No more reality tv, I've made a 180 degree switch to documentaries so if you have the time check out America and the making of Slavery on PBS tonight. Part one was excellent. I learnt quite a bit. Check Dekkah's blog for this appeal by David Walker (no known relation to Jimmy). Ever get the thought that Black speakers back in the day were infinitely more eloquent than us today?

Anyway on another hand watching those shows about how black folk were treated back in the day gets me mad heated sometimes. Brutha Code was talking about that a few days ago actually but I remember stuff like how I felt after watching the movie Rosewood. Man I was down to catch a body after that one. If a white person had butt up on me after I left the Uptown Theatre sorry or no sorry liks wud have to share. It would have been like (brax!) ya tek de man, (whack!) and hang he up from (boom!) a tree (biff!) and he aint do wunnah nuttin atall atall (capoowee! whax!) an den wunnah shoot the grandmudda cuhdear (body slam!) an she neva do (brek bottle!) nuttin (wupax) ta wunnah (body slama again!) atall whax (! biff! capax!) poor innocent old lady( whax!) Oh that was my weak attempt at adding sound to my blog lol like thy did in the old Batman show with Adam West.

I can imagine if I was to be watching tonight an order a pizza and the fella come in the middle of the show.
Oh so you think ya can bribe me with you pepperoni and three cheeses now huh?
Umm? ahh!
My people worked hard for your people dammit and look how you trying to play me
Ummm, I'm not trying to play you sir, that will be 19.95
Oh and you want me to pay , after 400 years of subjugation and interrogation and radiation and hateration. Alright, wait dey I coming back

And if he was a bajan he would know that last phrase means that you should automatically run like the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse chasing you. lol

Anyway I didnt really mean to make light of a serious situation. Thing is though although stuff changed we still got a ways to go. Who knows maybe 100 years from now some brother will see a movie about our times and get heated like I do watching those old movies.

Rest in Peace Big L!


Abeni said...

I won't mind watching it but it starts too late.I have to rely on you and Dekkah for updates.

Melody said...

Jdid, it's harder to open some Blogs' post-a-comment page now. It took several tries for me to comment on yu Blog now, an' Kami's had de same problem wif mine.
"Oh so you think ya can bribe me with you pepperoni and three cheeses now nuh? 400 years of subjugation and interrogation and radiation and hateration. Alright, wait dey I coming back."LOL!!But we 2 crazy, laughin' 'bout this kinda stuff. Still lol!

Scratchie said...

Hi JDid yu site vex wif mi yesterday. (What the heck, reading too much of Mel's site now. Starting to write like her).
Pizza guy gonna be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can always picture your posts. Some people have this creative flare wif...with words. (got to get off Mel's site.)

Campfyah said...

Yuh mad mad, mad yuh know..ah wonder if anybodie eva tell yuh so. wha happen if de pizza fella is ah high yellow black and yuh mistake he fuh white....LOL

I have to wait until the History Chanel bring the series here, if they ever do.

Burke said...

It took a little while for the page to load, but I see the format has changed since I last commented so maybe that's why. I know how you feel after watching those kinds of movies. I felt the same way after watching Amistad in the movies.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Totally agree with you on the Richie Spice tune. Love it.
Have a great day.

Jazz said...

it took a minute for it to load for me as well

Jazz said...
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Jazz said...
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o said...

Blogger is so weird sometimes.

Anyway I liked the Batman references.. "BIFF"...

Yeah, urban sista and I had that convo some time ago about watching all dem 'back in the day' movies.. .you finish watching them and you give HARD looks to the white folks dem, even if dem your friend. HA HA HA.

I'm so intrigued by this PBS stuff but I don't get it anymore. Damn cable shuffle!

Mad Bull said...

Thanks for the site, man! A soon tell you if the song I looking for is there.

Anonymous said...

Me tried looking at Mel pic. all sorta ways. It still blurry. Maybe we could get Angry D to Photoshop it! ;-) Dr. D.

obifromsouthlondon said...

dammn this comment thing sure does take long to load init?

"earth a run red" is heavy, heavy, heavy. Richie is the man fe real.

Black speakers back then were definitely more eloquent. Still listen to the odd malcolm x speech now and again. makes your soul stir.

Jdid said...

@abeni - so you watch it last night
@melody - sometimes you got to laff or ya wud cry
@scratchie - blogger having lots of issues lately. lol, glad you liked the post
@camp - yes I've been told that I need help lol
@burke - oh dont get me going on amistad at all. When Djimon Hansou went into his Give us us free routine I was ready to riot
@sunshine - yep earth a run red is my favorite tune these days
@jazz - glad to see you, its been a while
@soli - now ya got ya job ya gine have to pay de cable man and get pbs , yea i know they shuffled it up to channel 61 to accomodate silly TOronto 1. thats wrong
@mad bull - hope you found your song
@Dr D I think ya need a de-blurrer machine to get a betta view. lol. i duz see the fellas on tv duz juss say increase magnification and focus more an all a sudden them can see all the details from wha ya wearing ta what ya eat yesterda.
@obi - yep black speakers really just not grabbing the listener these days.