Tuesday, February 01, 2005

To Blog or not to Blog

That be the question. Sorry folks , although I had/have alot to blog on, no writers block, the minds been a bit foggy/groggy the past few days hence no posts.

Today I really don't want to blog but I need to sort of. You know like its a good thing for me to jump back in but at the same time my mind's resistant to doing anything but moping. Got to blog though cause I don't want the wife to think I'm too depressed to or she might start diagnosing me again an send fa the padded van. ;-)

Anyway just some odds and ends. Temperature got better this week and its amazing how much warmer -6 feels from -30 something. Positively balmy. Boy I almost start walking 'bout in shorts! NOT!!

Actually Campfyah did a post last week about how the Latin men don't wear shorts. I'm not Latin but I man don't wear shorts at all.

People say but you come from a tropical country why you don't wear shorts? Well various reasons; (1) I don't like shorts (2) when I was growing up in Barbados the mosquitoes used to have a field day with my skin. Boy I musse real sweet nuh, lol. So I just have become accustomed to not wearing shorts regardless of what country I'm in. Was in Dubai with the 44C weather and didn't wear shorts, Barbados with the 30C weather no shorts and since it barely gets past 25 anytime in the summer here no way ya gine ketch me I shorts. At home I don't wear shorts, at the gym I don't wear shorts unless I forget a track pants home. Only place you can reliably say I going see Jdid legs is the beach. Boy if I was famous ya wud see paparazii playing spider man by my windows trying to ketch a glimpse of my legs. lol.

Only thing I wear less than shorts is sandals. lol. And come to think of it my dad wears both regularly. Go figure!
Anyway going to keep it short today. Hope everyone has a great day out there in blogland.


Abeni said...

You legs just too skinny,admit it!De boys get blows last nite,you sad?

Jdid said...

naa abeni we dun know dem din stand a chance from the time the competition start.

Melody said...

Ahh, ya Blogged! Yu coulda wear de wet-suit without flippers, if ya don't like wearin' shorts at de beach--but can ya SWIM?

Jdid said...

melody how ya can ask me dat question. man i cud swim suh good dat one evening i swim pass a school a baracudda an dem was tekkin notes :-)

gonebabygone said...

Hey Jdid! All this time I've seen you on Humanity Critic's blog and I'm just now stopping by. Like the blog and I'll try to stop by more often. <>< No I don't wear shorts, and yes I can swim.

Campfyah said...

so Jdid, like I gonna sent out de pappazzari tuh scout fuh dem legs...Wha shorts ah do you? And de quest about whether yuh can swim or nt is legit yuh...ask how much Bajans or West Indians dat live near de sea can swim?

summer m. said...

you know, i don't wear shorts either. mostly b/c back in high skool i used to get sexually harrassed by all the black boys--talking about my thighs and shit. anf frankly, i just can't stand summer clothes--summer the season, not summer my name.

Anonymous said...

Well, me never blog dis morn as de site did down! :-(

Shorts now, me live fe dem ting sah. Not to say me have the most bulging calves, but shorts rule my yute. Even when me was in Jolly Ole Englan, one day the temperature did lick sixties....see me a get some rays pon de pale foot dem! Dr. D.

Burke said...

You're not alone; I don't really wear shorts either, but I might wear them around the house in the summer. Shorts aren't for everybody.

Jdid said...

hi fishy hope you stop by often
camp shorts an me aint friends at all
summer so you wear winter stuff in summer
dr d, well i gine leff the shorst thing to you. i aint want nuttin ta do wid dat
burke i agree wid ya

o said...

hey homeboy...ain't no rule that you have to blog everyday, guy. Don't worry bout it.