Friday, February 25, 2005

Le Fleur Le Flah Eskoska

Really not a lot to say today and the title has nothing to do with anything but I'll just hit a few news items.

NBA trade deadline came and went yesterday with a flurry of trades. Chris Webber went to Philli, Dallas was dumb enough to trade for Van Horn, the Knicks shuffled around some players but still remain a crappy team and the Raptors did nothing because they are being cheap.

Saw this report in the Barbados Nation

A primary school teacher is undergoing counseling following allegations that he fondled an eight-year-old girl last month.

Chief Education Officer Wendy Griffith-Watson confirmed that the Ministry of Education was aware of the incident which allegedly occurred at a rural school on January 20. However, she said the parents refused to report it to the police even though they were advised by the school to do so.

“As far as I know, the teacher is receiving counseling. However,the parents said they did not want the case to go forward,” Griffith-Watson stated.

Both the teacher and the child are still at the same school.

Meanwhile, WEEKEND NATION investigations showed that this was not the first time the “mature” teacher had been accused of troubling a little girl.

Ten years ago another child made a similar complaint against this teacher while he was at another school in the parish.

I say stone him.

Then I saw this report in the Toronto Star

HAMILTON - An HIV-positive Hamilton man is charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of two women who had been his sexual partners.

Johnson Aziga, 48, is believed to be the first person in Canada to face that charge in an HIV-infection case.

He had originally been charged with endangering the lives of 12 women who had been his partners.

Both of the women Aziga is accused of killing were from Toronto. One died Dec. 7, 2003, and the other died May 19 of last year.

Their deaths have been classified as first-degree murders because they are alleged to have resulted from sexual assaults, which automatically elevates the offences to first-degree murders.

All the women in the case are considered to be victims of aggravated sexual assaults because they are said not to have known they were having unprotected sex with an HIV-positive person. Previous cases have established that one partner cannot give true consent if the other fails to disclose an HIV infection.

Seven of the 13 women in the case, including the two who have died, contracted HIV.

Discuss amongst yourselves.


Anonymous said... de man can tek on serious tings like dis pon a Friday? Jus cool! ;-)

Regards the case of the fondling teacher....he is sick and will continue to feel up other people pickney! He should be reported, the parents who don't wish the case to go any further are only making matters worse. If it was my pickney I would be very tempted to take the law into my own hands....

Regarding the HIV positive fella....I agree with the course of action. I have in a few situations where I have looked after HIV positive individuals who take on new sexual partners, and not inform them of their HIV status, and not use condoms wished I could convict them for attempted murder! We had a female who fell into the category last year. It is this type of situation that makes the containment of this wretched disease so difficult. Many of those who are infected and realize that their final hour looms want to spread it. I just can't understand that type of mentality.

Anyhow, TGIF! Dr. D.

Abeni said...

Many people don't want to go to courts with sexual abuse cases because they fear they will be exposing the children to too much publicity.They much prefer to deal with it privately if they could.

Yeah it is about time they prosecute those type of HIV/sex crimes.Would be hell proving it though

Campfyah said...

There must to be more behind the story. I don't see why the mother so hesitant to press charges. Is it a former lover/friend of the parent, a family member ect. But whatever, the case the girl will have long term consquences if she also don't get treatment.

As fuh de HIV fella, I say cut it off and throw he backside in jail and throw way de key...ah damned shame, ley dem fellas in dey handle he.

Big N said...

What is wrong with these teachers? Do they get any action?

Mo said...

If it was the parents choice to not take it to court..fine...but why the hell leave the child in the same school?????????
it's beyond me. hey mr. fondler here is my kid again...whenever you get an urge that your therapist cant control.

that's why it's important to get tested. it should be the date right b4 the date you decide to sleep together.

Lene said...

he's getting counselling? why isn't the little girl receiving counselling? he need to be beat with a hot stick.

the HIV man? he has a death wish to take out as many people as possible. i say lock his ass up quick.

Mad Bull said...

Bwoy, what a lot of sad stories you came with on a Friday evening, Jdid? I going to wheel and come again, because I can't take these bouncers on a Friday.... rum + cricket = early loss of wicket.

obifromsouthlondon said...

what can I say Jdida. "Le Fleur..." was the best posse cut from the bootcamp click. OGC killed their verses proper. the beat/bass was butterliciously heavy.

Ok to serious matters. That dude should be stoned. they gotta sort out their laws on paedophilia. kill em all I say.

now the HIV fella is another case. first, what were the women doing not demanding protection? and dude coulda told them. warped mind. should be locked up in solitary for his own good. and his fellow inmates.

Jdid said...

@Dr D - sorry will come lighter next friday
@abeni - yep the parents probably just trying to protect the child
@camp - might not be more to the story but hopefully they deal with that teacher
@big N - I think teaching getting as bad as the priesthood nowadays. give a fella piece of authority and they misusing it. real sickos out there
@mo - yep I'd have to take my kid out of that school first thing. not sure why the parents left the kid there
@starfoxx - yep, I'd give him counselling with the cat o nine.
@mad bull - lol, sorry man
@obi - Le Fleur was the wickedest - Helterskelter killed it too man. And yep I agree with the stoning sentiments.

Anonymous said...

you know. I try not to be discouraged in people but these days mankind is giving no support in the greatness of thier existance. I may be speaking form a jaded heart or as a frieghtened mommy to be but it hurts my heart to its core when I think of people who are so selfish and think not of the consequences of thier actions. A grown man fondling a little girl, making the little girl relive that by seeing that teacher because you have not taken her form that school and a man spreading HIV with nothing but the thought of hisself. Someone should put a damn barcode on his forehead with the letters underneath, warning....walking death sentence. I wonder now who will restore these womens faith in men and people in general. Not that they are the angels. Fact of the matter is if you don't know someone you shouldnt be going shotgun or naked. So the question is when do you really know someone. People may think it's cliche' but why don't people ask, have you had an aids test? Be selctive about who you give your self to, men and women. Treat your shit like it's a precious jewel. Not everyone would be worthy to touch if you looked at it like that now would they?

Sorry about the tangent......Just frustrated with the choices of man....