Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sometimes the bad guys win

Watched the finale of Amazing race last night. I blogged about the last series finale here and about some stuff that annoyed me last series as well here.

Freddie and kkkKendra won this one. Damn! It was a bit disappointing as I've rooted against kkkKendra since her first 'this place is wretched and all they keep doing is breeding and breeding' comment when they were in Africa. Oh did that ever get me upset.

Oh well! Sometimes the bad guys do win. This series was funny though. Lots of disfunctional families involved. I actually like this show though even though I'm not a big fan of the reality genre and the reason why I like it is mainly watching them travel to all these great exotic locales. Its always interesting to see how an American like kkkKendra will react when taken out of the U.S. Like whenever they go to Asia folks get mad because the taxi drivers don't speak English. Well you are in China or South Korea or wherever, it is their country, they are not required to speak your language. Duhh! When they come to your country do you speak their language? No? Alright then just shut up and deal with it.

This season I didn't like the fact that they tried to make it more 'sexy' (almost every woman was wearing low cut shirts all season long) and somehow the show seemed to favor the "prettier contestants". Then they had a one or two Fear Factor type moments making contestants eat pure nastiness that I thought was silly.

Of course the funny part of the finale for me was watching eliminated couple Hayden and Erin as Hayden proposed to her after they got eliminated. Dude was all on some she's perfect rah rah rah ish and I don't mind losing the race I still have you crap. Please! I'm no mind reader but I know if I was him I would be thinking 'chupse, looka how we get so close to the end an dis igrant, stupid woman gone an throw way de race when we did close ta de million dollars'.

Anyway as he said his little speech on his knees I was thinking hey Hayden did we just watch completely different shows. Did you not have like the most frustrating day of your life and alot of it have to do with this woman freaking out at every interval in the race. Were you watching how high strung she is? She panics at the slightest sign of trouble. Are you sure that's who you ant to be with for the rest of your life. I mean do you really think if the crap hits the fan she's going to have your back Bonnie and Clyde style? You do realize you're now saying you want to put up with her for the rest of your life? Ok suit yourself. But hey who am I to judge I married someone who's actively trying to bump me off.

Anyways I think I'm watching too much tv these days. sigh!

Oh for those interested PBS is putting on part one of its slavery documentary tonight. Should be pretty interesting even if they do water it down. Not sure what time its on but hopefully it doesn't affect my watching the SI swimsuit finale so I can report back to you on whether Alicia or Shannon (found out her name the other day) won.


Anonymous said...

Juu just have to go with whats more important... skirt, Iyah! :-)

Mad Bull

Abeni said...

Stop watching reality tv and watch something exciting like Law and Order.SI or Slavery,easy choice for a male:)

Melody said...

Sometimes it don't 2 matter when b*tchy people win on TV--like Richard from de old Survivor. Your old post talked about folk tryin' to dis de African cab driver--THAT sucks. De slavery shows are a mockery, 'cause bigots still rulin'.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I also watched the final episode and I totally agree with you about the winners. I didn't want them to win. That girl is so ignorant. some of the comments she made especially when in Africa-is a wonder the TV statiaon didn't get flack over that. I wanted the second couple to win.

summer m. said...

i agree with you that this season was a bit disappointing for all the reasons you pointed out.

i still wanna be on this shit, though.

Campfyah said...

That is one reality show that I like, because it seems more realistic than the others and like Jdid sey, I like how they travel to the different exocit locales. unfortunately, I will get that season here in about a few months. Hey, we now finishing up the first season of the work with us.

o said...

Hey J-did, I saw a print ad fe your fav show (lol) SI swimsuit competition.

Dem seh dere is a "SURPRISE" for the final three (or whatever dem is).

I'll bet yuh is dis:

SURPRISE, None a wunnah a mek di cover, we're going with Tyra Banks instead.

ha ha I wicked, eeh?? LOL

Angry Dog said...

Yes JDid, I agree with you about watching too much TV...Less TV and more blogging rude bwoy! :D

kashata said...

I couldn't have said it better, i couldn't stand those 2 that won especially the girl she's such an ignorant,arrogant asshole.The proposal of the other couple had me laughing thought the same thing like wtf?? why would u want to marry each other??think he was trying to extend their airtime.I was really rooting for the other couple they worked hard&well together and seemed to enjoy the whole journey.

Jdid said...

Mad Bull I miss de show, I wasnt home. hopefully the vcr capture it for me though
Abeni luckily the Si was on at 8 and slavery at 9 so didnt have to make the choice but yea woulda been SI, no doubt
True thing melody
Sunshine, Katasha I was backing the second couple too, they were the only ones who carried themselves decently the whole show
Summer can I be your partner when you go on the show, huh huh??
CAmpfyah the season wasnt that bad but not as good as last season
Solitaire I havent watched it yet but I figure the suprise will be they put them all in the magazine
Angry Dog yes star more blogging fa real

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I've been to other countries and expected the people to speak english. Though I really try hard to first say some word in their lingo to indicate what I want.

"Erm, Ola Senora, Pov favor! you got the time men?"

Anonymous said...

unrelated (it's my comment above btw) "caution" is a heavy tune. produced by some dude Rick Rock

obifromsouthlondon said...

arggghhhh!!! bloody blogger. keeps defaulting to anonymous. Good looking J