Sunday, February 20, 2005

Busy week

Well guys, this past week was one of my busier weeks in a while. I started this blog last night then fell asleep in front of the TV.

Been on the run since Wednesday so hopefully today will be a day of rest because I really need it. Wednesday night went to a book launch. It was alright, a bit too bougie for me though and I'm one of those folks who doesn't mix and mingle that well so I bounced out of there as soon as I could. I guess I could have hung around a bit more but I'm not one for all the self important folks. Still, I kind of like to see authors especially West Indian folk do there thing, it warms my heart. Who knows one of these days you may hear about Jdid doing his book launch and then of course ya know all you guys would have to reach and say I remember when he used to chat nuff foolishness online back in the day. lol

Thursday I went out with some of my blogging fans, (actually some old friends from university who read this blog occasionally) for a lime. Bwoy me neva hear West Indian man get bash so yet in all my life! Fellas I try to defend us but I was outnumbered and a bit afraid for me life too lol. Naa it wasn't that bad (or more accurately I cant say it was that bad for fear that they will come beat me up) but there were some interesting issues regarding the West Indian male that came up which may be dealt with in a later blog.

Anyway the lime went long and I got home near midnight Thursday so Friday I was really tired but I had promised the boys that I would come out to this domino challenge that some club issued to us. Now despite being tired I'm glad I didn't bail out on this. Talk about jokes.

First off the other club come through strong. Most of them were older guys who been playing since Adam was a lad. You ever play or see fellas play dominos where they pose then you play your first card and they know all the rest of your cards just from that one play? Well there were some guys on that team like that. I swore we were going to take a serious beating but oh well it was all for fun.

So challenge starts. Me and partner run up on these two old guys that just beat the stuffing out of us. I mean literally ran us off the board. By the time we switched tables we were down 10-1. I was almost ready to retire. Switched to another table and we shook off the previous showing to win 15 games to the opponents 5 so we were coming back. Still overall our club was down 17 games by the end of the first half.

Now we have some interesting individuals in our group and in our tournaments but this club we were playing had some guys who were just laffing at us and showing off all night. One guy was just continually getting up in the middle of games beating his chest talking bout 'ya see dat star? wha me a say, me a tell unnah me a de greatest. yow, come check de score, come check de score!'. Apparently him and his partner were just running wild on the board against the team they met in the first half. It was hilarious.

Second half starts we meet up against one of the guys who we beat in the first round but this time he brought in an older experience partner because he said his previous partner kept giving me the 4 to win every game which was true cause I won off 4 in about 5 games straight lol. Anyway his partner was this guy who looked like he was playing dominos from the time he was in diapers. The two a dem start off and run up three quick games on my partner and me and we wee like oh oh not again. Then we came back. Enough of this foolishness. Before you know it we were leading 10-4 , then 14-4 at which time his partner declared he tired and he done with dominos for the night. So he bring on another partner and we run off another quick three games and his partner quit as well so at the end of the night despite one really bad set we had beaten two teams 12-5 and 17-5 lol.

The rest of our club scored a remarkable comeback in the second half. The guy who was boasting about his greatest in the first half was silenced by another one of our teams. He would jump up every now and again when he won a game but our guys kept him in check and won by about 10 games. After all was said and done we won the challenge by 32 games so in the second half we beat them by 49 games. What a comeback!

Biggest joke of the night though was the older dude who we played in the second half. This guy could barely see the cards sometimes but still he is chatting up young gal. This girl who plays for our crew was there and the man dropping lyrics on her all night.

My favorite was 'gal in all my days me neva see a beauty like you, me wud jump off the Empire State Building fa you!' I think I may have to use that line someday. lol.

Anyway Saturday was hectic too seeing as I got home from dominoes at the ungodly hour of 3 in the morning and then had to be back at pan practice for midday Saturday. Somewhere around 3 I zoned out, made it back home around 6, wrote most of this blog around 6:30 and then tried to watch TV with an abysmal failure and fell asleep around 8:30. Missed all of the NBA skills stuff (but thankful or hopefully taped it). Today is going to just be a rest and relaxation day. Body well tired.

Oh and its beastly cold in this place somebody send me a plane ticket to go Barbados quick. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.



4panist said...

sounds like a busy week Jdid. I think with this crazy cold weather in Toronto and plane ticket is very much in order. If you get one, tell me who gave it to you so I can do some begging too

Melody said...

De tournament sounds like it was a whole bunch ov fun, Jdid--what a comeback for you an' your pardy! (That's de most satisfyin' kinda win too--de comeback victory!) An' de older players woulda win every time if them never underestimate de youngsters an' beat up them chest like King Kong soh much. I'm Very interested to hear what yu old schoolmates were sayin' about West Indian men.

Campfyah said...

It's always good to have some stress relief at the end of busy work weeks. Enjoy. So tell we how de girl did badmouthing dem WI men what were they saying?

Anonymous said...

Sound like you wuz busy liming rude bwoy! ;-) Nutten wrong with that at all.

The Caribbean male...quite topical in recent times. They say we being marginalized. Yeah, I'd like to hear what's being said too.

The e-ticket is on the way! It may only get you as far as TDot airport still... :-) Get some rest and stay warm. Dr. D.

Abeni said...

Whose book launch?I forgot all about NBA All Star game and when I remembered the East was winning so I stopped watching

Mad Bull said...

Hey, I went and checked out the Miss World site yesterday again... somebody had googled for Miss Puerto Rico 2003 and had ended up at my site, so I just idly followed their link and guess what... I was pleasantly reminded what a looker Miss Bahamas 2004 was... Is Bahamas I want a ticket to... (Just kidding ;-) )

Jdid said...

@4panist - so that mean you not giving me a plane ticket?
@melody, campfyah - will post about the west indian men sometime this week if I feel like it
@Dr D - yep busy busy week, still recovering.
@Abeni - Booklaunch for Cecil Foster's latest called Where Race does not matter
@Mad Bull - Miss Bahamas looking nice fa real ruded bwoy.