Monday, February 21, 2005

quick hi

Ok on the run today. Got another class to go to. What joy!

Havent even had the chance to respond to the comments on the last two posts. Anyway we got tonnes of snow last night it seems. Looks like I'll have to get the shovel out sometime today.

Watched the NBA all star game last night. Kelly Clarkson sang something or the other. Since when has she become rock n roll-ish? Thought she was going for the pop sensation thing. Did she realise that she might actually have a longer career with rock?

Also Destiny's Child. First off whoa did not know that Michelle was so skinny. When they were singing happy birthday to Charles Barkley that girl frighten me. Then when they performed onstage how come Beyonce hair always blowing around like it in a tornado? I swear the woman got personal mini fans on her shoulders or something so. And last I forget my girl Kelly. Man when they first start out I used to like Kelly real real bad. Then she make one stupid song with Nelly and she drop hard in my books. Now I look at her and the woman just look real skankish. I aint sure what happen but she went from nice girl to not so nice girl. Oh well!

Anyway got to run. Hope everyone has a great day.

Oh check kami's post today on Pirates of the Caribbean and their upcoming false depiction of caribs.


Abeni said...

Lol @ Beyonce's hair.You right though,I dunno how it does fan out so!Who won,please say it was the West.

Anonymous said...

Shovel snow??....doh sound like my idea of fun at all. Have a good week. Dr. D.

Scratchie said...

Have a great day JDid. Enjoy the course. Learning can be fun when it's not too busy being a pain in the a$$.

Campfyah said...

LOL enjoy yuh class... Man I did neva a fan ah Destiny Child/wimmen cause de things dem does wear or sing, children doan do dem things.
All dem girls got issues, but sumbodie tell dem dat duh anorexia selves is stars chuupes

o said...

No abeni, it wuz di east!!

Get some pitchas of Beyonce and di hair, brotherman! Mi wan see!

obifromsouthlondon said...

still dig kelly though. didy that not fair the tune with nelly was cool. Maybe i'm just biased lol. michelle hmmm. that is one skinny chick.

Have a good day in the class.

Melody said...

Jdid, Kelly's just tryin' to hang in there--Beyonce's booty always bouncin' everybody outta de way, yu know. Michelle looks like she suffers from sickle cell--that's how T-Boz used to look to me, an' then de media announced that she had that kinda anaemia, so maybe Michelle has it too. Hope not.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-LOL. I never noticed Beyonce's hair compared to the others, but it's true, her hair seems to be flying all de bout and Kelly and Michelle look like props. Have a great day.

Angry Dog said...

True ting bout Beyonce hair! LOL! Anyhow, have fun shovelling's hoping that us folk in northeastern US have no more of that stuff to contend with!

Yamfoot said...

hey, that Nelly Kelly song was 'di lick' when I was in the UK....I used to love turning up the radio loud and listen to it.

Kelly Clarkson said this rock and roll thing is the real her. She didnt want to be stereotyped into the squeaky clean good girl image.

Shana said...

I noticed yonce's hair too. . .it must be some kinda new-age technological weave. . .lol

Mad Bull said...

First, I like Destiny's Child. They're cool... Actually, I just watched the DVD of Beyonce's performance at Wembley yesterday... She nice man... Her extensions do move around a lot tho...
Kelly irie still, me like. Also as Mich (Yamfoot) said, her song with Nelly was "di lick!". It was well wicked!

Jdid said...

but wait it look like me must post shorter blogs to gte more comments :-)
@Abeni - you mean ya miss vince tunderous dunk?
@Dr D - serious serious snow boy, this morning felt like i was in an artic wasteland
@Scratchie - yea these classes are ok cause no homework or assignments out of class
@Camp - beyonce far from anorexic, the woman got some big hips and legs. as some of my people would say the girl got fat potential :-)
@soli - pictures ummm got to go check for some
@obi - sorry man any song with nelly is rubbish in my opinion
@melody - never thought of that but thats true michelle does look like she's sick
@sunshine - I think Beyonce got some special ultra light weave
@angry dog - man this snow thing aint easy at all
@yamfoot - well maybe kelly clarkson made the right move because most pop singers have no longevity
@shana - hey welcome back, we missed you. fa real I think the scientists at Nasa put in overtime on yonce's weave.Coming to a store near you lol
@mad bull - I aint got nuh real issue wid destiny child actually