Saturday, February 26, 2005

The What?

Snowed last night. I'm becoming intimately aware of my driveway on a regular basis and I don't particularly like it.

Anyway I shoveled already and it wasn't that bad except it was really really cold. Was listening to Biggie's Ready to die as I shoveled so hence the title of the post. Now I'm listening to Rough House Survivors. Hands up anyone who remembers them.

Now one thing about winter that I dislike is there is no relief at all. How I mean? For instance when its dark and gloomy you miss the sunshine so it depresses you. Of course then you get a day like today where its a bright shining day but that usually means its about another 5-10 degrees colder than the gloomy days so you get sun but at the tradeoff of it being cold cold.

Yes there are scientific reasons for it. Something to do with no cloud cover hence more sunshine but then the warmth doesn't get trapped so we still cold. Some one more science minded can feel free to give a proper discourse on this.

My take on it though is its such a, what word am I looking for here, maybe annoyance to someone from the Caribbean. Why? Well we are accustomed to looking outside seeing a nice bright day and getting warmth, it just sort of defies logic the first time you go out in winter here and its freezing your personals. Oh well, it comes with the territory so I'm not really complaining.

Anyway hope everyone has a good weekend, I'm tired so its relaxation and sleep today.

Now much to say today. Its been a long week. Enjoy your weekend.

Oh wait? Before I forget. Remember my post two days ago on dialects. Well I saw another article on Bajan dialect in the Barbados Advocate yesterday which is kind of entertaining yet brings up a few nice points still. Actually I like this guy's writing and I've got this blog that I haven't posted yet that's based on this letter I once sent to him a few years back when he did an article on well I wont say what yet cause I aint sure I want to post it yet. Its rather funny but I've been warned by some friends and family not to post it cause it may upset the gal dem. :-)

Of course since I have now mentioned it I now have to post it next week. Oh well maybe Monday.


ThandieLand said...

Well Didman,

I swear snow and cold do not agree with melanin. Lawd nothing to get black ppl more depressed than a winter and that cold! brrrrr! I have seen it firsthand while at school in the US. During the winter all my friends would be moody as hell; men as well as women. A friend used to pick me up in the mornings and whole winter all I would get out of that woman was mumbles and grunts. When spring came around, with the first bit of real sunshine, she like all my friends would transform; day and night. A spring morning drive to school would be chatter non-stop.

So buddy keep your head least I know why you listen to all that music all the time.

ThandieLand said...

Jdid have you read Sidney Poitier's Autobiography-Measure of a Man? I think he has more than one. Well in it he describes how growing up on one of the smaller and less populated Bahamian islands, with the bright sunshine, open space to play and think and the need to creat his own toys shaped his mind and his world view in a very positive and profound way.

Yes you have to want to be in NA badly for winters to be anything compared to Caribbean days as hot as some of them can be. :)

obifromsouthlondon said...

yes ayah that ah heavy tune dere. when meth used to know his onions. appropriate as well with all the winter references.

bpu I wish the sun over here would shine proper even if it's freezing. does my nuts in the english gloominess!! after all these years I still aint used to it. and all the women do is mumble and grunt lol. very true.

Abeni said...

Always hated winter.The days too dark and the gloominess used to just make me grouchier.Give me summer all year round,thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bwoy, rahtid comment box did come een like it padlock! Took me a while to 'pick' the lock sah.

Anyway, I feel for you JDid. Winter IMHO was not made for people of Caribbean origin...specially dem Canadian ones....which I have yet (and hope never) to experience. I am a firm believer that sunlight is important to our well being. Indeed winter is depressing.

I discovered for myself that the sunny days with blue skies were in fact colder in winter than the grey ones when I was in London. Paradoxical eh?

Me thinks it has to do with the clouds trapping UV radiation making the place warmer. When there are no clouds the UV rays don't get trapped. Suppem like dat but I could be wrong.

Here our reprieve from the heat seems to be waning, its starting to get back to ambient Jamaican temps. again.

Stay warm and chin up, a likkle rum may help. Maybe me post tomorrow if I have anyting to chat 'bout. Dr. D.

Lene said...

"Fuck the world, don't ask me for shit and everything you get ya gotta work hard fot it"

Wikkid album. The snow makes me wish I was in Jamaica, because every year I slip and bust my as on the ice.

That article was jokes. Why all the fuss over how unno speak? That's culture and history. Ooo must erase it? Tell dat ooman to kep her raaas mout shut. lol @ the market ppl jooking eyes out! ( i think my old high school friend plays ball for the national team) BAJANS STAND UP!!

Yamfoot said...

ahhhh, the things we take for granted.

summer m. said...

friggin' snow.

Jdid said...

@thandiland - yep I know what you mean about the winter. I find black people just disappear when winter starts and reappear in the spring.What I wouldnt do for some hot Caribean days right now.
@obi - heard about the british weather but havent experienced it, still would probably trade this for that at the moment.
@abeni - amen to that
@dr D - yep I think you're right with that UV ray explaination. Cant wait for them to come up with a way to bottle caribbean sunshine though
@starfoxx - Some people get upset about dialects and patois they think it demeans caribbean people or makes us look stupid. The main issue is if the kids cant learn to read and write proper english which is sometimes an issue but as Eric pointed out if you read its not a problem.
@yamfoot - indeed.
@summer - well of course you're not supposed to like snow look at your name :-)