Thursday, November 16, 2006

Crazy people

So today at around 10 o clock I happen to be passing Bay and Dundas when I saw a big long lineup. The line up seemed to be all the way over by the door for the Canadian Tire hardware store so my first thought was I never see nobody line up for tools yet so they must be having a giant sale or selling off some titanium hammers or platinumized saws or something so.

Then my next thought was oh they releasing another Star Wars movie and nobody aint tell me nothing. Cause usually when I think of people lines up like that outside I think those people with no lives that line up days in advance for movie premiers.

Anyway I should mention that today was a pretty gloomy day with forecasts of nuff nuff rain. Mind you these folks seemed to be well prepared with portable chairs and big pieces of tarp to cover themselves from the rain but still ya see me I wasn't lining up in the rain outside for nothing.

Then it finally dawned on me. Oh yea the Best Buy electronic store in the same complex as the previously mentioned hardware store releasing that video game console tomorrow, the ps6 wii gamestation playcube nintendo somebody or the other. Look don't ask me to be more specific because I'm not a gamer meaning I have no game as the wife likes to mention occasionally or game console. No all I know is they meaning some big corporation releasing some new cutting edge state of the art gaming console costing a good piece a change.

So apparently the console is releasing at midnight tonight, numbers limited and customers and die hard gamers lining up from early foreday morning waiting for this thing. I bet ya none a dum don't be so enthusiastic at them job getting in early for their shift though. Assuming they have jobs.

Anyway I hope the rain aint wash way nobody or they don't work where I work cause last thing I need is some idiot that stand up in the rain for 15 hrs, for the stupid console, to come at my workplace sick like a dog and pass on their cold to me.


Radmila said...

People are foolish.
I can't stand in line for a movie, much less for hours for something that costs over 200 bucks.

Jdid said...

Actually reading the Friday morning newspaper it says that some of the folks in line are homeless people paid to be placeholders for other folks. Apparently its a rather lucrative market

Dr. D. said...

Naw join no line like dat fe nutten....unless we get into a famine situation and food scarce....

Gela's Words said...

I can never understand that.

I don't even join the long lines at the supermarket whenever there's a hurricane watch here in Ja. I figure that, after hurricane, supermarket going to open again, so why bother?

Guyana-Gyal said...

Rain don't give people cold, man JDid. I walk in rain all, and don't ketch no cold.