Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good laugh

So last night I went to a show. Music if ya must know what it was. Sit down West Indian music business. Alright ya pull it out of me it was a pan show; Autumn Leaves pan soloist show. Third year running.

Anyway great music, good vibes. It was nice.

Now after all the other performers had done their thing and not to take anything away from them they were all excellent, the main performer came out. To be honest I had never really heard of the man before but he come straight from Trinidad and everybody know that when a baby born in Trinidad as soon as he/she come out the birth canal the doctor does slap two tenor sticks in dey hand, call out two chords and an arpeggio and while the nurse playing percussion the baby does have to prove that he can play before they give the family the all clear that the chile alright.

Hear the Trini doctor one time, "eh he but is how dis chile cann play Sonata in F minor? What wrong wid him? I'm bazodee or I'm bajan?"

So as I was saying the man come from Trinidad and he was the headliner. I was thinking but I never heard of him yet. He like he aint one of the big pan boys like Boogsie or Professor and dem sorta fellas. They like they short changing Toronto this year.

Anyways luckily I was wrong. The man was/is a maestro on the pan. A virtuoso. I was well entertained by this headliner and his skills well amazing.

But after all that long talk that is not the story I come to tell.

This is it now.

During the show the performer, who was also very charismatic I must say, stopped to introduce one original piece. He give we the name of the piece and say it (the name) was inspired by his wife's cooking/baking one day when he was composing. The name of the piece was sweetbread (if ya not west indian ya might not know what this is) and he say we would enjoy it. Now as a man that like me some good west indian sweetbread I was saying I hope this piece sweet fa true.

Anyway as he getting ready to start the song now and the backing band starting up from the back of the audience a woman shout out. "Don't mind he. He only telling we so cause he want he show off that he married."

The crowd had a good laugh.


Luke Cage said...

One can get the most unexpected laughs from some of the most unexpected venues. You go to a music show and a comedy act breaks out. Good for a few chuckles... lol

Campfyah said...

ha ha ha wha dah woman rude in wha wrong wid he showing off dat he marred....Good laugh

Anonymous said...

LOL...gotta love Caribbean people!

princessdominique said...

Baby I'm hungry now. Mom has fruit soaking now for some sweetbread. lol

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

Abeni said...

That must have been funny. any of you ever had sweetbread with cheese?