Thursday, November 09, 2006

The dark

Its Fall again. Almost winter when you look at it actually. Leaves are coming off the trees, its rainy and the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter. Especially now that the clock has been rolled back. I can actually now leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark. If it wasn't for the few windows in my office building and a walk at lunch the only daylight I would be experiencing on weekdays for the next four or five months is the ten seconds or so as the subway goes over the Viaduct in the morning.

Yep its dark and getting darker. Soon that lack of Vitamin D from the sun will kick in and a brother may even start copping an attitude or getting depressed as he struggles through the cold of January and February. Something to look forward to I guess.

But that's Fall for ya. No getting past it so you just accept it and move on.

However I've realized from observation that there is another part of the dark that pops up in the fall.

Its the dress habits of people.

From my cursory breakdown I'd say 85% of all Fall and Winter jackets are black with another 14.99 percent being some combination of brown, dark brown or dark blue. Only occasionally does one see a tan jacket or a bit of red here and there. I never really paid much attention to it before but now that I've noticed its depressing.

I think it started when I saw someone wearing a tan jacket on the subway last week and noticed how much they stood out in that environment. "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same". It must feel like you're a Zebra surrounded by a pack of hungry lions. Its scary.

I've got one jacket that's not in the 99.99% of blacks, browns, and dark blues and when I wear it I feel like a sore thumb cause I can let my eyes wonder down a packed evening subway car and maybe of the 80 to 100 persons on the car only see one other person not wearing dark colors.

Oh man. Ok so I realize that dark colors assist the storage of body heat which is necessary in this season and I realize that this is Canada not the Caribbean so you don't even see that many vibrant colors in the warm periods, and I realize that dark colors hide the smudges and dust from all the dirt and grime and dirty snow and all that stuff we eventually get in these seasons but still is a little color variation too much to ask?

I aint asking nuhbody to wear green ad orange fluorescent polka dots or nuttin so. All I'm saying is that the dark and lack of warmth is amplified by the dark colored jackets with the sullen faces popping out at their top. It starts to get a bit too much as Winter wears on.


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p.s. I agree - we need colour in our lives, especially in the dark daay of winter

Luke Cage said...

J, I saw you over at Dominique's earlier when she had a post about the Fall. I noticed the various darker colors back when I rode the subway years ago in NYC. I have a yellow jacket with black trim that stood out on the platform of a station many days. I felt very conscious about that too but never really gave it much thought as my jacket was outerwear meant for this time of year. In another couple of months, it won't be, but I feel where you're coming from. No blues here though man. I love it cool to cold. I'm a weird island man I suppose...

Ravenbajan said...

If it's any consulation, my ski jacket is bright RED! (Although, I have to admit, my other winter coat is black.)

Anonymous said...

Woweee Karen is on all the blogs.

I totally agree with you. I bought another black coat this fall, and am kicking myself for it.

I myself like some color, trouble is they only seem to make winter jackets in black, brown, grey and red....

To add a bit of pizzazz I accentuate with pink or lime green scarves

Campfyah said...

Yea, Karen making she rounds.

I never wore black jackets in the winter, and to now the reserve one at my moms house is a off white color. I think the bright colors helps to cheer up your spirits in the cold dark days of winter.. So Jdid go get that red/yellow jacket.

Quel said...

LOVE fall. LOVE jackets. Look forward to putting together jacket/boot combinations.

Only Austin, TX doesn't really have fall. Yes, it gets darker earlier, but it's friggin' 91 degrees today...November friggin' 10th!


Shotta M said...

If you ever see the fall jacket I wear around proudly. It's multi color, I wear it proudly though.

jelli said...

Well when I do get chance to wear a jacket, I'm Houston, Tx so that's not to often, I hate to say that I add to the depressing dark drab colors. Black tends to go with almost evert thing, you can't really wear a tan or red jacket with any color, not like you can with black.

Anonymous said...

Can't really relate as there's no winter in the Caribbean, as you well know. An interesting observation though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jdid,

even in the Caribbean we sometimes need/lack a little colour in our lives...

hope you enjoy your weekend!

solitaire said...

Brotherman - mi hear yuh, iyah. Most of my winter coats (and you gotta have a FEW in the Reg) are brown and black.
But look is snow white and I have a wool one at home that's off white.
Is good! :)

Abeni said...

Fall and the golden leaves used to be one my favourite times of the year.Am a person that likes dark colors so it's all good with me.But,I understand the point you make though and how it contributes to the drab feeling

Dr. D. said...

JDid, when I landed in London for the first time (end of September '97), I was like...Rass!! Is who dead?

Indeed, everybody sporting black, grey, navy blue. Seemed so depressing. But yes, the darker colours do make us 'feel' warmer when the rahtid cold a bite. Another reason why I still live in the Caribbean! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi! I`ve always noticed that. And it really is depressing and boring. My jacket is bright green! Wave if you see me (how could you not) - I`ll be in the University and King area regularly, starting monday! ;-)