Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Time

Yes I know all the spotlight is on the U.S midterms and whether the Republicans will get lambaste tomorrow (Tuesday) but we also have some municipal elections going on here in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Yep time to vote for mayor and city councilors, school trustees and the like come next Monday.

Only problem is ...Who do I vote for?

I know it cant be just me and I wont say that democracy is failing but at the same time why is it that whenever I consider civic duty, signing my X, i.e voting I'm usually caught somewhere between a rock and a hard place?

I mean most voting cases everywhere nowadays, in my opinion at least, it seems as if you cant find a candidate you really want to vote for. It usually comes down to a lesser of two evils vote. Is that really what democracy should be about? The candidates platforms are usually so similar or you get so annoyed with them all that it just gets frustrating.

Oh well I guess Democracy is still better than the alternatives but I just wish we had choices.

Politicians have become so sad these days and I'm so j-did by the process that sometimes I feel like just saying to hell with it all.

I mean lets take the case of the mayoral race in Toronto. In my opinion the incumbent has not lived up to expectation. Yea he seems like a great guy, not particularly charismatic, but a good guy nonetheless but what has he actually accomplished in his term?

In ordinary circumstances his record would mean we'd give his butt the boot right but who are his opponents? The main lady running against him hasn't stood out as a candidate. Her ideas don't stand out and she seems more caught up in trying to disparage anything he says even if what he says has merit. Come on now, I don't need someone running a campaign like a rebellious teenager's conversation with his parents to be my mayor now do I?

And at the council level who the hell do I vote for? My councilors seems smart enough, he's a go getter it seems, a good guy. But at the same point he's also a jackass who made some comments that have truly pissed me off and on principal I just cant see myself giving him a vote. Oh I'm sure he'll win by a landslide primarily because his opposition is piss poor but still. The whole voting process just makes me sick.

Lets just put some names in a hat and draw for positions.


Abeni said...

Democracy overrated because we always end up where we started. Same old wine in different bottles.Voted once and more than likely it's the last time

Campfyah said...

well do like a fella hey pun TV say, pick a name dat sound good and vote fuh he/she..

I en voting in deese elections. I waiting fuh de big boys in 2008

Mighty Afroditee said...

I think that the cynicism gets worst as we become older and more 'jdid', yes. I cant afford to stop voting, though my choices are the 'lesser of two evils'. Sigh.

Melody said...

Vote for de lesser, whomever U perceive that to be -- then don't wring your hands wonderin' if U got it right.