Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is tired I well tired

Any of you ever been so tired that ya head start hurting ya fa lack of sleep? Well that is me right now. In fact if I didn't take this challenge to blog every day for November (and I reach half way thank ya please) I would be in my bed all like now snoring down the place with not a care in the world.

But no if you can relate to being as tired as me tell me. I been tired all day from waking up since 330 this morning. By the time I reach work I was saying to myself I need coffee but I aint really a coffee man and to drink coffee in the state I was in would only make me jittery and have me walking bout like I bazodee.

So I just decide early on in the day before all rationality left me that I would only work on certain things that didn't require too much brain power cause when I walk in and see what was on my desk I did starting to get a lil vex so I say let me leff dat there till tomorrow when I feeling refreshed before I start cussing somebody.

Anyways let me ramble for a bit. This remind me of when I was in University. I wasn't one of them regular all nighter fellas. I would study till around 1:30 -2:00 am and then I gone in my bed and make sure I get at least 6 hours of sleep. None of this cram and drink coffee and coke and energy drink and staying up till foreday morning business. That never work for me well at least not when it come to studying. Now if it was fete we feting that is a different story but I digress.

So this one time in third year we had a big project due this Monday marnin and a whole bunch of we get an pull an all nighter the Sunday night. It was rough already cause we had spent till like 3 the Saturday night working on the same thing so brains was already fried.

Still we locked ourselves in a library and were working feverishly to finish up this thing. Now at 3 in the morning we were still fairly coherent and making good progress but by the time 6 am come panic had set in, sense had long deserted man and gone sleep and new sense had taken his place and we were struggling to put the finishing touches on the project.

If I had been able to detach myself from the scene it would have been funny too cause at 6 am things that seemed silly at 3 duz start making a whole heap a sense. Not that they any different is just like I said when sense gone sleep a fella will make some decisions that will make you wonder.

Anyway we finish up around 7, had breakfast and then handed in the project just before it was due at 9.

So ya think that is it right? Well no, I was so tired I couldn't sleep. You ever been there? I will tell you how to reach. First ya duz drive past tired, ignore fatigued like a bus driver flying past a fella at a bus stop when de bus full and continue going and hit de gas when ya see exhausted and just keep going. That is how ya duz get there.

Once there you don't know what to do with yourself cause clearly rationality gone long time and you can only hope that sooner or later sleep catch up with ya.

Well that was me the day after that all nighter and to top it off I had a quiz at like midday that day. Imagine that! Boy that quiz was one of the worse quizzes I ever do in my life. The teacher say at the start try and keep it tidy so I working long real real good and suddenly halfway through decide my page wasn't tidy enough and rub out every single thing I had done and start over. See what I mean tiredness duz mek ya mad. Next thing I know quiz duz I aint finish and my page rub out like 3 times and aint as tidy as I was expecting.

Anyway I thought there was a point to this blog but clearly there isn't. I gine sleep.


Abeni said...

Well You achieved your goal.Seriously though I can so relate to that lack of sleep state. I not a fan of the all nighter biz tho because I'll be real useless later on.

Mad Bull said...

I think I have only done an all nighter for studying once in life, it was for my final project for my masters, and even then, I slept from about 5:30am till 8:00am so that prolly doesn't count!

Anonymous said...

I was bad. When i was in Uni, if it was learnt or completed by 9, it had to wait till the morning. For some reason I would rather get up at the crack of dawn rather than sleep later.

Get some rest...we the blog world excuse you from posting for a day.

Luke Cage said...

Ever been so tired that ya head start hurting ya fa lack of sleep?

Mannnn J, you haven't seen fatigue till you seen what I did a couple of weeks ago. Working a double shift. One daytime 7am-3pm shift and then working a 10pm-6am shift and round and round she goes. That was killa, but the OT was sweeeet!

Anonymous said...

Oh hell. That post is too intimidating. I'm still in university, so I still can relate. You are cordially invited to my blogoversary celebration.

Dr. D. said...

Did a few 'all nighters' when I was a UWI student, but I hated them. Best to do what I called 'maintenance studying'....a likkle bit every night, 'cept Fridays...unless the exam was a creep up on you tail.

Right now I am the President of the Tired Club. Probably we can make you an Honorary Member! ;-)

TGIF. Try get some R & R.