Friday, November 03, 2006


Or rather deliciously ironic.

As a baby they teach you to eat and eat. Well not eat to gluttony or to over-eating standards but you know what I mean. Babies eat and sleep. They wake up in the night and they eat. They eat before or to fall asleep. They eat all hours of the day and night. They cry and get on bad when food isn't ready for them when they are hungry. Yet these are all acceptable maybe even desirable traits.

Yet the older we get the more those traits become undesirable. Eat and fall asleep you are seen as somehow lazy or having the 'itis. Eat after a certain time at night and you're guaranteed to put on the pounds they say. Wake up in the middle of the night to eat? Only in TV commercials. Cry or pout when you are hungry? No that signifies no training, no broughtpsy and no discipline.

Is it just me or does anyone else see the irony here?

(and yes I made this post just before midnight)


solitaire said...

No - not ironic at all.

Babies don't know any better. They are always in the developmental stage.

No wonder when anyone carries on with the traits you described as an adult...we mock them and call them 'babies'!

To those eediats I say MAN UP!

Lene said...

Dont you fall asleep because all the energy in your body is used to digest your food? Meh.

I will continue to fall asleep after a Sunday afternoon meal. No one will have the cojones to wake me up... hahahaha

Melody said...

But when they reach 2 years old, U can hardly get them to eat a bite, so it balances out.