Friday, November 10, 2006


I just wrote what I thought was a pretty cool blog but I wont post it today cause no one's going to read this stuff over the weekend anyways.

So where does that leave me. Let me just do some random spots.

- I saw the Lil Wayne Baby video of Stunning like my daddy tonight for the first time. I have no idea what stunnin like my daddy means mind you but I was just kind of amazed by lil'wayne's upper body. No not his physique just the fact that there doesn't seem to be an inch of his skin not covered by a tattoo. Can you get ink poisoning from tattoos.

- They just doubled departure tax in Barbados. Just as the Christmas season starting and World Cup coming up. Oh well I guess somebody got to pay for that revamping of Kensington Oval.

- I publicly declare Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor a classic. Now coming from me this is not a frivolous declaration. I mark hard like ol school teachers without a bell curve. On first listen I thought the album was crap considering what I heard on his mix tapes and the only reason I listened a second time was to prove to myself that Jay Z had ghostwriting "just might be ok" for him BUT that second listen threw me for a loop. The album is outstanding. Daydreamin, Kick Push Pt 2, The Cool, Instrumental, He Say she say are amazing songs. I heard he sucks in interviews but his music is tight. I'll give him that.

- Heard Ralph Klein's Belinda Stronach joke. Ouch! Yea the more I hear of these politicians the more I think our country is truly being run by 12 year old boys.

-Democrats won the Senate and the House. So!! Do they have an exit strategy for Iraq that makes it look like America hasn't lost? Alright then.


Anonymous said...

actually weekend is when i do most of my reading and blogging.

departure tax gone up, eveything gone up, stupse!

Dr. D. said...

I payed $25 Bdos dollars departure tax last weekend rude bwoy. You seh dem raise it to $50!?

And fret not, some o we do read blogs on weekends when nutten else naw gwaan.

Campfyah said...

whaloos dem want we tuh pay fuh de new GAIA digs...and de Oval...things getting vicious..

Yes, de Democrats ruling things now...first we gotta fix Dubia and he possee mess and then get tem gals and guys home

krsone said...

You just like Lupe because you guys look alike :)

Jdid said...

i dont look like lupe ...he looks like me lol

Anonymous said...

Wow these politicans are going from bad to worse. I'm not a huge BS fan, but jeez leave her alone already.

Abeni said...

That's one tax we have to pay eh.Governments will always mess with it

Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne? Lupe Fiasco? Ralph Klien? Who are these people? I posted something on the Dems' victory too.

nahmix said...

Ok, so you're like 10th person to say this, so I guess I need to run out abd buy it. I've hesitated because I've only heard two songs and didn't want to spend the money folks thought it sucked. However, I trust your I'm gonna go and get it.

btw: you and lupe do favor!

Melody said...

Jill deserves props too -- Dreamin' wouldn't be de same without her buttery vocals. Fiasco's really liftin' de lid off de played-out posturin' in rap (don't even call most other stuff hip-hop any more -- Nas correctly declared it dead). Exit strategy, U say -- U're prob'ly right.