Monday, November 13, 2006


You will now consider me the apocalyptic one
After this rhyme, henceforth, there is none
NO more will exist, when I emerge
From the mist in whence I was born into, scorned
Most of you can't even comprehend what I am saying
to you even in my human form the message I'm relaying

Stress - Pharoah (I'm no slave to the rhythm) Monch

Tonight was/is one of those nights like you see in Horror movies. A serious, serious fog like you see in those movies with Jack the Ripper stalking his victims and the like. All that was missing was somebody screaming out in the middle of the dark.

Yes a British isle type fog, one that one of those Victorian writers like Dickens would bust out and describe with some flowery language when all they needed to say was it was misty and I could see a thing.

Still as I got off the bus this evening, and I was creeping through the fog like Snoop, I could barely see ten meters ahead of me but I was thinking about all the descriptions I could use for the fog. Hey what can I say I like those descriptive British cats who say things like the atmosphere had descended or a damp pall held sway over the countryside or an oppressive fog held the land in its grips. Or one could barely see one's nose in the thick stew that surrounded everything.

Yea I could see a fella in a top hat and some fancy frills with a quill and a ink jar writing something so. Cant you?

An intense midst arose suddenly and trapped nay engulfed them in its folds!

See that is lyrics! Sorry tonight's blog I'm just playing with words. So many ways to say the same thing aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Getting home last night was beautifully eerie....nice to have some to appreciate Toronto's unique weather with. CP

Melody said...

Poetic. Boyz described a misty, paranoid-night kinda nice too: Last year, Halloween fell on da weekend; me an' g-boyz was trick or trea'in' (U know da spiel, Jdid) . . . Knuckles all bloody from poundin' on da concrete, dang homey, my mind's playin' tricks on me." (Then there's that delicious guitar riff right after that.)