Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Value of Money

Let me tell wunnah a little story.

So this evening I'm running an errand on my way home and I ran into a street person. I know you thinking somebody that live on the street, aint bathe in three months that sort of thing but no that aint what it was cause well my definition of street people varies a little from the established. The Jdid definition of street people is not just the people who live on the street but the people who duz harass ya on the street.

I mean don't get me wrong I aint have no issues wid a homeless fella on the sidewalk, even if he begging fa a dollar or so or just trying to keep himself warm. No them sorta street people I feel a certain pity for and wonder how things get to that stage.

No the street people I talking about as I said are the ones that harass you on the street.

So canvassers and salespeople trying to get me to sign up to give money to a charity dem is street people. Dem black fellas downtown that always trying to sell me some, and I will say it and don't care who vex wid me, stupid pieca black history month paper that cost 20 cents to photocopy at Kinkos and trying to prey on my color and use guilt to extort me for cash an I still don't know what cause um is they collecting for, dem is street people and young kids selling chocolate and candy to raise funds for some school or extra curricular school business dem is street people. Anybody basically that confuse me while I trying to walk the streets and mind my own business is street people.

Actually now that memory kick in I remember blogging about some of these street people two years ago in one of my first blogging attempts.

Anyway I was telling a story sorry to digress.

So I'm walking along Bloor street, just came out a store and this yout accosts me with candy in hand asking me to buy some for whatever cause. Well I only have like 10 dollars in my wallet today so I tell the yout I would like to help ya out but I don't have no lotta money on me. Actually no what I said exactly was "I would like to help but I don't have much money on me today."

Which to me is a self explanatory phrase right? I'm just saying it don't take no advanced degree to understand that right?

Hear the yout 'Its not that expensive"
So I ask how much it was thinking I may be able to dig in my loose change and pull out a two dollar or so and still help out.

Hear the yout. "You can get three bars for 10 dollars or 6 for $20"

six wha fa 20 dollars?

"Ummm but buddy you aint just hear me say I aint got no lotta money and you coming at me wid 10 and 20 dollar options. Chupse! You head cud only be bad. Dem doan teach wunnah maths in school nuh more?"

"I mean you hear a man say money tight and the first thing you gine bruk out is 10 and 20 dollar options. Wha I look like a bank machine to you?"

Before they send these kids out on the street they really need to teach them the value of money.


Luke Cage said...

LOL! Yo J, I wondered if your eyes were like the Yahoo IM emoticon with the wide-eyed look when the kid said to you:

"You can get three bars for 10 dollars or 6 for $20"

Must be one helluva large ass candy bar huh brah?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand those fools that stand on Yonge street with their black history month photocopies, and hold on to it with the will of God. Then they have the nerve to ask you for $10 and when you say no, they say what you doing later? Not you...

And those bars the kids sell are horrible...why can't girl guides source through Lindor?

Campfyah said...

Duh onlee teaching dem children tuh be hustlers from young...chuuppsee but since when chocolate get suh expensive doh.

GC (God's Child) said...

I was going to say that I think kids raising funds with candy bars are quite alright but then that's only because here in NY they sell them for $1 a piece. Yes, 1 candy bar for 1 dollar. Not 3 for $10.00. That's just crazy.

Abeni said...

Kids gotta make a profit.I bet they feel they must catch at least one sucker

Melody said...

Guilt trips -- that's what some o' those 'treats' are.