Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Daze in a weak

Just going to be brief tonight.

-Today was a tough day. Nope work wasn't particularly difficult its just I'm feeling super drained today. Woke up at 4am and it wasn't even baby related and I just couldn't get back to sleep. By lunchtime I was drained. Everything was a blur after that but somehow I found enough energy to put in about 45 minutes on the squash court.

-The good thing about blogs is the spontaneity and the bad thing is the spontaneity. What I mean there is that almost every blog I write sometime after I post it I realize that I should have added something or changed the way I wrote some phrase or paragraph. Today is no exception as I realized I should have used the word intelligent to describe the guy in yesterday's blog. Oh well!

- Another subway experience got me thinking tonight. (Hey I only spend two hours on it every day and its full of stories so why not use them.) Why is it that we initially think that people who talk a lot are intelligent? I found myself falling into that trap tonight as I listened to this little child prattle on and on to his grandmother. My first thought was oh he must be an intelligent child and not to detract from him cause he probably is although he was clearly showing off but then I thought well why is it that one never initially thinks the quiet one is the intelligent one.

-The Raptors got me out of my seat a few minutes ago. I've watched every game they played so far and been less than impressed. How is it supposed to be a fast break running offense if you forget to run for two periods every night? Anyway tonight Chris Bosh hit a fluke three to basically win the game. I shouted I jumped out of the couch. NBA basketball its fantastic!

That's all for today lets call it an early night.


Radmila said...

I just wanted to comment on the quiet/intelligent theory.

Not necessarily...sometimes people who are quiet are quiet because they really don't have anything to say.

I once met a woman whom I saw quite often. Well put together, and quiet. When I finally got to talk to her, I found that her head was emptier than a bag of hershey's kisses at a weight watchers convention.
The only thing she could talk about was tv shows and fashion mags.
Then I realized that there was a reason she kept quiet when conversation got too complicated.

Abeni said...

yeah quiet could just mean you don't have much to say. I didnt even realise basketball had started until I caught part of the Spurs/Phoenix game

Yamfoot said...

how IS baby??/
goo-goo gah-gah

Melody said...

Am impressed wid de reserve of quiet, smart people. Any smartie can chat a lot, but it takes some kinda confidence to let others proudly belch de facts & 'discoveries' that are old news to U.