Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Episode III

I watch Star Wars just to see Yoda

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell on Thursday night I saw Episode III. Need I say any more? I'm talking about Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith if you don't know what I'm talking about.

And I was not disappointed.

Ever since the original trilogy I think Lucas has done a better job with the darker films (see Empire Strikes Back) than he does with the ones where the good guys win. In this one the bad guys win, so this movie is definitely better put together than Episodes I and II.

Well I'm sure all of you know the storyline to this movie. Its basically how Anakin Skywalker turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader so we all know the outcome of the story right?

Ok well I wont ruin it by giving away any too many secrets but I thought the movie was pretty cool. Mind you I'm a sci-fi geek so yea of course I'd think it was cool.

However I do have the usual Jdid skewed outlook on the film and that skewed look has led me to blame Yoda for every possible ill that befalls that far, far away galaxy a long, long time ago. What do you mean Jdid you ask?

Well let me explain. I hope you guys know your Star Wars or have seen the movies. Yoda is one of the master Jedis, an elder wise in the ways of the force, infact one could say he is like the top Jedi. In Episode II he lets Count Dooku get away, I could live with that given the circumstances but in Episode III he fights the Emperor, loses and before he tries to rally a force to battle the Empire he runs away and hides. What gives? Yoda straight up punked out!. After all his "no try do or do not", he did not or more like naught as in zero, zilch, nada, not a damn thing but run into hiding. Yea I know he who fights and run away lives to fight another day but I still think Yoda aint nothing but a coward? Yea I said it, what? Word to Darth Vader!

Yoda is like the top Jedi how's he going to go out like that? Come on at least die for the cause or something.

And while we're on it. Its also his fault that Anakin got out of hand. Well actually its Obi Wan Kenobi's because at a certain point or rather points in Episode II Anakin just needed to be bitch slapped a few times. Don't pretend y'all don't agree. I seen you watching Episode II thinking damn that Anakin kid is really getting on my last nerve. He is so annoying I just want to hit him (Especially given the fact that Hayden Christensen cant act his way out of a cardboard box). So I blame Obi Wan Kenobi for not putting him in his place but since Yoda did help train Obi-Wan its still Yoda's fault.

Yea yea yea I know I'm picking on the green man. The green man cant get a break. But still I mean don't the Jedi have like an equivalent of detention or writing lines on a black board or standing in a corner? Some sort of discipline for a rowdy yout? Clearly Darth Vader would never have been created if Anakin Skywalker was disciplined as a yout. Somebody give him two slaps with the lightsaber please! So yea if Yoda was running a tighter ship as top Jedi then Darth Vader would not have been born so everything that befell the galaxy is Yoda's fault.

And on a side note, I was watching Episode II the other day since they keep showing all the old movies on tv as tie ins to Episode III. I've seen this movie a few times but something caught my attention this time. Its near the end where Count Dooku and his fellow conspirators decide to leave the planet as the battles raging. Its just before Dooku fights Anakin, Obi Wan and Yoda before escaping. Its where all the other dudes just leave the HQ and go to the hanger and grab some sort of ship and take off while Dooku has to take some flying contraption to another hanger halfway across the planet to get to his ship to take off. Ok anyone see where this is an issue?

No? Ok lets ignore the Star Wars galaxy for a minute and pretend that Dooku and his fellow conspirators were just your average run of the mill businessmen at the office for a meeting for perhaps say a hostile takeover. Now clearly from the movie setting Dooku is like the CEO of the company and the others are not at his rank. Dooku a run tings then if ya not understanding my point. He's the man!

So they all go to the meeting, its over and they all head to their transportation to leave the office. Now in what world doesn't the CEO gets the best parking spot available? The one closest to the office door, the one with the big reserved sign right that's the CEOs always right?

So how come as CEO of this whole droid army thing, one of the most powerful men in the galaxy, Dooku has to park his ship all the way over on the other side of the planet? Come on now, George who you fooling! You a disrespect my yout Dooku! Like what happened there was he late for the meeting and one of those insect looking dudes stole his spot and how come he didn't just straight use the force on them to make them move their old space jalopy? No wonder the Emperor wanted Darth Vader as his right hand and not Dooku, Dooku too soft, lol. And how sad is it that I'm relating Star Wars to the real world. Oh well at least I don't have a lightsaber or a stormtroopers outfit lol.

And on another side note, I got to call out Padme from episode II too. Look how she's wearing all that revealing clothing with her chest heaving around infront of my yout Anakin and then telling the man how he's a Jedi and he cant have those sorts of feelings for her. Well well well! Is pure slackness! Older woman seduce young bwoy lawd ave mercy.

Anyway enough crap for one day. Big up to my man Rogue for linking me with the new photo for the blog. Not sure you're reading but nuff respect son! Oh and in case you're wondering its a photo taken from Browne's beach looking into Carlisle Bay in Barbados.


Anonymous said...

ya - it did seem like Yoda gave up a little quickly in that fight. otherwise... i have to say, i found the movie(s) sortof cheesy... for storyline and plot development (the original series, was much, much, much better. it was like in one scene Anakin was just starting to turn to the dark side, and in the next, he's all of a sudden full on evil! what up with that?

4panist said...

well I enjoyed it and even clapped at the end. I wish the crowd was more rowdy. Seems like Scarborough is getting soft, or maybe its just the sci-fi crew. Of course Jdid, you had to find a way to knock my man Yoda. After the movie it had me thinking, what ever happened to those star wars toys I had as a kid? My mom probably threw them out (little did she know the potential value) but if she hadn't, I would be putting a Yoda on my desk at work for shizzle. thing is, I'm too cheap to go out and by one now so it won't be happening.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am going to tek it een...maybe weekend.

I noticed the photo myself and thought it quite nice. Dr. D.

Urban Sista said...

I'm no sci-fi fan, but I did like the movie. It kept my attention -- especially the special effects. Anakin did turn evil pretty quickly, but, heck, you only have two hours to get the story done.

The Humanity Critic said...

Yeah the movie was pretty dope, and Obi Wan is the bona fide man!! Great post.

Slow Metamorphosis said...

Um I know nothing about Star Wars so I totally out of the loop.

Goldi said...

Am I the only geek who hasn't seen this yet? I'm waiting to go when I'm totally unsober and can spread out like I'm in my living room.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I was talking with my girlfriend who saw it and says to check this episode out. I'm not a Star Wars fan like most, but I did enjoy the first two. Have a great day.

Don Tate II said...

Im not big into Sci-fi, but I'd like to check this out just behind the hype. Yoda always seened like a wierd cross between Grover the muppet and Kermit the frog. I did like the original Star Wars.

summer m. said...

i ain't really a star wars fan, but that pic of yoda is hot isht.

Angry Dog said...

Rass JDid, you licking out 'gainst even Star Wars iya? However, I must say that I had no love for Anakin since Episode I--how the hell do you get off being a slave for a huge-ass bug and be so damn obnoxious? Feisty little bugger! Now, as for Dooku, the man had the equivalent of a pimped out Harley Davidson man, you don't want the employees to see how you livin', lest the scratch or mutilate it in some way!

As for Yoda, he was definately a bitch and I definately don't feel him no more in Episode V when he be training Luke to lift rocks and all that mess! In truth, he shoulda gotten totally medieval on the emperor's ass; however, it would've definately messed up the entire continuum stuff. Going off to see it now!

Big N said...

Word up to that Anakin Skywalker comment. He reminded me of Terrell Owens in Episode 2. Obi Wan shoulda slammed him against the wall a few times.

And what is it with the cheesy pick up lines in that episode? Half the time he sounded like he was saying lyrics to some intergalactic love song. We went from Han Solo to this bitch?

Lene said...

I saw half of episode one, and i have episode two on dvd, but it aint open yet.

i loved the last three (or first three). these new ones blow chunks.

Scratchie said...

Haven't managed to stay awake through a Star Wars movie yet. Sci Fi is just not my thing I suppose. Like the new picture.

Jdid said...

@purfiktgurl - as some reviewerpointed out from the time anakin followed the chancellor in the beginning of the movie it was pretty much over
@4panist - Yoda's a punk. no two ways about it
@Dr D - thanks, go check it out this weekend
@urban sista - well at least it didnt drag
@HC - actually I was thinking we needed a jedi like you to administer a throat chop to Anakin in episode II
@slow met - absolutely nothing, you're kidding right?
@Goldi - Well drink up and go watch the movie
@sunshine - go check it out fa real
@Don Tate - interesting take on Yoda , ya kno i never made the Grover connection
@summer - thanks
@Angry Dog - Exactly lost all respect for Yoda after this movie
@big N - You hit the nail on the head guy. how'd we go from cool ass Han Solo to this punk.
@starfoxx - try an open the dvd
@scratchie - thanks, havent managed to stay awake? you're kidding right?

Amadeo said...

I agree a good slap might have set Anakin straight...Yoda should have been more on point, he knew about Anakin killing them sandpeople! Why he ain't step to him. How could Obi-Wan, knowing Anakin was feeling Padme send him to a Paradise at the end of the universe to "guard" her. That's like saying I have to be celibate and then sending me to the islands to watch over a lonely Sade!