Thursday, May 12, 2005

And then they were three

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Yep, I came back to blogging about ANTM again. Sigh!
Why cause I feeling real smart today after watching last nights show and seeing who the top three are. Remember these words that I uttered here?

Ok so now let me inject my own personal take on this show. First off its a given its silly and a bit annoying at times but I've been watching too much so now I have favorites. I'm hoping either Keenyah, Naima or Kahlen wins and I would hate to see Rebecca or Tatiana win. There those are my stated biases. Brittany, Tiffany and Michelle don't really stand a chance and Christina could be a dark horse.

See how I managed to pick the top three many weeks ago? Damn I'm good, if only I could pick Lotto numbers so. Tyra looka if ya need a new judge next year that know how to pick dem gimma a call I'm available.

Anyway after two or was it more weeks of no ANTM updates from me I'm back.

The whole crew is in South Africa and this week we were down to 4 contestants; Keenyah, Naima, Kahlen and Brittney. Keenyah has managed to piss off most of the other girls with her attitude because she's focused on the gold now and will step on anyone to get the win. Also a big issue is that Keenyah cant stop eating bread and the woman getting fat (for a model that is). Them say they had to touch up her photos cause her belly getting too round. Lawd ave mercy! Is like the woman addicted to carbs or so the clever editing of the show would make one believe. If that is so I don't think she will last too long in this model business.

On Wednesday's show the girls were taken into one of the townships outside of Capetown to a community center where they were thought how to do some traditional African dance. Then they had to perform before a crowd. Well what can I say. Some people have some rhythm and Kahlen just aint had none. Poor thing seems afraid of her body almost. Her movements are just stiff. Keenyah was trying to make friends with the other dance troupe members by trying to play up the whole I'm black and I'm so happy to be amongst my people thing. Actually I believe she said something along the lines of "as the only black contestant here" totally ignoring the fact that Naima is black too. Well she got a lil mix up mix up in her but nobody on this hemisphere aint pure black anyways so she black. Why is it the light skinned sisters get no love? Cuhdear. Anyway despite her being slighted as not being black Naima predictably won this challenge as she is the most graceful of the bunch and the last one left with any dance experience.

Ok here comes the fun part. The girls were taken on a tour of the infamous Robbin Island. They are told they will visit Nelson Mandela's cell. Keenyah asks Brittany if Nelson Mandela is still alive? What? Ya mean the girl that bigging up how black she is and how happy she is ta be in the motherland aint even know if Mandela still living? Well well well. She mek muh shame. Is really sad aint it.

Anyway the girls did get to visit Mandela's cell, Keenyah wanted to be the one given the chance to unlock the door to the cell seeing as in her mind she is the only black contestant but it was given to Naima. Both of them were actually tearful when they got inside the cell. I guess a moment like that in a place like that would do that to ya. Made me remember when the black guy and his daughter broke down crying at the Point of No Return on Goree Island during Amazing Race a season or two back.

Onto the photo shoot. It was a shoot where the girls cavorted with three male models to promote some random product. Shows how much I paid attention. The girls were supposed to be dancing similarly to what they were taught the day before at the Community Center.

Well Naima had an excellent shoot cause homegirl can move and at this shoot she showed them that she could take great pictures in profile which was the complaint they made about her the previous week. Up steps Keenyah to do the shoot but one of the male models was getting a bit too frisky with her and she stopped the shoot and had a lil cry about it. She said the man was making moaning noises that was making her feel uncomfortable. I aint know about the moaning noises but my yout had this look in his eyes like a hungry man looking at a buffet table.

She was able to finish her shoot though and then the other two girls did theirs. Rushing through their shoots I found Brittany's movements a bit strip club ish , give the girl a pole to work with nuh, and Kahlen's movements were non existent.

The girls then went to dinner with the male models which made for quite the evening as Keenyah eat the people food and drinks and then aint had no money to pay for it. This led to a big argument between her and Brittany where everything under the sun was brought up and Brittany claimed that Keenyah was forever going on about her blackness but then still didn't even know if Mandela was alive. She also said that Keenyah was selfish. "Its about to be a what Girlfight!" I was hoping someone would go all Brooke Valentine up in there. Speaking of Brooke Valentine what's up with her coming out the same time as a dude named Bobby Valentino. Two a them plan to have similar names so? Its confusing. Anyway back to ANTM. The argument made for nice drama with a bit of shouting and Naima trying to ignore the two while poor little Kahlen cried because she doesn't like raised voices.

So it came down to judging time. To be honest I thought Kahlen was gone for sure given her poor performance last night but somehow she survived. Janice and one of the other judges made some comment about Keenyah's fat to which the guest judges, both South African, and Tyra both said well amongst black people she would still be on the really skinny side. Guess it helps to have black judges if you're the carbaholic black girl.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo at the end of the night Brittany lost out and was cut. Who wins next week. I'm not sure I should choose but whatever I'll break it down like this.

Kahlen has the most typical model body but I think she has issues with grace, style and movement (Trya ya listening girl I breaking it down call a brother for a job). Add to that she's really shy as well so I don't know if she can make it.

Naima is by far the most graceful and probably the most beautiful of the three. She's come a long ways from the girl I nicknamed Foghorn Leghorn for her fowlcock hairstyle at the start of the show. She may also be the smartest of the three although seeing as how none of dem aint rocket scientists that aint saying alot. However she's still a bit shy which may work against her favor but she seems to have a quiet confidence.

Keenyah is also very beautiful and with her attitude I think she could fit into the industry quite well. Not that she diva-ish or anything so but she is assertive and seems to know what she wants, she's got drive. The carb eating and putting on fat in the midsection thing naa mek it though.

So who wins next week? I'm going out on a limb and giving you Jdid's ANTM which would be Naima however we'll see if the judges agree with me on Wednesday.


Nat said...

i have been watchin this show since it began... and u got it right on the money... actually when it came down to the 4 last week i wasnt sure who i wanted off first but i think i see naima winning it. if kaylin ( cant spell) wins its on pure body and face not on personality cuz she just don't seem to got ANTM attitude. but good review :)

Anonymous said...

Well, have never seen it, but reading your reviews I guess I have an idea about the show.

You raise a big point. 'Why is it the light skinned sisters get no love?' Sadly, even amongst people of colour (or mixed people) there is this idea that the lighter skinned are thought by some to be at an advantage, and thus disliked by some of their darker skinned counterparts. It is certainly so here. Like I have oft said before...when will we ever be able to get this damn issue of skin colour behind us? Cho. (Or chupse as you would say.) Have a good Friday and a weekend. Dr. D.

Urban Sista said...

Boy, I love reading these reviews -- pure jokes. I don't know what I'm going to do for my guilty pleasure when the season is done. Sniff.

I don't understand how Keenyah can boldly say that Naima is not a Black person. They don't have mixed people in Compton? Chupse.

Keenyah's supposed to be some university student, but she's good ignorant. How can you not know that Nelson Mandela is alive? *shaking head*.

Unless Naima does something real foolish, I think she's going to be the winner. Go girl!

Keep up with the updates, they are too sweet!

Jdid said...

@nat - got to agree with you
@Dr D - think the skin color issue wil be with us until the aliens with 4 arms and 7 legs come
@urban sis - Keenyah is a university student? girl ya lie! wha she studying at university, lawd a mercy!

Yamfoot said...

I havent been watching this season, but did catch an old show on Saturday where 2 of them were booted off - Tiffany and antoher, and Tyra ranted and screamed at Tiffany cause they were rooting for her.

So as I have not been watching it, I dont have an idea about who I think shoudl win. Will try and watch the finale on Wednesday, but then it conflict with American Idol I think. must check.