Sunday, April 10, 2005

Skin out!

(Thought it had been lost but I found the top model blog that I started on Thursday so I'll finish it up)

All wunnah must be saying how come I aint blog on America's Top Model today. Well the truth is I really wasn't going to. The show is just real foolishness in my opinion but sigh since I watched it on Wednesday I figure I might as well continue to blog about it this week. Cant promise you about next week though.

Anyway in case you missed it last weeks review.

So this week started off with them talking about Michelle the 18 year old who looks like 45 (notice every week I'm adding to her age) who has the skin problem. Apparently the problem is clearing up but she is still contagious and she still has marks on her face and shoulders as well.

The girls received the Tyra mail and they were taken to some location where this older black gentleman gave them some legal documents to sign. Without reading the documents or asking what they were about all of the girls signed. Shame! No one said models were smart I guess. I was secretly and not so secretly hoping they had just signed away their lives but oh wait a minute they probably did that already when they signed up for this show. Oh well one could hold out hope that they were selling themselves into some sort of indentureship and this would be the last episode.

Alas it was not to be as they were taken into a room where Tyra the Tyrant was sitting. She told them the papers they signed were not binding but this was a lesson to show them that they should read stuff before signing it in the model business. Hmmm maybe they should have given them this lesson before they signed on for the show.

Also turns out the older black gentleman was Tyra's dad and that Tyra's mom was also there. Anyone besides me notice that Tyra's parents are kind of big boned to be semi politically correct. Oh all right them got size them fat. Got me thinking that Tyra must really duz starve out sheself when the day come to maintain that figure......or go to the plastic surgeons regular hmmm. Makes one wonder about Tyra's fat potential for a few years down the line though.

That night the girls decided to go out to dinner. Now we all know what happens when these girls go out to party now don't we? If not check this. Yep whenever they go out someone gets piss drunk and acts a fool. This time it wasn't Tiffany though it was Brittany.

Now Brittany is like the coolest girl in the group. She reminds me of the types that would be into sports, go to the game with the guys, hit the pub and throw back a few drinks. I lie? But Brittany get real real drunk on last night's show. She started dancing on the restaurant's table , dissing some of the other models because they were more reserved and then finally on the ride home my girl skin up her dress and mooned passing motorists.

Well well well! Looka how the woman skin up she boxie at de people. Dat is de sorta behavior dat Tyra encouraging on this show? Well I thought these women supposed ta be classy models and ting so. Sophisticated ladies. I din realize they was supposed ta be so brawling ( by the way brawling means loud in Bajan) and common class. Looka this ting fa tru.

Anyway the next task for the girls was to go to a Cover Girl party and mingle and meet some covergirl models and others in the business. Keenyah came off like a champ. Homegirl knows how to mix, mingle, make small talk and chatty chatty all up in de big up people face. On the other hand Tiffany definitely does not. Tiffany stand up in the corner pose off looking at the cosmetics on the wall and hoping that no-one would talk to her. Seems to me from this and from some comments she made to Tyra last week that she is a bit afraid of being in the model world outside of the runway and the photo shoots. A bit of a self confidence problem I think.

Also at the party Brittany was just loving the alcohol. I think the girl has a potential drinking problem. She couldn't even finish one drink properly before she on another one. The person who took the cake for me though was Michelle. I guess to distract from the skin problems on her face she decide to wear this one dress with a big able split up to about her waist line. Seriously when she was walking down the stairs I seeing her legs all the way up to her stomach then. One good blow a wind and all of her business expose on national tv. Again I say wha happen to this top model thing. I thought the girls was supposed to be showing class not ass. Tyra like she aint running a tight ship ya know. This thing getting outta hand, pure slackness!

Keenyah won the challenge and got a night of luxury for her and one of the girls and she chose Brittany to go with her. Tiffany was not happy at all with this choice. What ever happened to the sistren sticking together. Oh well.

The rest of the show is a bit of a blur to me. They did a photo shoot in the desert with wind and rain around them where Michelle looked like she wanted to cry Then at judging they had to sell some cologne idea to the judges. In the end Lluvy finally got the boot. Third time running in the final 2 and this time she got the heave-ho. Personally I thought that Brittany would get the boot for her less than professional behavior but Lluvy was living on borrowed time anyways. But ya know what I a little sad to see her go. Cuhdear! Who else left for me to diss?

Ok so now let me inject my own personal take on this show. First off its a given its silly and a bit annoying at times but I've been watching too much so now I have favorites. I'm hoping either Keenyah, Naima or Kahlen wins and I would hate to see Rebecca or Tatiana win. There those are my stated biases. Brittany, Tiffany and Michelle don't really stand a chance and Christina could be a dark horse. Actually I didn't notice Kahlen till this week to be honest, somehow she snuck under the radar.

Oh the washed up judge Janice Dickerson said all the girls too fat. I wish she would just go on to the Surreal world and disappear into the sunset.

There kept my promise from yesterday.


Anonymous said...

When I saw the title "Skin Out" was expecting some pics of out...if you get the drift!;-)

Nice hear that the one with the skin problem is on the mend. Dr. D.

obifromsouthlondon said...

yeah didy I was expecting some dutty gyal pics lol. They should have given them the paper signing lesson upfront not show them up like that. hmmm have I ever signed anything I shouldn't?? don't remember (maybe come back to haunt)

btw dude I'm still alive and kicking. just doing some mathematics to fix my pockets. will be poppin' soon.


Lene said...

I'm sooo happy that Lluvy got kicked off. Why do they keep saying she has "unique beauty". Unique? Isn't that another word for UGLY? hahahaha

I agree with your picks, I like Kahlen and naima too.

Brittany is going to get kicked off soon, she acts too rowdy and tings.