Saturday, April 09, 2005

A so it go

Wouldn't you just know it. Today I can think of about 5 things I want to blog on but time just real short. Need to rush out this morning and run some errands and also do another pan recital. Somehow I ended up in the beginner class again. Don't ask lol.

We playing Fly by Destra this time. I hope dem playing that for Caribana because at least then I would know one song. Actually I'm still undecided about the playing for Caribana thing. Its quite the undertaking and commitment because they practice for at least a month in preparation and I mean practice 3-4 hours ever night. An de man nuh pay nuttin I mean cuhdear if them gine wuk me like dat dem cudda at least pay me. I lie?

Missed another domino tournament last night but with good cause as I went to one of the events at the Toronto storytelling festival. It was wicked! Will give you guys more details later since there is one particular story that was told that I wanted to share. Actually not sure if I'm allowed to write the story but the lady say we could share them so I think I can share this one with you.

Oh my back has been killing me for two days. My calf muscles are seriously tight and its transferring pain to my back and even my feet. Will have to do some serious, serious stretching today. Didn't even play squash yesterday because I was afraid I'd pull something then.

Yesterday was nice and warm though. I think this time of year is rather interesting in Toronto just because everyone dresses differently. Some of us, myself including are a bit tentative in the way we dress when it starts to warm up because we think the warm temps aren't really that warm. I mean 10-13 degrees is a really chilly night in Barbados but here for alot of folks its weather in which to undress. So see me still in my jacket and sweater but I seeing people in t-shirts and shorts around me. Not complaining because at least some of the girls starting to look nice again. If it ever get 20 degrees though watch and see how all of them will overdo it and all the low riser and the pum pum shorts and batty riders will start to come out.

And I don't know who tell people without batty to wear batty riders. lol.

Anyway morning is starting so I hope all you have a great weekend. I may come back and post the ANTM update later today. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Man wah kinda 'wuk' you been up to..mek you pain up so!?
;-) Anyway, enjoy it!

Gotta live for warm temperatures man....makes the 'scenery' so much more err.....'uplifting' shall we say! :-))) Dr. D.

Big N said...

I love summer. No school + scantily clad women = good times.

Abeni said...

Stop lust:)

Lene said...

Quit treating women like slabs of meat...

*puts on her pair of pum pum shorts*

Anonymous said...

today was a great day - but not that great. i had my jacket and even gloves on, while i see kids riding with no jacket and even a mom and her about 4 yr old out walking in just t-shirts. didn't even see a spare sweater, for 'just in case'. ya, i don't bust out the shorts until at least 20+, and that's after it's held at that for at least a week or two!

i need to get out to some of the festivals in Toronto this year. one of those things i always say i'd like to do, but never do.

Jdid said...

@dr D - yep the warm temperatures are necessary. lol
@Big N - preach on brother preach on
@Abeni - stop jealous lol
@starfoxx - ha ha ha so you were out in the shorts too?
@purfiktgurl - yep you have to come out and enjoy some festivals for real.