Monday, April 04, 2005

North Carolina

Excellent NCAA championship game tonight to culminate an all around outstanding basketball tournament. March madness indeed! University of North Carolina behind 26 points by Sean Mays came out victors over University of Illinois 75 -70.

Coach Roy Williams finally won a college championship and now with Carolina winning speculation as to how many of their underclassmen will go pro can begin. Such is college basketball.

Oh and I finally had a decent NCAA pool after years of having my sure pick teams lose over and over again.

March Madness has got to be one of the best sporting events in the world. Why? Its win or go home. No well we lost the first game but we regrouped to win our zone. Nope you snooze you lose, you mess up you're walking. Every game is do or die. It gets no better than that in sports.

Interesting side note to this win was that Mays was following in his father's footsteps as his dad won a championship with Indiana back in the 70s in a game in which he also scored 26 points. Pretty weird coincidence huh?


Nikki said...

For a minute, I thought the game might go into overtime, but UNC pulled ahead by 5.

Lene said...

augustine fouling out fucked up everything. head couldnt drop the threes and dee brown almost choked. aww welll....

The Humanity Critic said...

Yeah, for a minute it looked like UNC was trying to give it to Illinois. It was a good post..

Big N said...

Sean May is BEEFY!! He looks like the next Oliver Miller.

summer m. said...

huh. it got real silent in lucky strike (in the middle of chi) when the final buzzer went off.

i hope the campus didn't get all burned up.

Melody said...

B-ball has less intrigue 2 me, but from your review it sounds like back in de old Jordan-Miller-battlin' days. Hope yu don't turn yu back 'pon de supermodel-battle, Jdid, I'm lookin' forward to that review in another day or 2:).

Jdid said...

@nikki - I thought the same I was sure the illini were going to pull it off
@star - aww well, i'm always sceptical about teams that almost go unbeaten in regular season
@HC - naa UNC wasnt going out like that. a little suprisng that mccants disappeared like that in the second half though. I was all set to draft him for my raptors this summer
@big N - yea Mays is a big boy. Actually he's sort of a throwback because all the bball players these days are so defined
@summer - I can only imagine how devasted the folks there are
@mel - yep ANTM updates will continue tomorrow, have no fear