Friday, April 15, 2005

Tyra vex

See previous America New Top Model updates here.

Well people this week it was more drama on the American Idol set.

First off the girls had to do some acting and Boris Kadjoe was their acting partner. They had to use Cockney accents and say things like "G'day Guvner! Fancy sum fla-rers?" and stuff like that. Well lets just say that no one there should be considering an acting career. Even Michelle who claims she had some acting experience was terrible as she totally overacted her part. Only Brittany and Naima seemed to even come close.

The worse of the bunch was Tiffany. As I mentioned before Tiffany has an image problem. Its not an attitude problem, don't get it twisted, she aint all diva like and stuff like that. In fact its the complete opposite, her attitude suggests she doesn't think she belongs there. It stems from her having a bit of an issue because she is probably the girl who seems to have had the least fortunate upbringing. This seems to play on her mind as she seems to think that away from the runway she cant run with the rest of the fashionistas. That was made clear last week when she basically tried to become invisible at the Cover Girl Party.

Tiffany's accent in the acting was not cockney as much as it was "Gone with the Wind" down south style speech. And it appeared that Tiffany had given up and lost confidence as she appears to have given upon trying. Maybe she is carrying alot of weight on her shoulders as she thinks of all the folk she is representing here like her grandmother (who bought her swimwear for the show using her electricity money) and her son. Still one wonders what one doesn't see behind the scenes of these shows. Who knows what the interactions were with her and the other girls.

Oh well! Now the photo shoot was a wonderbra shoot where they got to roll around with a male model. Some girls loved it, others just didn't feel comfortable especially Rebecca (the girl who had fainted a while back). She was all on some I cant be rolling around with a strange half naked man because I'm engaged type ish.

Ok again I say this. When you joined this show did you consider what models do? Its not all just being on a runway. There is some interaction with other models, did you realize that models wear skimpy clothing and brush up on other models and are placed in provocative situations? You cant be prude and model is what I'm saying. You have to be half nekkid sometimes, change in the backroom wid nuff people lookin pun ya, rub up on people, hold certain poses that might not be you so if you choose this as a career you have to realize what you are getting into.

Anyway speeding through it all, it came to judging time. 9 girls remaining one will be eliminated. First they had to do a task for the judges. They had to read a teleprompter and pretend they were television persons doing a fashion show. Well lawd ave mercy! Is where dese girls come from. You know I was a bit skeptical about their model aspirations when a few shows back they didn't even know what haute couture was but now hearing them read and mis-pronounce the names of some of these fashion designers and other stuff like that I just wondering about these girls. I wont tell you how charteuse was pronounced or Hermes (actually I din know how ya duz pronounces that myself but I aint on tv saying I wanta be a model) but the worse was when one girl looked at the name Christian Lecroix and pronounced it Chistian Lack-roy. Oh gosh!

Me hear bout Glenroy, Leroy, Fitzroy, Elroy, Delroy, Gilroy but I neva hear nuhbody name Lack-roy yet den!

We need to get these girls hooked on phonics or something so. Tyra really needs to put these girls in school because they are straight up not the sharpest tools in the shed here.

Now Tiffany started to read and she decided she couldn't do it but the judges convinced her to continue. Again it appeared that she has given up. I think she was just overwhelmed with the situation. Fear is a thing that will bring you down and I think that was her issue. She was afraid because this modeling thing was a new situation so removed from her reality.

Anyway Tyra and the other judges met and the names were announced. In the end it turned out that Rebecca and Tiffany were BOTH eliminated. This is where the drama started. As the two eliminated girls said goodbye to their fellow contestants Rebecca was full of tears while Tiffany was all like whatever and laughing and smiling. I think she knew in her heart that elimination for her was inevitable and she had issues with having a sense of belonging in the fashion world. Its pretty sad but sometimes one's upbringing can hold you back in certain situations and I think this was the case here.

Anyway Tyra stopped the goodbyes to call the girls back and then Tyra the Tyrant turned red and start to cuss my girl Tiffany. Saying how she joking around although she got eliminated and she should be upset and she think its a joke and she gave up and she shouldn't give up because of where she's from and she real disappointed and all that. Now Tiffany tried to explain herself and say that she was sad at being eliminated but its not in her to just be crying and the like but Tyra wouldn't have it and she went on in a tizzy telling Tiffany to shut up and shouting loud, loud at the poor girl.

Now here what me ave fe say. I wish Tiffany had told Tyra to go to hell. They eliminated the girl and then upset because she wont give them the satisfaction of crying on national tv so they can be happy that they broke her spirits. chupse. Tyra can carry she fake ass self wid dat foolishness. Everyone responds to setbacks differently. Some people weep and bawl, some just put on a brave face and try to go on instead of showing their emotions outwardly. Shame on Tyra for cussing out Tiffany because she put on a brave face. I dun cause if it was me I woulda had ta 'buse Tyra well an propa.

Anyway dat is dat!


Nikki said...

Yeah, I saw the playback on E! News Live last night. Tyra showed her ass and then some.

summer m. said...

you got multiple reality shows on the brain. don't you mean next top model?

Jdid said...

@summer - good looking out. sorry was trying to rush that update. dont even know whats up with american idol

@nikki - yes she did indeedy

Jazz said...

i hate that. tiffany was the underdog and i just wanted the cinderella story for her. i wish she had a better self image. she's a beautiful girl, that was told she was ugly most of her life. i feel sorry for her but i also feel she was her own worst enemy.

i thought tyra was starting up some kind of self image clinic for girls andyway. who'd have thought she would be the one tearing someone down.

good looking out jdid

Angry Dog said...

Is Lezroy you seh di man name?

4panist said...

I should have known you would say that. I think tyra did go over board but is true, you often end up yelling (or in my case brooding and being generally distant to) the ones that you love when they upset or dissapoint you. Not everyone reacts the same to dissapointment, not everyone acts the same to show they care. I just read what I wrote and it does not really make sense- but I think you get my meaning.

Lene said...

well, i read my SUEDE magazine, and she said how she had a nervous breakdown during the taping of the show.

So maybe Tyra was damn nuts and screamed at Tiffany because of that. I wouldn't have cried if I got eliminated either, I would have held that in until I had some privacy.

Tyra done lost her mind. Maybe that weave is cutting off the circulation to her brain....

notyouraverage.... said...

oooooh. i saw part of this episode last night. she really did go off on that girl. i think she was totally out of line. it's one thing that she really wanted her to try her best, and to see that she could do as well as the other girls, despite her background - but to go off on her like that on national television. ya, tiffany was good for not firing back at her.

man, do you watch 'The Surreal Life'? i just saw the 1st episode with Verne, who played mini me. it was ridiculous!

Jdid said...

@jazz - n prob, i agree tyra needs to start up som sort of self image clinic or something for these girls, clearly more than a few have issues
@angry dog - ha ha ha no think it might be actually sheroy
@4panist - but of course i would take that view, i'm all about the non-emotion lol
@starfoxx - tyra had a breakdown hmmm
@purfiktgurl - havent seen surreal life but I heard the stuff with mini me was hilarious

Anonymous said...

Wow. I feel sorry for Tiffany. I mean, I always thought Tyra was such a well-respected person and that she was always on her best behavior. I guess that broke down some of my idolizing on her. I'm not her number one fan or anything but it's another thing to finally see that she's not perfect.