Tuesday, April 26, 2005

See n Blind, Hear n deaf

Going to ramble a bit today. Sort of a continuation of yesterday's post.

Dr D had a point in his comment to yesterday's post "takes nutten for a man to feel 'dissed' nowadays and retaliate how him feel". I was thinking for a bit that maybe this whole feeling dissed thing is a new thing but then I remember going out as a teenager back home and if ya step on a man shoes it was bacchanal. You had to quickly say sorry or it was likely to explode into some sort of stupidness as if you did it on purpose. I mean is a big ram packed fete and incidents like that will happen but some fellows would take it real personal like you put on your clean clothes, set out from home and pay good money to come into a fete just so you could deliberately stand up on some ugly screw-face man shoes. As if that was your idea of fun. And not even stand up but barely clip his corns by accident. chupse! Mind you we aint had no real access to guns back then so it was ya either get lik wid a bottle or big rock or stab up which could be equally as dangerous but at least the bystanders to the incident were fairly safe since most of the violence was targeted at the actual persons involved in the incident. One man could only pelt summuch big rocks or bottles in a minute cause first off he has to look around and find them in order to pelt them as opposed to now where you got a gun and it loaded and you can let off 10 or 15 bullets in 5 seconds. Actually I had a few bredren that get lik wid bottles but for some reason I would always leave the fete or street fair about 5 to 10 minutes before anything jumped off. I guess I should be thankful that God was/is watching my back.

Anyway I'm trying to understand why people react so violently to these so called perceived disses and realize its not really a new phenomena is just that the weapons used to respond today are more explosive and more likely to kill. Also I guess it used to be just one or two igrant fellas that you had to watch out for back in the day and you could always just give them alot of room but nowadays seems like its more igrant fellas in the fete than sensible ones. I mean in my opinion the average person going out to a club to relax, to chill not to be all tense up and ready to buss out a big machine gun at the drop of a hat. At least speaking for myself I know that's not why I go out.

But when you think of the disses that lead to such violence it is usually small things like a man look at you the wrong way, or step on your shoes, or checking your girl, or accidentally bump into your brother and and spill his drink. Then you look at the disproportionate responses to these disses and you cant help but think that some of us really overreacting to some petty ish in alot of the cases. Ya mean to tell me that if you see a fella staring in your direction in the club that you gotta pull out a gun? Why supposed a fella got a lazy eye? That mean he cant go nowhere near a club cause men would be shooting at he from all angles talking bout "Man everywhere I go he eyes was following me bout ya kno". The lazy eye fella would got to do like Slick Rick and invest in an eye patch to even walk in front a dancehall. So to me when you see how easily offended guys get I think to myself we duz get offended and worried about some really trivial stuff.

Now mind you I aint saying that's what happened with this girl's murder cause for all I know could be two drug gangs or some other illegal thing involved but what I'm saying is in cases where people get into incidents over silly stuff it really shows that something wrong with our mentalities.

The other thing I wanted to comment about that happens here in Toronto and I think is derived from having a siege mentality and a deep fear is this whole thing I like to call a "See n Blind, Hear n Deaf" mentality. Me naa see nuttin, me naa hear nuttin even though the gunman was so close to you that he could reach across and take a sip out of your cup before he start shooting. Anyway this mentality is not unique to Toronto as I know it happens in alot of other places too.

Well Urban Sis commented "And all the blasted people who saw who killed this woman need to open their mouths and say something or this ignorance will continue." I think that pretty much sums it up. How can so many people get shot and no one see anything? What is this fear that people have about saying what they saw? Ok I guess I can understand the fear cause you don't want a gunman coming after you but still if we continue to be silent on these matters they will continue to happen. Its a vicious cycle. You keep silent, the crimes increase. At some stage someone who saw the incidents has to step up and say what they saw and try to get these criminals off the street. Yea its a scary thing to do but if someone doesn't stand up to these guys then this stuff will only get worse.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you 110% rude bwoy.... I better agree wid you, next ting I hear me diss you and you send shottas via de blog! ;-) See how me tekking serious ting mek joke.

Anyway, the see and blind ting goes on here too...people fear for their lives. But I agree, some have to talk, or the crap will simply continue.

Res-pec for the link. Dr. D.

Big N said...

Talking to the cops doesn't exactly boost your reputation. That's why everyone is hush-hush

Lene said...

Yeah, i understand about the "no snitch" mentality, but if that was my dead body on the ground, i would want someone to come forward. plus, there is a thing called crimestoppers, and i hear that its anonymous. hahahahaha

people are fuckign selfish when they see something and not report it. that shit will be on their conscience for life too.

Urban Sista said...

People need to talk. This isn't like bad in the day when you stood up in the police station and blabbed to some detective about what you saw/heard. Man, pick up de dyam phone and call Crimestoppers like Starfoxx said -- it's an anonymous call.

People just don't want to get involved... until it's their friend, family member or someone close to them.

My aunt was murdered in BIM last fall and up 'til now we still don't have a name. Wish someone would open their mouths and say something.

And if you don't want no one to mash yuh foot, look at you cross eyed, check your woman, knock over yuh drink, don't go to de dyam club. Stand yuh tail home.

Jdid said...

@Dr.D - shottas? the only shottas I know is the ones from the bootleg movie lol
@big N - yea well its not about your rep
@starfoxx - true about the crimestoppers
@urban sis - sorry to hearabout your aunt, my condolences. People really need to step up and speak or these criminals will never pay for their crimes