Thursday, April 21, 2005

1,2 Pass it

A million and one rhymes compete for position in my thoughts
but only one can emerge is it the one that I sought?
so I caught myself slipping
but never mediocre
I meditate on music
jazz, hip hop through soca
and reggae
Jah wont give the power to a baldhead
but I'm hot like Peppa seeds and neva will I mock de dread
I give respect to the tribe of Nyabinghi
set ish off like alarms
and tell brothers to simply bring de
what's to gain by pretending to be iller

I hit 8 points in 10 seconds like that man Reggie Miller
and if you want the rough stuff
I bring pain like pulling molars
without novocaine
but I'm deadly like the Ebola
no joke I take you out like I don't know ya
I'm a lyrical terrorist blowing spots like Oklahoma
so don't step to me if you don't know how to act
I'm blinding you with my science so you can call me cataract

LOL damn they just don't make hip hop like they used to! lol. The above is actually a rhyme I did way way back in the day on a mix tape that had limited release in these parts. Hey we got it into Traxx (now alas a damn Quizno's) and Play De so that was kinda cool. This was prior to the mix tape phenomena really blowing up so I think we sold maybe 5 - 10 copies but it was still like maybe one of the tightest mixes I've ever heard and no I'm not just saying that because I was involved because my involvement was limited except for a few rhymes.

Been surfing the web tonight and checking out a few music blogs. Checked out Oliver Wang's Soul Sides which has a really cool article on the history of the song Apache "Tonto Jump on it, jump on it, jump on it!". Check it out if you're interested.

He also has a link to a DJ Spinbad mix of 1,2 Pass it and that tune just brings back the memories of this mix tape cited above because we used that tune. We did pretty much the same thing Spinbad did, took the acappella and put some instrumentals from the artists under their parts of the song. I remember us clearly using Mad Izm under the Krs-one segment, Represent under the Fat Joe section and I think I convinced homeboys that "Come Clean" was a better choice under the Jeru segment than 'Statik' although 'Statik' was kinda tight too. That was probably my only non-rhyming contribution to the project.

Super Scientifical Madness
My Status is the badess
Every Time I bless the apparatus
You wish to take me out so you study
Meanwhile my clothes mics and foes are left bloody
filthy from the ground all up
When I plan my attack I doubt that you're ready
Rain on competition like razor sharp conffetti
Kung fu Techniques from the Perverted monastary

Man I love that Jeru rhyme, that and his rhyme from the Crooklyn Dodgers Part II off the Clockers soundtrack where he goes "chips that power nuclear bombs power my sega". Yo that was kind of deep.

Yea the memories are coming back as I'm here listening to the DJ Sconeboy mix that Obi linked. Much respect son. Ol Skool like whoa!

And then I think does today's music get me going like that? I can recite line for line most of Eric B and Rakim's catalogue, BDP's catalogue but damn if I can remember more than one line from a Luda or 50 song. I guess I had more time to analyze and listen to music back then too but still at the risk of sounding like an old fogie this new stuff just cant compete or as the Beatnuts would say 'Your mic and or my mic come on man No Equal!"

Oh well I guess I'm being too harsh on the new stuff. I'll give it a chance. Who knows maybe I'll be singing some of it in 10 years. Naa probably not.


summer m. said...

you're not being too harsh.

hip hop is dead. friggin dead.

Nikki said...

Hip Hop is now Hip Pop and it sucks!!

courtneyelizabeth said...

I'm with nikki.....need to bring it back!

Big N said...

Hip Hop is beyond dead... It's like 24 feet under... People aren't buying records for the right reasons anymore... There's still some good rappers, but they don't get the attention they deserve (other than Ludacris probably).

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-you lost me there on the histronics of Hip Hop tunes. I like Hip Hop. Have a great weekend. Oh-me nevva know seh yu was so talented and published no less.

Anonymous said...

Hip Hop nuh dweet fe me at all! Anyway, enjoy your weekend rude bwoy! Dr. D.

Anonymous said...

not that i was a big hip hop head back in the day - but today's stuff just doesn't seem to compare and all the ryhmes just seem to be about bling, girls and guns. hmm...

Mad Bull said...

Hip Hop is not my favourite genre, though I do listen to it and I do like some of the new tunes, even a few by 50 Cent. Someone here said that the music seems to only be about bling, guns and girls... When was it about anything else?

Lene said...

hip hop is dead and composted. this is a mutated zombie that tries to pose as hip hop.