Sunday, April 17, 2005

Brand New Second Hand

Well it's that brother coming six billion feet from beneath
And you should be peep-in how I get smoked-out on the weekend
I swing it to my crew or down to my fans
Schoolin hell of stackas like final exams
Cause, it's the (UH!) Funkadelic, hit you with the irrelevant
elements, and it's coming through your block
Can't you smell it trick?
Wanna copy-cat my whole format
So you get funk tracks, punch lines and skull hats

Rockafella - Redman

Dare iz a Darkside currently in the deck.

No your eyes do not deceive you. You are in the correct spot. Decided I would give the site a nice new look for the spring. Hope you guys like it.

Been fiending on Nikki's site for a minute now so I decided to use Fallout's Template. Big up to both of these guys. Nuff respect!

I may still mess with the design a bit as time goes by, for one I want to get rid of the bit of unused white space at the top but I haven't figured that out in the code yet.

Anyway wow Saturday was a great day weather wise here in Toronto. Think it got up to close to 20 degrees Celsius. I was actually outside doing some work in a t shirt around 3 in the afternoon. Who would have thought it. Oh well! I hope it continues to be warm and in fact get even warmer.

Anyway yesterday I talked about the Cookie Monster issue and I got into a couple of tongue in cheek conversations about how Sesame Street is just corrupting our youth. LOL.

Let me break it down for you. Well I already talked about Cookie Monster and his encouraging our youngsters to eat unhealthily. Well he is just one of several questionable role models on Sesame Street. Where should I start. Well we have Oscar the grouch. First off he's encouraging our kids to have a grouchy attitude what's up with that. Then he lives in a trash can and rummages through the garbage and I never hear he say he tekkin a bath. See dat teaching the yout dem uncleanliness! Look at what the Children's Television workshop teaching.

Then I wont even go into any detail on Bert and Ernie cause the rumors was flying for years now about the two a them. Shame shame shame. lol

Big Bird was clearly on drugs as well. How come he was the only one seeing Snuffleupagus for years. Dat is called Hallucinations and is mainly caused by psychedelic type drugs. Big Bird was clearly a junkie high on acid. I hear he would even sell he mudda feathers for a hit, lol.

And finally we have the one Elmo. Now I really don't know too much about him but I find it disturbing that he want everybody to tickle him when we're trying to teach the children not to let strangers trouble them.

Ya see how dangerous Sesame Street could be if you think of it from a certain angle?


Anonymous said...

first off - i luuuvve the new layout. so fresh and so clean!

hey! some of us with innocent minds - just don't go there!

and did you that the voice of elmo, is actually done by a black man, Kevin Clash? such a contrast!

Campfyah said...

Good Spring Cleaning....Down this side we would have to do dry or wet cleaning as those are our two seasons. Nice new look.

Mn leff Seaseme St alone nuh, cause if yuh hit dem yuh might as well do the Muppets, Ms Piggy always trying tuh get a piece from Kermit and den yuh got Mr Rogers Neighborhood and Electric Company. Hey of late it be de big purple dino and TellyTubbies...and yuh wonder why North Americn yutes suh mesed up????

Big N said...

As Swirsky would say... your layout is sick, wicked, and nasty.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look Jdid!!
That certainly is a different look at Sesame Street!!!I perfer the old way thought :-)

Great weather here too - in Central Ontario. Today is a little cloudy but still nice and warm, isn't it great after the loooonnnnngggg winter.


Jdid said...

@purfiktgurl - thank you very much glad you like it. I actually didnt know that about elmo.
@camp - thanks, oh dont get me started on mr rogers cause i had one buddy that used to swear that mr rogers not to be trusted around lil children lol
@big N - thanks
@ciya - thanks and yep the weather is nice. yi hope i havent ruined the sesame street misconception for you guys.

obifromsouthlondon said...

uhh uhh heavy tune!!! yo jdid the new layout will have outkast smiling cheshire style. now I have rummage and dig out both albums for a rinse.

lol @sesame street. I watched that ish for years. hmmm gotta google the cast now. undertones of brainwashing.

obifromsouthlondon said...

oh yeah almost forgot. I'll upload the Quasimoto joint once i get my ftp server sorted.


Nikki said...

LOL, I knew something looked familiar on your blog.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-I like your new Spring layout. Haven't watched Sesame Street in eons. Have a great week yourself. Rushing through lunch to get back to the grind.

Jdid said...

@obi - thanks and looking forward to checking out that lord quas
@nikki - well they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
@sunshine - thanks

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the decorators did a nice job here...wonder if dem coulda do suppem wid my site for free? Dem can hold a VX if anyting! ;-)

Maybe Michael Jacko watched too much Elmo! Lawks me too terrible!
Dr. D.

The Marlo Girl said...

luvin the new layout.

u too, sir, are mad. real real mad.

Natty said...

Jdid- liking the new layout.