Friday, April 08, 2005

To Strike or Not to Strike

That be the question.

Today is D-day for us here in Toronto who depend on public transit to get to work. The Transit workers have given the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) management until noon to come to a contract agreement or on Monday there will be no bus or subway.

Its the usual argument between management and unions in regards to salaries, benefits, pensions and the like so we all wait with bated breath to see what the outcome will be.

If the TTC goes on strike on Monday the city will be a mess. Torontonians use public transit in greater amounts than most North Americans so alot of us will be in real trouble trying to find a way to work on Monday without transit.

Mind you, I must say I like the way the Unions have played this one. They were in position to strike since April 1st but they gave management more time to negotiate. The Unions had said that they were going to strike from yesterday but they gave management another deadline of noon today to settle or not they will strike from Monday. This gives employers and employees some time this afternoon and over the weekend to enact contingency plans. Well played I say. A good way to soften the impact or to make oneself not seem as villainous. If you look at it from that perspective they are being actually quite nice since they would have been justified to go on strike earlier. Great P.R on their part. Still they will get cussed when they do strike. No doubt about that.

They also picked a nice time to go on strike with the university exam period about to start or already started at the numerous colleges and universities around Toronto. Nothing like a captive ridership to pick on.

Oh well cold have been worse at least they waited till it has warmed up a bit to strike. Imagine them striking in February. Lawd ave mercy!

I always wonder about strikes and their timing though. I always give props to the postmen. Their collective agreements always seem to run out in November or October so they can threaten to strike for Christmas. That leads to quick settlement because the government does not want to have to deal with anyone upsetting Christmas.

On the other hand the Teachers seem to strike in September. For educators them fellas real stupid ya kno. If you are a teacher you should be striking somewhere from March or May and upsetting everyone's plans for the end of the terms. Why? Because end of term exams and the completion of the curriculum would be in jeopardy. All sorts of reports and marks to go on to other schools would be in trouble. Parents (both voters and tax payers in the eyes of politicians) would get on government's case. The teachers would have a great position from which to bargain but noooo they strike in September when children now coming off of summer holidays and no one really too interested in school. Ya mean people with this sorta logic is who teaching the youngsters? Lawd ave mercy this generation in school aint got a chance then.

Anyway, Monday will be hell on the roads if this TTC thing isn't resolved successfully. The press conference is going to be held at 2:30 today to let us know what happened. I am just imagining how crazy the roads will be on Monday. I've got a class which I hope will be cancelled because then I'd just take the day off and stay home instead of dealing with the drama on the roads. Unfortunately that's not an option for most folks so lets hope for the best.

p.s: for all the ANTM fans sorry about the lack of a recap this week. I may still do one tonight or tomorrow though if you guys really want one.

p.s 2 - its now 2:55 and the word is the strike is on. DAMM!


Abeni said...

Seems like our strike will be on in full force come watching it to see how it plays out

Big N said...

Sucks for you, but for a man who walks 5 minutes to school, it doesn't affect me. Thing is, I know half the school is gonna stay home, so that means a really light workload.

Once again, sucks for you.

4panist said...

I didn't think of the exam thing. seems you got it covered. I'll turn to you when its time to re-negotiate my contract.

Anonymous said...

that's a good point about when teachers strike!

now i actually have a reason to be happy i live in brampton ;)

BajanSis said...

Well I could only hope de ole car doan decide to strike on me now cause den I would got problems. I'm going to have to get to work real early though because on a good day we can't even find parking. Sorry to all those who depend on the TTC to get around, if wunnah gine my way I would gih wunnah a lift when I pass.

Anonymous said...

Yow JDid, you better mek sure de bicycle tyre dem pump up! ;-) Dr. D.

gitts said...

One of my friends recommended your site to me. I have been reading through your most recent posts and have found the one about tact most interesting. I actually laughed until I cried. I have a young daugther and my conversations with her are quite like that. I am studying in England now and when I start people stop and stare.

Tracey said...

Yesterday I learned the first Black strike started in a church.
I hope you are able to carpool to get to work.

Jdid said...

@abeni - sorry to hear bout your strike
@big N - well enjoy this time of your life my yout
@4panist - me study this thing well an good ya kno. Do I get a percentage of your contract if I help you
@purfiktgurl- Brampton?? ok now I'm mad
@bajansis - the car aint gine conk out pun ya this week
@Dr D - the bicycle ready to go
@gitts - hey welcome, glad you like this stuff
@tracey - think i'll be tryin to take the go-train (another transit agency) to work.

Lene said...

This is not cool. I have exams in two weeks, and I need to go to class this week to figure out what is on the exams.

Tell me why I live in Scarborough, and I go to Seneca @ York! YORK!

I take the 54, the RT, the Bloor-Danforth, the Yonge-Spadina, and the 196 to school. That's approximately 2 hours. ONE WAY!

If I take the Go bus from the Town centre, I still need to find a way to get to the Town centre by TTC.

I am soo screwed, I can't even think straight. WHY ME!?!??!

Jdid said...

@starfoxx yea you in a bit a trouble. none of your friends dont have a car that you can link with
or ya doan kno nobody that live in res at seneca that can put ya up for a few days. I'm sure this ting ova by Wednesday