Thursday, April 21, 2005

Split Personalities

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Well the show is down to seven girls. Its almost over thank God cause. I'm struggling to watch it.

Last night started off with the girls still in shock over the previous week's drama of Tyra vs Tiffany. I mean it would be a bit disturbing to you too if you are a contestant and you see the person running the show basically flipping their lid and getting into an unnecessary shouting match with a contestant. Its just not professional is it? Which leads to my first diagnosis: Tyra got mental problems send she ta Jenkins (that's the place they send crazy folk in Barbados for those who don't follow).

So this week Tyra goes to visit the girls and basically explain her prior behavior and be all nice and friendly with them. "I'm not an ogre" she seems to imply. She speaks about not giving up and how depressed and sad she used to get back when she was first starting out and was away from home. Cue the visuals of Tyra as a young definitely not so buxom lass so many years ago. Awww aint that cute. Hey wait a minute do you notice what the new Tyra has that the young Tyra didn't? Hmmmmm! And the transformation is pretty astounding don't you think? Oh well its a brand new compassionate, loving Tyra today so who am I to complain. Big group hug with Tyra and all the girls. Aint that touching.

Second diagnosis: Tyra got split personalities. Last episode she was wilding out, this one she's all soft and tender. What gives? Cause of split personalities: I aint sure but I'm wondering if anyone ever looked into a direct correlation between silicone and personality issues. Hmm that's all I'm saying.

Anyway going to rush through this review because this week's show as rather mild. The girls got to meet Jann Carl from Entertainment Tonight who showed up in what appeared to be her lingerie. She was giving them tips about how to give and take interviews. Needless to say the girls were pretty dismal. Two of them sat there and used the word actually about 10 times in one little pretend interview segment. Actually it was terrible to actually watch them actually pretend actually I almost barfed actually.

Actually I'm ready to rename this show America's Next Dumbest Model because clearly these girls are not the sharpest tools in the shed as was proven when the Tyra mail this week said something about be ready at the crack of dawn and they stared blankly at the paper trying to figure out what crack of dawn meant. Sigh! Smile and look pretty for the cameras just don't ask them to use their brains

Oh well, hurrying on, Keilan (sp?) found out her friend from high school had died and was very upset most of the show and then to make matters worse their photo shoot was conducted in a graveyard and the girls were lowered into an actual grave. Still she performed like a trooper and actually did the shoot so kudos to her. As an aside is it my imagination or have these girls pictures been getting progressively worse as the show goes on?

Oh they also had to do interviews with the rapper Eve somewhere along the line yada yada yada, some sort of pretend interview thing with the judges and then Janice Dickerson had her little 2 seconds of spotlight just in case we cared and then Tatiana was eliminated. Good riddance to her I say. And then they were 6 models left.

The end.


4panist said...

geeweez Jdid,
you actually sound like you actually didn't even want to write this post. the girls name is spelled Kahlen and i remember this because for some reason is struck me actuallly as an actually getto sounding name..on a white girl. I could be wrong, but it looks like we black folk might not be the only ones making up names. but i digress. Keep the reports coming my blogger friend, we are depending on you for our daily belly laughs.

Jdid said...

how ya mean white people dont have ghetto names? ya never hear bout taiquan-bob and shaliqua-bob and laqueeta-bob? lol

summer m. said...

you get a lot of respect for still watching that shit.

i've seen two episodes, and i was bored to def.

Anonymous said...

Jenkins in Bim....Bellevue here in Jamaica.

Careful we nuh send you to Jenkins JDid, you mussi well mad to be watching dis kinda ting! LOL! Dr. D.

Urban Sista said...

Keep it going, Jdid! The show is getting soft, but the jokes abound. These girls are real igrunt and silly.

I did feel for Kahlen though. How you gonna hear yuh friend dead and have someone throw you in an eight-foot grave to tek two pictures? Dat dey is just cruel.

Only a couple weeks lef, bo'. Yuh gon' be alright :)

kashata said...

Mann that show,the actuall chicks should have been removed just for that.As for Tyra she's definetely hanging on a shoestring,maybe it's time to check into some place for "exhaustion" a la Mariah,or whatever it is that ails these famous peeps.