Saturday, April 16, 2005

What's next?

Well the computer is somewhat fixed. It was actually a hardware issue, fan needed cleaning (well at least that's what my google search turned up and it seems to work for now).

Also we have photos? Thanks to Soli for linking me with the "so fresh so clean clean" little jdid icon as well. much respect sistren!

Anyway not sure you guys heard about cookie monster. They don't want him singing about cookies anymore well at least not all the time.

Now the monster supposed to be singing a new song called "A cookie is sometimes food". Big big chupse!

what's next? Are they going to change his name to "Low fat yogurt with a slice of fresh apple" monster or something of the sort? I tell ya these people duz go too far. Next thing cookie monster need therapist and psychologist cause he got self-worth issues and he contemplating suicide or becoming vegan or something so.

And no way is this song going to be as good as "C is for cookie that's good enough for me". I mean ya want lil children ta sing a song that got in the words "sometimes food". Come on now! Dat aint no fun at all.

Do you guys remember that song C is for cookie though? Boy I remember some youts I grow up with had their own version when we were like 7 or 8. Real wufless lawless fellas going around singing about "P is for pussy that's good enough for me" and little me singing along, innocent little naive me, because I didn't know that the word had other connotations from a different perspective. Well well well! Shame! See how me get corrupt from early, lol.

But back to cookie monster. You know it would be easy to blame Sesame Street for this change but ya know who I blame? I blame all the little fat ass obese lil children running bout America that playing video games, sitting in from the tv and the computer and wont get up off their couch and go and run around outside. chupse! Man go and play some football or baseball or juss run around for no apparent reason. Play hop scotch, hittey tightey, red rover, red light green light. Something so nuh. cuhdear!

And the parents that allow it too. Man if the kids aint into sports or dem like me and too ugly ta have friends, at least mek them run to the store and bring back two tins of evaporated milk or a tin a corn beef or something so. Oh I forgot in our suburban reality the corner store is about 12 miles away so you always have to drive. chupse!

And look who getting unfair. Poor cookie monster. A man after my own heart that aint trouble nobody. Now ya trying ta change the man diet after he been eating cookies since Adam was a lad. Dem aint know that when ya change old people habits dem duz soon start to pine and next ting ya know dem dead. Watch and see ya gine soon be hearing Cookie Monster obituary. Real high class foolishness if ya ask me!


Didi said...

Jdid you are the craziest person I know...whenever I am down I know I can find a smile by reading your blogs...

You are gonna make my neighbors get the men in white coats for me for laughing so loud...I see your game if they are after me they wont get the real madman!

Big N said...

good shit... don't blame the cookie monster... he's an OG :)

Abeni said...

Chupes indeed!What next fuh real?

Lene said...

omg... i'm dying over here. your remix of the "C is for cookie" song is classic. hahahhahaaha

why they trying to kill the cookie monster? he eats cookies dammit!

damn fat ass american kids....

Anonymous said...

Well, I know the C is for cookie song...but is de first me hearing the pussy version still.... :-))

Agree with you though...bare foolishness.... if a pickney cyaan nyam two cookie every now and again, den why bodda with childhood? Next ting you hear people waan sue Sesame Street 'cause dem a blame de cookie monster for dem pickney being obese. How boring de cookie monster would be if dem haffi restrict him to low fat and sugar you woulda seh...CHUPSE!! Dr. D.

traynice said...

That's a blastid shame, cookie sometime? then you have to revise the P song and say Pussy sometime..people will be outraged!

Anonymous said...

rotfl! hilarious. poor cookie monster - that's his whole claim to fame! that is definitely taking it too far - it's not the cookie monster's fault, it's the parents for setting bad examples, buying their kids video games and then allowing them to sit for hours watching them!

BajanSis said...

Bare foolishness indeed. How yuh gine got a cookie monster dat doan eat cookies. If anybody needed readjusting it is Big Bird, he's de one wid de issues...I aint never hear cookie monster had nuh imaginary friends dat come to life yet.

summer m. said...

i like the new layout.

Jdid said...

@didi - me crazy?? nuh uhh
@big N - yep they trying to play a blue brotha out lol
@abeni - its called too much political correctness, soon comedy will be outlawed
@starfoxx - it wasnt my remix it was the remix that i heard as a kid lol, i aint taking blame for that one
@Dr D - ha ha ha, yep I see elephant man remaking sesame street so you soon see him do this remake with the cookie monster song
@traynice - ha ha ha, cookie monster made me do it
@purfiktgurl - agreed
@bajansis - ya kno! big bird on drugs
@summer - thanks

barberRyan said...

I just think they should reformat all of Sesame Street if they're going to ramp with something as fundamental as Cookie Monster. They shouldn't even call him Cookie Monster anymore, how about Balanced Diet Monster? Or Tofu Monster, blasted sensitve panty men dem..
And Shellene, does Brian know you use such language? My word, I would have never thought I would have heard the "p" word from you. Where was that girl when we were talking? hahahahahahahah