Friday, April 01, 2005

The blues

Maybe you noticed but I just wasn't feeling the blog this week. Just been feeling rather uninspired and ready for this week to end. Also been crazy tired for no apparent reason. Maybe its the change of seasons, maybe my minds not in the right place as I've not been sleeping well either.

Just been feeling blah, rather jdid actually. Didn't even have the energy to properly criticize the Top model gals. Good thing too cause I wake up this morning with a lil ting deyso coming out on my face next to me nose. Imagine how much worse it could be if I had diss the gal whose face was peeling. LOL

Its finally warming up here. We went from the - temps to the 6s and 7s and apparently there was a 14 or 15 thrown in there the other day too but now its raining. I aint complaining, I'll take rain over snow any day and the snow on my lawn has finally melted or been washed away. Amen.

Johnny Cochrane died the other day. Rest in Peace Johnny. Rappers, Black sportsmen and black entertainers throughout North America must be bawling their eyes out right about now. Who's going to defend us when we do dumb ish? lol. Rappers must now straighten up and fly right because what was the first news you hear after Johnny dead? C -Murder's appeal get turn down. Dey aint even wait till Johnny cold to jack up a yout. Cuhdear. Mind you if your name is C-Murder and you charged with murder if I am a judge then you already starting out behind the count just for having that name. That is why if they ever charge me for anything and send me to court I making sure one of my aliases is "C-Not Guilty Your Honor".

Terry Shiavo dead. I aint even going to link to her story. I didn't see why it had to be such big news personally. She was in a coma for years, her husband said she was as good as dead so pull the plug, the family disagreed. In my opinion its just an exaggerated family squabble with the inlaws no need for all the CNN coverage. If my wife in a coma my inlaws can do whatever dem want wid she doah, me not gettin into nun a dat drama. I would tell them straight, I argue wid wunna enough when she was living so I aint arguing wid wunnah now she in a coma. :-)

Now the Pope on his death bed. Wow! I wonder how much longer he will last. Not being callous here but I don't know if you've followed the Pope and illness because for the last 4 or 5 years it has appeared as if he has one foot in the grave. I remember about 2002 or 2003 there was this big youth rally for Catholics from all over the world and the Pope was here. He looked really fragile then and I was just afraid that the man was going to come to Toronto and die here. Anyway I know the Pope's not going down without a fight. So lets see what happens next.

Oh and did you guys know that an African priest is in the running for next Pope? Oooh I just had a bad vision of a Roman Catholic next pope (RCNP) reality tv show. Sacrilege! I'm going to hell for that thought! But hey the way reality tv is going these days it could happen.

Anyway yep this African guy Francis Arinze is in the running for Pope. In 2003 they were calling him the top candidate now they are saying some Italian guy is the top candidate. I don't think Pope John Paul wants to die until he see him move down to number 3. Ok lets be real now. We aint getting no black Pope. Come on now. If punks online are getting pissed because Mos Def got a white dude's role in the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy movie out this summer (big up Moistworks for the link) imagine how riled up people would be about a Black Pope. Think about it! (Personally I don't even think the Mos Def role pays up for the Cold Mountain role that they gave to Renee Zelweigger the other day)

The prison riot thing in Barbados seems to be under control now. One guy died on Wednesday after the riots and the fires flared up again. I'm just wondering where they are going to be housing these prisoners until a new jail is built. They were talking about putting them at the National Stadium but to me that's just madness. Why? Several reasons:

  • The National Stadium is the easiest place in Bim to get into or out of. I know so many youth that scale dem walls at Interschool sports its not even a joke.
  • The perimeter real real big so you would need alot of guards to defend it.
  • Its big and open and is a place where you go to run and jump. I don't think you really want to have prisoners thinking constantly about running and jumping.
  • Its like the coldest place in Barbados at night and sometimes during the day as the winds come whistling in off Waterford Bottom. I would riot just to warm up from the cold of that place.

Hey did I ever tell you guys about the time I got hit with the dart in my head just outside the Stadium? Was a teenager coming home from a Carifta meet one summer night and just walking down the street outside the stadium when I heard a quick soft whistling sound and all of a sudden I just felt something hit me in my head and give me a sharp pain. Touched my head to find a flipping dart embedded in my skull. No joke! Some little kid had been playing with darts outside. I was so blasted vex but at the same time really glad that he hadn't hit me in the eye. Taking the dart out was rather painful too but I took it out swore a bit and walked away with a handkerchief to my bloody head. Couldn't really do anything else, it wasn't my area and I was alone and it loked like his family had all just gathered waiting for me to do something stupid like try to start something. So I said no permanent damage done and just walked away to catch the bus.

Hmm mild trauma to the head maybe that's when I started going crazy.

Oh well. Lastly test cricket started yesterday. West Indies vs South Africa. A depleted West Indies without stars like Lara, Sarwan and Gayle. Well as I duz tell everybody no one man bigger than anything. Same way work will get done if you or I quit or dead is the same way West Indies cricket can go on without Lara so don't feel that he name West Indies cricket. He may be great but if he cant play or isn't allowed to play West Indies cant just cower up and say cricket dun cause Lara not here. Its not like when ya is a chile an one fella bring the bat and balls and when he get out he gine tek dem up an go home. No star everybody at test level got dem own gear so Windies cricket just will go on with what we have.

Anyway that's it for now. Hope everyone having a great day.


Scratchie said...

Seems the prison riot thing is catching, JDid. We had one yesterday. Kinda makes things a bit tense here at work cuz I can stand at the window and see the prison. Anyway, looks like they are behaving themselves now. Have a great week end.

Melody said...

"Didn't even have the energy to properly criticize the Top model gals." Huh? Suppose yu did have de energy den, Jdid! Yu woulda mince dem up--lol! Praise God that dart at de Stadium never hit yu inna yu ear. BTW, altho I've seen Mos Def in many roles, ah still feel like ah hardly know him. (He seems very restrained an' inhibited--but mad-talented!!) Maybe he was abused as a child. Hope you're havin' a great day too.

o said...

Dem should leff di Pope alone..mek him gwan and give up di ghos', man! A wuk dat poor man, now 'im pretty much dead.

The news business is something else. We had his obit prepared from 4 weeks ago! LMAO! Yeah man. We knew he's pretty much a write-off. I'm not trying to be mean. Mi does feel sorry fi him.

As Wanda Sykes said, "He's an old man. They got him wearing that big ass hat. Isn't it heavy? Why don't they give him a Burger King crown or sumthin? Damn!"

Ah agree.

Anyway about Terri Schiavo, I did sit back and tink pon it, yes yuh right. When America is concerned about themselves, who cares about anybody else? Who cares about those in Indonesia that died? Around 3000 people or something? Lawd have mercy!

We can all have an opinion but when it actually happens to us, what would we want? I was talking with my dad about it. Would I want to see him suffer? He said if he were to get in that state, nah badda keep him alive as a vegetable. Fe send him off fe see di Good Lord inna di sky.

Didi said...

Boy yuh gine to hell inna han are too funny....

Abeni said...

In the stadium? Maybe they going to build some cells like whatthey have in Guantanamo.

Anonymous said...

Hey JDid, shake off the blues on the weekend...lotsa tings you can gwaan wid....

You have touched nuff tings here....I agree the Schaivo thing got blown outta proportion...but you know how CNN stay. They decide what is news. Still, they never had to mek she dead from dehydration and starvation.

Have a irie weekend man. Dr. D.

BajanSis said...

Boy I now see how you get so... first a girl lick off yuh head wid a two by four and now a boy stab yuh in it wid a head like it got in danger-magnet or something.

As fuh de Pontiff, I done tell you that he dead bout six months ago, he just refuse to lay down...God forgive muh.

Lene said...

hahahaha.. burger king crown

i'm glad terri is dead just to end the damn news coverage. not glad that she had to starve to death though, not that she felt it... i'm done.

Anonymous said...

i honestly didn't really follow the schiavo case - but if she was comatose for that long, it was time to let her go. funny - i'd heard all friday how the Pope was on his death bed. then on the bus home, heard it was reported he finally died. then got home and heard that his death was falsely annouced and he was still alive. that poor man.

Jdid said...

@scratchie - so is the prion riot over down there. hope you guys are safe
@melody - i've only seen mos def in bit parts although I know he had a major role in some HBO movie awhile back that got great reviews. He seems to have acting potential
@solitaire - I thought I was bad but burger king crown? oh say it aint so. thats hilarious
@didi - yep they must have my room reserved already
@abeni - Think they were putting up tents
@Dr D - have a great weekend as well, I'm fighting off the blues
@bajansis - I think I should just permanently walk around with a hardhat
@starfoxx - yea the starving thing is ruff
@purfiktgurl - the vatican just doesnt seem to want to announce his death

ThandieLand said...


they say it had a black pope or two already and it had a woman pope too.

Well hope you feeling better these dayz. Better or should I say warmer dayz are coming.

I heard on the news, St. Lucia offered to house some of the prisoners and forces/police from around the Eastern Caribbean have been flown in to help guard the prisoners.

Anonymous said...

I need help and I KNOW I do. I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVILY,HATE a certain kind of people, (people who don't even know who the fuxx I am)! I think about them ALL of the time! I spend hours and HOURS saying/doing/writing petty thing about them.
I love to point out their faults and shortcomings. I muse for days on mean and bitter things that I can write about them. Somebody tell me...why can't I move on and do something more positive with my life?
Damn! To make it worse the more I hate, the more they ignore me and work the system, getting rich and prosperous.
Why can't I leave these people alone?! Tell me..AM I LOSING MY MIND? AM I CRAZY? DO I NEED PROFESSIONAL MENTAL HEALTH HELP?

'Scuse me I gotta go back and spend some more time thinking about how much I hate THEM!
Damn!Damn! I am not happy.