Monday, May 30, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell the West Indies cricket team finally won a test match beating Pakistan by over 276 runs at Kensington Oval in Barbados yesterday. Its been such a long time since we've won a test match anywhere that to be honest I don't follow cricket as faithfully as I once did.

Still congrats to the team on the win.

This match was the final test match played at the current Kensington Oval as the ground is due for demolition in late June so that it can be rebuilt with lots of modern features in time to host the Cricket World Cup Finals in 2007.

I for one am going to miss the old Kensington as growing up I spent numerous days there with my dad watching Barbados and West Indies cricket. I wont recap wins or loss stats but it was a very successful ground for the West Indies team until a few years ago and I consider myself lucky to have grown up in the era of West Indies supremacy and have seen some of the cricketing greats like Haynes, Greenidge, Richards, Lloyd, Marshall, Holding and Garner play on that ground.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt was always fun being there hanging out in the grounds stand with my dad when I first started going and then recently going by myself and camping out in the Kensington stand. The atmosphere was always something that overwhelmed me anytime I walked through the gates and looked out onto the field. I'd take my seat and be surrounded by knowledgeable patrons, drunk patrons, cursing patrons and just some of the funniest banter you'll ever bear witness too.

International matches always had a certain electricity. It was difficult to find a good seat if you arrived late as the stands were packed and there was always some expectation that anything could happen with every ball. Almost like we were putting our collective influence behind the West Indies team and willing them to win with our music and cheering and sometimes jeering (booing Carl Hooper, a fan favorite, in 99 comes vividly to mind).

Regional matches on the other hand were more laid back with only the die hard fans really attending but it was fun to be able to stretch out in a bench in the Kensington stand and watch cricket and sleep and watch cricket and eat and just relax. I've had some of my clearest thinking moments at that ground at regional matches.

Then there was the food. Fish cakes galore used to eat in the stands or I'd go out to Pickwick Avenue and hold a seat in the back of some little rumshop and eat some home made fried chicken and rice n peas. There were also the vendors outside the ground whose stalls always seemed to be crowded. I'd go for lunch and spend almost the entire 45 minute break standing in line just to get close enough to shout for my piece of mac pie and chicken. damn! lol.

Anyway the memories really do come flooding back.

But I've gone on too long with the memories what I really wanted to share with you was a bit of a confession about Kensington Oval. However now I think I'll do that tomorrow.


Nat said...

hey jdid... i so hear ya about not being able to keep up with cricket. I watched pretty much all three of the one day matches of pakistan v/s west indies but i just dont have the patience to sit thru a test match. I miss the days tho when i was young and cricket meant everything to me at that time i didn't really know much about the rest of the sports i have grown to love. I spent most of my youth playing cricket on the street outside my house... now i look forward to the next world cup i am going to go down to the west indies to watch atleast for a week :)

Abeni said...

Kensington was the place I saw my first test match(Windies vs OZ) way back in 1991.How could you forget the people in Kensington stand always call a no ball before the umpire does.

Anonymous said... cricket you a post 'bout? I really shouldn't bodda comment! Not qualified. ;-) Dr. D.

Angry Dog said...

JDid, I feel you my brother...growing up in an era where cricket was king for the West Indies was really a wonderful was something that bonded me and my grandfather (may he rest in peace). Anyhow, I waiting with bated breath to hear your confession bout Kensingoton oval!

The Marlo Girl said...

i'm with Dr. D... cricket isn't (and has never been) my thing.

but bravo to you for keeping up (and posting on it). one day you must explain to the simple idiots (such as myself) how the game works.

Goldi said...

I thought you were waxing nostalgic. You had me thinking about Sunday afternoons in Valenicia, Spain and all of the different football (soccer) games that happened simultaniously at the park - Spanish only, Spanish/African, South American Only, Spanish/African/South American - you get the picture.

...Then you hit me with a confessional I have to wait for - tomorrow. I'm vexed. :-)

Mad Bull said...

Big up to the West Indies!

obifromsouthlondon said...

big up to the west indies fe real.

I watched highlights of a match b/w England and Bangladash and the bangladashies where mauled. hopefully they and other upcoming nations will fortify and get stronger.

Sunshine said...

Hi Jdid-Beautiful and lush grounds. Haven't watched cricket since I was a young girl in JA. It's always good to have nice memories.

dorna! said...

I've been playing "Rally Round the West Indies" non stop. Haven't posted about the win though. Something about a vague suspicion that I may jinx 'em. :)