Saturday, May 14, 2005

In pain , in pain, in pain

Started to head back to the gym this week and hit the weight room. Hence the title of this blog. Everytime I go back my muscles complain so the first day my back and chest were hurting and then after the second workout my triceps and shoulders are in pain. Well could be worse, the other muscle groups I worked could actually be painful too. Oh well this too shall pass.

Actually going to the gym was kinda cool. I usually have this whole momentum issue with the gym. When I stop its hard for me to go back but once I start its hard for me to stay away. And not to sound too cocky or anything but I actually think I'm not in as bad a shape as I could be for someone who hadn't really worked out seriously in over 6 months. Yes round is still a shape lol. All I've been doing is playing squash I guess that does keep you in shape after all.

But yea boy back to the weights fa real and I was feeling real nice cause I was looking at myself in the big gym mirrors and saying boy ya aint look too bad and ya could still stan up nexx ta all the regular gym goers ya see and not look outta place. Then I get home an tell the wife and she look at me and say "but ya know when you at the gym ya dont lift heavy enuff fa a man you size." Cuhdear de woman say I weak, bring muh down to earth one time. I tell ya!

Well today's blog I'm just rambling so a few things to tackle. Really good post to read this week is Marlo's post about being prepared for marriage. Pretty nice stuff.

Also Xquizzyt1's Heavy Topic is kinda heavy. Hmm maybe not lighthearted enough for weekend reading but I think its kind of one of those things you probably should read.

My sista Wigit aka the Mad Traveller made a welcome return to the T-dot. Been about 18 months since last she's been this way so we hung out a bit yesterday. I swear the girl get shorter from that stay in Taiwan or maybe I'm still growing. I have to cuss her though cause she fire the blog now a good few months.

Even worse news for Dave Chappell fans than the postponement of his series. Dude checked himself into some sort of mental health facility in South Africa. Read here. Oh man that's rough. Still as de wife point out to me is a good thing that if he knows he has some issues he put himself in a place where he can get some help as opposed to that rnb yout Houston who clearly had mental problems and went an dig out he eye a few months back. So Dave I wish you all the best and a full recovery.

A judge in a court in Barbados gave an ease to three men arrested after the one day cricket match on Wednesday against South Africa which the West Indies lost. Two of the men were charged with abusing a policeman and one other for fighting but the prosecutor and Judge said that considering how much crap the West Indies team play to grab defeat from the jaws of victory on Wednesday that the guys could be forgiven for their transgressions cause everyone was upset over the match. So with the accused all apologizing the cases were dismissed. Ah ha! Finally the West Indies cricket team are good for something. lol.

Anyway that's about all. I've got to put in some work hours today, that sucks. Oh well with luck I wont be at the office too long. Have a good weekend, Monday I've got to talk about the movie Crash.


Big N said...

Good fe hear ya working out again J Did. And nah mind yuh wife. She nah kno wha she got.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you planning to enter some bodybuilding contest on de quiet why you inna de weight ting now? Anyhow, if is so, mek sure you blog about it! And I'm sure the ladies who visit here waan see some picha when you a flex and ting! ;-) Dr. D.

Jdid said...

@Big N - thanks guy
@Dr D - no star no bodybuilding for me. The guys at my gym in the morning and afternoon are actually pretty normal looking guys, its the evening when the big steoid looking muscle bound dudes come in and try to lift 800lbs

Anonymous said...

800 lbs??!! Rass! Dr. D.

Jdid said...

Dr , I meant 800lbs mehaphorically speaking :-)

Anonymous said...

OK, I get you rude yute.... Dr. D.